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6 types of textiles used in interior design

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Nov 24, 2022
Geometric textile patterns used in the interior design - Beautiful Homes

Get to know more about the common and promising fabrics patterns that can be used to transform your interior space into an awe striking one

By setting a tone to give that perfect finish to your interior space, fabric patterns play a huge role in elevating the entire style statement of your interior space. To begin with, firstly we need to understand how interior designing is a major aspect to consider and not leave us with when setting up a space of any kind. From simply just improving the overall space to creating a unique style statement for your interior, interior designers and their design theories intertwined with creative ideas play a major role. Fabrics and fabric patterns are indeed a crucial factor with proper and visible impacts which all together brings in a change to your interior space. The paramount design elements in interior design include line, space, forms, colours, light, texture, and patterns. Bringing a perfect balance among these elements calls for a win in the industry of interior design. Just like how various other accessories like wooden elements and lights are used to escalate the overall setup of the space, fabrics are yet another vital segment in the same. Floral fabric patterns, abstract print fabrics, floral embroidery fabric, damask pattern, polka dot fabric, paisley fabrics, cotton floral print fabrics, tartan patterns, twill weave pattern, fabric painting patterns, floral cotton fabrics, floral embroidery fabric, abstract print fabric, geometric print fabric are some of the textile patterns are in use in the interior design industry with the potential to elevate the overall interior setting.


Be it to create a desired interior effect or mood, fabrics, and their corresponding material texture, and colour composition play a pivotal role. Polka dot fabrics, paisley fabrics, tartan fabrics, and floral embroidery fabrics, like mentioned above has always been loved by the people. Before getting into the intricate details, let's set our basics right. Continue reading this blog to know more about the most common fabric patterns used in the industry yet with an embarking impact.



Involvement of Fabric in Interior Designing

There are innumerable areas where fabric and fabric patterns come into the front picture of your interior design. Be it the carpets, curtains, upholstery, and more. In each area, the ideal win is when you pick the right choice of fabric and print that goes along with the space and mood. Let us have a closer look at the different popular print patterns in designing fabric prints.



Printing Style Statements in your Home Space

Fabric Pattern #1: Geometric Prints

First and the most significant print of them all is the geometric print. By giving the destined space a predictable visual order to genuinely give a soothing effect to your eyes, geometric prints are popularly incorporated in the fabric prints used for interior design. The points, lines, angles and further included in geometric patterns give a sense of calmness through their repetitive nature.


In fabrics and textures, geometric patterns are not just restricted to lines and angles but also to anything that follows a fashion repetitive in nature. Ikat prints, Moroccan Lattice, Ogees, and Polka dots are some of the most common patterns in fabric textures. Effectively inculcating these patterns in the right amounts with the right type of texture for the fabric is always said to create the ideal mood and ambiance.


Stripe, medallions, trellis, and chevron patterns are also equally popular and come under popular geometric patterns in interior design. Giving a slight insight into the indo-western roots, geometric pattern usage in fabrics has always proved and is promising of creating a warming and soothing effect for your interior space.

Fabric Pattern #2: Floral Prints

If you wish to add that vibrant touch to your interior and bring that artwork into a lively setting, then floral prints are your go-to option. Florals are indeed the symbols of freshness and beauty and by incorporating the same into your interior space, you welcome the little tidbits of tender beauty. Experimenting with floral print fabrics further adds an ethereal touch to your interior space.


Chintz, chinoiserie, and fleur-de-lis are popular floral print fabric designs and they rank among the top category of textile patterns. Floral printed fabrics bring in a touch of nature with their abstract prints. These prints suit well in your living room design for a lively room in your home.

Floral textile pattern used in the mattress for the bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Digital prints used in the fabric painting pattern of the room - Beautiful Homes

Fabric Pattern #3: Digital Prints

Digital printed fabrics are one among the most affordable fabrics for your interior design and accessories. From easy availability to innovative provisions to style them up, a major population of today's world incorporates them actively into their space. Be it for the curtains, or table tops, digital printed fabrics are available and can be customised to all colours and textures. Digital print fabrics have also been in wide use for some time and their proven results in elevating the overall interior setting have got them to bag higher demand in the market.

Fabric Pattern #4: Checked Prints

Just like how geometric print fabrics are never out of fashion, checked prints are eternally classic. No matter the era you are living in, checked prints have always got a separate fan base for the visually appealing nature it puts forth. Be it smaller tight checks to bigger columned checks, they surely add extra elegance to your room without the merest doubt. Check patterns are timeless in nature and it is indeed an amazing fact that it can pull off any colour scheme just like the best ever and thereby giving your interior space the utmost beauty it always deserved. From pillowcases, to table tops and curtains and further, checker prints are always a lovely combination to lighten up the interior space and bring in that warm nature.

Checked print textile patterns for interior design - Beautiful Homes
Textured fabric patterns for a modern interior design - Beautiful Homes

Fabric Pattern #5: Textured Styles

Texture styles in fabrics are the ones having an irregular tactile look and touch. The irregularity in their fabric texture makes them stand out with elegance. These woven patterns or mostly which are irregular are generally used for curtain clothing and sofa settings to give that perfect raw finish and yet dominate with a sleek and clean look. From being able to draw attention to itself to absolutely going amazing with most of the interior designs and styles, textured fabrics are loved dearly by people and interior design enthusiasts. In addition to all this, these textured style fabrics also bring in a touch of comfort and earthiness to your interior space. These fabric patterns will go well in your bedroom interior design for a cozy yet elegant room.

Fabric Pattern #6: Abstract Print Fabric

The world is an art and so are these absolutely lovely abstract prints. From bringing a piece of the artist's work to your home to styling them in the most gorgeous way, abstract print fabrics are loved by many. With the sole intention of elevating the overall setting of the interior, abstract prints try to focus on the minute interior details too. Which in turn keeps the setting minimal yet specific in nature.

Abstract textile patterns for the bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes


Choosing the right fabric pattern for your interior can be a tricky thing if not accompanied by an expert from the industry. With right innovative styles and with the proportionate inclusions of patterns like tartan patterns, damask patterns, paisley fabrics, and twill weave patterns can make beautiful combinations beyond imagination. WIth our years of experience in the interior design industry, our seasoned designers and enthusiasts from Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints are here to get you the perfect upholstery for your interior in no time. We undertake projects after a thorough understanding of our client's requirements and we love serving and getting the best done for our clients.


At Beautiful Homes, we take care of A-Z things of your Interior design requirements. From designing and getting a modular kitchen in reality to transforming your balcony to a whole new setting, we take care of every other aspect of interior designing for homes, apartments, office spaces, and further, you name it, we have it and at Beautiful Homes, we assure nothing less than utmost quality and perfection.

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