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Apr 16, 2020
False Ceiling Design for Home Décor in Black & White Colour - Beautiful Homes

False ceiling design is the answer to many housing-problems: from hiding your wiring to creating a neat finish in a room, read up all our tips and tricks!

Traditionally, when we look for a new house or think of our dream home, the first thing we think of is space and hope for an abundance of it. Often, this includes wide floor plans, ample outdoor or balcony areas, and, of course, high ceilings.


The idea of a never-ending tall high ceiling feels like a long-forgotten architectural gem to be found only in older heritage homes, as in newer constructions and modern designs, the ceilings in today’s homes are slightly lower than their ancestors. However, we think not all is lost and here is why.



What is a False Ceiling Design?

Primarily designed for concealment, a false ceiling is a neat solution for housing away all the electric work that goes into your fixtures and fittings. From the lighting and air-conditioners in the living room to the geyser, pressure pump and pipes in the bathroom, the latest false ceiling designs leave all the handwork backstage, revealing only the comforts of modern housing technology.


So, whether you’re planning for a new home or deciding where to begin with in that much-needed home renovation, we have compiled for you 12 simple false ceiling ideas for a hall or any space in your house or office and for every budget.

1. Use Simple False Ceiling Design for Hall to get Creative with Light-placement

Even a simple white false ceiling can add visual intrigue to a room with a hint of creative detailing. A minimalistic living room can be designed well with light fixtures and swirls in the ceiling design.


Insider’s Eye: We love how the swirls on the ceiling complement the waves of the ocean visible through the window, making this a unique design idea for a house by the sea.

Simple White False Ceiling Design With White Sofa & White Floor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Myconian Kyma

False Ceiling Design With a Collage Wood Panels with Combination of Grey Colour Sofa & White Flooring - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara

2. A False Ceiling Design for an Art Installation

A collage of these wood panels placed in an uneven geometric mix creates an artful installation on the ceiling in an unexpected way. For a modern living room design, paneled detailing can pair well with the latest false ceiling design to embellish your décor.

3. Simple False Ceiling Design for Hall to Highlight Room Areas

Moving on from the living and bedroom, a false ceiling can be incorporated into any other space in a home. In this luxury bathroom, the design of the decadent jacuzzi bathtub is highlighted with the false ceiling immediately above it, adding visual drama to the space.


Style Tip: The mix of materials on the floor (such as ceramic tiles) and on the ceiling (wooden tiles) gives the entire room a rich yet muted earthy aesthetic.

False Ceiling Design for Luxury Bathroom With Bathtub - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alila Fort Bishangarh

False Ceiling living room Design Can Do More For You - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Time

4. A Simple False Ceiling Design with a Geometric Appeal

Although usually no one would give much thought to a plain white false ceiling design, the commercial space in the photo manages to create a perfectly balanced linear pattern across the room with simple and clean lines. These straight parallels lines pair well with the rest of the geometric elements in the space — from the lighting to the shapes indented on the mirror — giving a tasteful geometric appeal to the whole space.

5. Plan a False Ceiling Design with the Help of your Plants

Despite the floor area not being very spacious in this bohemian space, the addition of plants makes it light and airy. If you have not much real estate available to you, adding pots and planters, parallel wooden or bamboo poles all lined up across the ceiling allows vines and creepers to grow beautifully and become part of your interior décor. This can also give a Indian living room design feel.


Pro Tip: While vines such as money plants or bougainvilleas will thrive in this false ceiling design, they tend to overgrow and become uncontrollable at a rapid pace. We recommend this style tip for an outdoor area or shaded patio in an Indian home.

False Ceiling Design for Home Décor With the Help of Your Plants - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

False Ceiling Design in a Main Hall that Match the Mouldings of Your Wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Photographix for Neha Kachhara Interiors

6. The Best False Ceiling Designs Match the Mouldings on your Wall

When a guest comes into your house, the first space they usually step into is your living room design. If you’re planning on placing a false ceiling design in a main hall, it’s important to give a neat finish and aesthetic to the space. Were you lucky enough to have mouldings on your wall, possibly in simple linear patterns that can easily be recreated, consider reproducing the same style on the edges of your false ceiling, too. This will add symmetry and continuity to the space ensuring a tasteful ambience and will make it more inclined towards the contemporary living room theme.

7. A False Ceiling Design for that Ethnic Look

This Indian home shows several quintessentially Indian design elements: from the woven rug to the carved wooden tables. If paired with a conventional false ceiling design—not usually found in a traditional Indian home—the entire room’s design palette would be thrown off. However, with the intricate mirror jaali designs on the ceiling, the room harmoniously comes together as a well-thought-out space.

False Ceiling Design in Mirror Jaali for Traditional Home Décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Casa de Graca

False Ceiling Design for a Bold Statement With Raw Concrete Walls & Floor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

8. A False Ceiling Design for a Bold Statement

What’s the latest false ceiling design trend? Concrete! While we’ve seen the emergence of raw concrete walls and floors over the past few years, extending this style element to your false ceiling design creates a bold statement in any room.


Style Tip: When working with a bare concrete false ceiling design, stick to a muted or earthy colour palette within the room for a wabi-sabi aesthetic. 

9. Break the Rules with your False Ceiling Design

Wood panelling is only meant for the floor. WRONG! One of the best things about decorating a space is infusing your personal style in the room; and sometimes that calls for breaking the rules. While, conventionally, we think of restricting ourselves to wood panelling on the floors—and occasionally on the walls—we rarely see it on the ceiling. In this semi-open room, we see a break from tradition with colour on the epoxy floors paired with solid dark wood on the ceiling above.


Insider’s Eye: To break the monotony of the single tone of wood, sections of red have been added within the panels to further inject colour within the space.

False Ceiling Design With Wood Panelling in the Semi Open Room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dipen Gada

False Ceiling Design to Hide Wiring & Electric Work - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Eden Locke

10. Hide Away All your Wiring in a False Ceiling Design

A false ceiling is meant to conceal all your wiring and electric work. But, what happens if you have a natural ceiling where, over time, messy wires and wall fixtures have left you with the need to renovate but you lack the budget or time? A quick fix for this is a slatted wooden frame that can be fitted right under your existing ceiling. Through this, you can pull out your light fixtures, fans, and any other electric fittings, just enough to leave visible what’s meant to be seen, and keep the rest hidden.

11. A False Ceiling Design can Match your Flooring

In house area that requires seriousness, such as a study or a home office, you could match the wood panelling on your floors with the false ceiling design to create a richer décor aesthetic. With this style direction, keep the walls as bare as possible to avoid cramping up the space.


Style Tip: On the flip side, you could even pair lighter, distressed wood on the floors and ceiling for a room that requires a bright and airy revamp!

False Ceiling Design With Wood to Match Your Flooring - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

False Ceiling Design to Match Your Room Décor With Yellow Sofa & Yellow Wall Paint - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Silo

12. False Ceiling Design Matching Elements Already in the Room

In this architecturally intriguing living space, the linear pattern on the windows are paired perfectly with the similarly symmetric beams for the main hall false ceiling design. To avoid a boring repetition, the window pattern is in dark black while the beams blend in with the same colour of the false ceiling design.


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