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Family room design for stay-at-home fun

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Sep 24, 2020
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A family room is the perfect little retreat for the whole family: a busy movie-night or a quiet and cosy evening? Get your pick among our favourites

We all know home is where your loved ones are, but if there’s anything this year has taught us, it is: Home is our whole world. And just like we all learned the importance of a workstation, a fun family room or drawing room is just as important.


Whether your family enjoys busy movie nights or prefers a quieter cosy evening, here you’ll find the perfect family room design to inspire you!

A Family Room for All Generations

A grandma’s family room, where kids can run around and grown-ups can act like kids for a change. This ethnic design is a gem for all generations who need no occasion to have a good time. The beauty here is how unique every cushion, every ottoman is. Graced by wooden ceiling support and twisted staircase - this family room design is all about appreciating your roots.

Ethnic family room with colourful cushions and ottoman, wooden ceiling and twisted staircase

Image courtesy, Banaji

Modern family room with city view and sleek furniture, indoor swing and colourful cushions

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Binisha Ajmera

A Modern but Cozy Family Room Design

If a small yet sleek is just how you like it, this family room design is the right fit for you. Unfiltered conversations and a mellow evening can be a regular experience in a family room like this one. While everything is mostly in wood, the different bright colours make sure to keep this space fun. A beautiful city view is just a bonus along with the swing with quirky cushions.


Pro Tip: Wooden flooring feels warmer than marble and, hence, cosier.

A Luxurious Gem of a Family Room Design

While off-white is the magical comfort colour used for couches, carpet and drapes, the red leafy seats bring in some vintage sass, enhanced by the unique vinyl centre tables. There’s no better place where you’ll be able to enjoy a lovely evening with your family and cherish nostalgic memories.

Luxurious family room design with off-white couches, red vintage seats and vynil centre tables

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Family room design with teal walls, cushions in pastel hues, a grey couch-bed and a vintage desk

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

Family Room Design for a Movie- or Game-Night

How can any family-time not be fun-time if spent in here? That huge grey couch-bed is just so cozy - perfect for movie or game nights! What makes the decor more fun is the use of pastel hues for cushions, while the teal walls keep it breezy. The antique table brings in the vintage touch to this otherwise candy room.


For better or for worse, we wouldn’t hate to spend our quarantine in here!

Family Room Design for a Breezy Get Together

Nautical shades best paired with wood and a view like the one in the above picture make a stunning family room design, for small as well as large families. The swing is a fun addition in this family room, sobered up by off-white couch and house plants. The blues and light wooden structures complement each other so well that every corner of this space is refreshing.

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitalwala, Stylist, Samir Wadekar

Family room design with art installation and a piano, minimal furniture and lots of empty space

Image courtesy, ADND

Family Room Design for a Creative Family

A family that creates together, stays together. If your family is a creative one or an admirer of various art forms, including artistic installations in your design will effortlessly brighten up their mood. Art pieces that you can admire for hours and a piano as the highlight of any family reunion - big or small - makes this family room design a special one. Apart from the stunning canvases, every other element follows a minimal approach here, which ends up highlighting the art.


Care for a little dancing? With a family room design like this, there’s so much luxurious space for just that!

A Sectional Family Room Design

While it’s all about the togetherness, we cannot ignore the fact that sometimes the cousins and the parents need separate sections to do what they like. Having a sectional family room like this one allows your family to keep their privacy while still being together. The kids can enjoy a game night and in the meantime the grown-ups can have a cocktail night a few steps away: the best of both worlds.

Sectional family room design with classy and modern furniture separated by a sliding door

Image courtesy, KDND

Cabin-like family room design with wooden walls, abstract-printed carpet and many colourful cushions

Image courtesy, ADND

A Cabin-like Family Room Design

The more spacious a room is, the more difficult it becomes to bring in the cosy factor. But that is certainly not the case here. Abstract carpet with lots of cushions add the warmth along with the wooden walls, giving it a cabin-like feel. Throws and studio mirror make this family room stylish, yet not disturbing the ground for bonding.

Bright & Cosy Family Room Design

A small family room that keeps you connected on a daily basis is essential in this digital era. While the grey couch does the grounding, the swing lets you fly. We love how the printed carpet brings in a homely vibe and the cushions and the orange vase add a pop of colour in this family room design. Be it to listen to some music or to have a heart-to-heart chat, this space is like a safe cocoon for your loved ones.

Small family room design with a swing, plush sofa and coffee table, printed carpet

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Colourful studio-like family room design, basic colours for furniture and colourful art on the walls

Image courtesy, ADND

A Colourful Studio-like Family Room Design

While the essentials are in grounded hues, everything else is vibrant art. Be it your music collection or art pieces, styling your family room with all-things-retro is a beautiful way of designing it. Small, cosy and quirky is the theme for this fun family room.

Which family room design did you like the most?

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