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FAQS for wardrobe designs for bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Jan 18, 2022
Wardrobe design to enhance your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Here is a snapshot of everything you need to consider when designing a wardrobe

Wardrobes are key functional elements in all bedroom designs. They have now evolved to become an essential part of bedroom design and decor. With a wide selection to sift through in terms of style, material, finish, size, etc., it can get challenging to figure out the right option for you. Here's a bunch of FAQs to guide you through the process and help you make a perfect choice.


1. How Have Wardrobes Evolved in the Last Decade?

Individuals, generally speaking, have a higher capacity to own things. With varied clothing and accessories, each item requires specific storage conditions. Simple storage isn't enough anymore. Over the past decade or so, wardrobe designs have become increasingly intelligent and efficient. The latest wardrobe design focuses just as much on accessibility and ease of display. This makes the organisation effortless and decreases the amount of time you spend looking for things.


2. Which Designs for the Wardrobe for the Bedroom are Trendy?

All the elements in the design of a home reflect the taste and aesthetic sensibilities of the homeowner. The sleek and inconspicuous look of contemporary modular wardrobe designs is pretty trendy. On the other hand, some prefer the old world charm of wooden almirahs. While functionality is still crucial, homeowners are also focusing on cohesive designs.

3. What are Some Must-Have Sections or Compartments in the Wardrobe for the Bedroom?

Drawers for wardrobes, stacking shelves, and hanging space are all essential components in a closet. The usage would determine the proportion of each section in the design. For example, suppose someone has an extensive collection of formal wear, coats or sarees. In that case, they will need a dedicated mid to long hanging space to organise their clothing. Shelf space is vital for stackables such as tees, shirts, winter wear, etc. Drawers are great for seasonal items and accessories. Pull-out trays work well for storing smaller accessories such as watches, jewellery, ties, etc.

Trendy wooden wardrobes to beautify your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

The wardrobe design would also depend on whether you need it to store just your everyday essentials or also occasional and seasonal items. Full-length wardrobes would help you hold everything in one place. All non-essentials can be put away on the top shelves, while everyday items are kept at eye level and within easy reach. You may dedicate the bottom drawers to often-used items such as extra linens and beddings.

4. What are the Benefits of Mirrored Wardrobes?

Mirror and other glossy finishes on wardrobes are a great option both in terms of design and functionality. Any reflective finish or surface makes the room appear larger and brighter. So these work incredibly well in smaller rooms. Additionally, a glossy finish like the mirror or lacquer fits with a contemporary glam aesthetic. Having mirrors installed on wardrobe doors opens up floor space and wall space that a stand-alone mirror would take up.

Wardrobe designs that fits well with your small bedroom interiors  - Beautiful Homes

5. Which Wardrobe Design Should I Choose for my Small Bedroom?

When working with limited space, clever design has to be prioritised. Choose multifunctional designs to make the most effective use of the wardrobe or closet. For example, a unit that has an inbuilt vanity or dresser. Dedicate the headboard wall to wall storage to utilise the vertical space as well. You can choose a similar approach for walls with doorways or windows.

Consider some modular designs if there's an awkward or inaccessible corner or nooks. Light or neutral-toned finishes will keep the space looking spacious. Mirrored or a glossy finish will help you achieve the same effect. Alternatively, experiment with an open capsule wardrobe. It will allow you to keep the room free of bulky furniture.


6. Which Wardrobe Designs Work Better for Large Bedrooms?

For bigger bedrooms, any wardrobe design would technically work. It boils down to what would work specifically for you. Think about how you want to use the space and what kind of storage you require. If there's ample storage space in the rest of the house, a statement stand-alone armoire or dressers may be enough for your daily essentials.


In cases where you need more storage, a fitted wall to wall closet with lofts may be a better option. It will allow you to keep most of your belongings in one space and within easy reach. You may choose to design an attached walk-in wardrobe if you're building your house from scratch. A custom closet system with a partition and an ottoman can create the perception of a walk-in too.

7. Are Walk-in Closet Designs Still Popular? 

Walk-in closets remain popular because they are highly customisable and have great storage solutions. If there isn't one already built-in, many people now choose to convert a smaller room into a walk-in closet owing to immense storage opportunities.


8. What are Some Integral Elements that a Walk-in Closet Should Have?

When you're designing a walk-in closet, the first thing you need to figure out is what all items will be stored in there. This will help you build up the design that works for you. Wall to wall cubby shelves are an excellent option for all your clothes and fashion accessories. It allows you to display it all in plain sight; you will always have all your options laid out in front of you. You can vary the dimensions of the shelves to suit your needs.


If you need to store non-clothing articles, a small dresser might suffice. If you have an extensive collection of accessories such as shoes or bags, consider floor-to-ceiling open shelves to maximise the use of available space. If you have the space, a closet island may prove to be an important element. Pullout racks, sliding racks, laundry hampers, retractable rods, etc., are some elements that will enhance the functionality of your design.

Walk in closet design ideas to enhance your luxurious bedroom - Beautiful Homes

9. What Kind of Wardrobe Door Should I Choose?

Bedroom wardrobe sliding doors are great options if the space around the wardrobe or closet is tight. They're also the safer option for high traffic areas. Wall to wall built-ins can appear overwhelming. Therefore choose flat-fronted doors without handles for a streamlined look.

Materials like mdf & ply for making your wardrobe elegant - Beautiful Homes

10. How do I Integrate My Wardrobe Design with the Rest of my Bedroom Design?

Once you've picked the design of the wardrobe or closet, the next element you need to focus on is the material. The choice of material can make or break the overall aesthetic. Iron and steel shelves are highly sustainable and durable options, but clothes might require protection against rust and chaff. Pine, teak, cedar, etc., make for a great selection as well. But wood can be expensive. Ply, and MDF are cheaper alternatives.

Now for the doors, opt for sleek and glossy materials such as laminates, glass sliding doors for wardrobes, etc., for a contemporary look. Get creative with paint, wallpaper and decals to spruce up the look of your wardrobes. Doors with ornate mouldings and trims would work well for a vintage vibe. Natural wood finishes are a great option for a minimalist design such as the Scandinavian or mid-century modern styles. Doors with tongue and groove, shiplap or shaker-style panelling are perfect for a rustic, barn-like aesthetic for your bedroom design.

11. What Should I Keep in Mind While Choosing or Designing a Bedroom Wardrobe?

To start with, determine your storage requirements. Based on that, you can lock in the style and capacity of the wardrobe or the closet. Consider the following, do you need space for linens, beddings, etc.? What proportion of clothes needs to be hung vs that can be folded? Do you want to store your accessories in the cupboard or the dresser? And so on.


For a greater storage requirement, walk-in closets and built-ins are a better option. Free Standing dressers and bedroom cupboards are enough for storing daily wear and essentials. You can always choose and customise based on what you want.

Black wardrobe design & wonderful lightings for your stylish bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Lighting is another crucial element that you must consider. In case of freestanding storage, ensure that there is enough ambient lighting in the room and by the piece for you to access everything in there comfortably. Illuminate built-ins with recessed lighting. Walk-ins will require both task lighting and ambient lighting.


Beautiful Homes has a wide range of products and services to help you create or pick a designer wardrobe for the bedroom. Buy beautiful free standing dressers from our massive collection of furniture. With our expert Interior Design Services or Wood Solutions services, you can design a custom wardrobe or closet for your bedroom from scratch.


You can visit our website to check various options offered and projects executed by us so far. If you wish, you can book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution or walk into any of our stores across India. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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