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Flooring designs for living room

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Nov 04, 2021
Chic wooden flooring for the living room design - Beautiful Homes

The flooring choice can make or break the design in any room. Add some pzazz to your living room with these flooring ideas

The living room is the most used room in any home. It is also the first room that your guests see. The design in this room thus must be compelling and inviting. When it comes to interior design, first impressions do matter! Therefore, you must make sure that the design is cohesive and each element selection is intentional.


A key design element is the flooring design in the room. The living room floor design is of utmost importance since the living room will set the tone for the rest of the house. We have compiled flooring ideas for living room for you to choose from. Read on to find out more.

1. Tile for Living Room Floor

Tile is the most common flooring option and for good reasons too! Before we get into the pros and cons of tile for the living room floor, here is an overview of what exactly tiling consists of and material options. Tile flooring is an umbrella term for any hard-wearing flooring material which are generally geometrically shaped. The slabs of tiles are installed using grout. By tiles, we commonly mean either porcelain or clay tiles in terms of material. But tiles could be made of materials such as marble, granite and other natural stones. Options for modern living room floor tiles are endless.

White coloured wooden flooring in the living room - Beautiful Homes

The pros of tile flooring are its durability, minimal maintenance and water resistance. On the flip side, high-quality tile can be expensive, and grout maintenance is not the easiest. Another con is that living hall tiles designs are notorious for cooling down to unbearable temperatures during winters. The only solution to this, particularly in cold regions, is installing underfloor heating, which can get super expensive to install. Due to its low water absorption rate (less than 0.5%), porcelain makes the best tile for the living room floor.


Popular Designs:

 Simple floor tiles design for living room would include warm and neutral-hued quadrangular tiles. Opt for larger sized tiles if you have a smaller living room. For a more sleek look, choose longer tiles. Matt finishes work well with glam, bohemian, art deco aesthetics. Opt for tiles with sugar finish or rocker finish for modern living room floor tiles. For traditional simple floor tiles design for living room, choose wood finish tile or galicha tiles. If you want the flooring to be the accent element in the room, galicha tiles with simpler patterns, hexagonal tiles, colourful mosaic-like tiling work beautifully with farmhouse and Mediterranean aesthetics.


Marble tile design for living room floors - Beautiful Homes

2. Marble Floor for Living Room

Marble has been a popular choice for flooring and construction material due to its elegant and opulent appearance. Like natural stone, marble is quarried from natural reserves and is treated minimally. This makes it entirely environmentally friendly. It is compatible with radiant floor heating. Since marble is porous, it is susceptible to staining. Consulting a flooring guide can provide useful tips on how to protect and maintain marble floors effectively. It is also a soft rock and so liable to scratches. Marble, in short, is high maintenance. It can be challenging to maintain its luxuriousness over longer durations


Popular Designs:

Marble, due to its lustre, can brighten a room, and larger slabs can open up the room. Each marble slab is unique due to being naturally striated. The irregular patterns of marble add personality to the room. Muted tones can allow the decor and furniture in the room to shine. Use different coloured marbles to make patterned flooring to add visual internet in the living room. For a sleek look, match the marble flooring to the furnishing and textiles used in the room. Marble too can be tiled. Thus, it provides just as many options for floor tiles designs for living rooms as any other material.


3. Living Room Granite Flooring

Granite is a natural stone like marble. But unlike the former, it requires much less maintenance. Its durability, in addition to its luxurious appearance, makes it a highly sought after flooring option for living rooms. The downside to granite is that polished granite is slippery and thus unsafe for households with children and the elderly. In colder regions, underfloor heating is a must with granite flooring. 


Know more about various types of flooring for your home.

Modern living room floor tiles made of granite tiles - Beautiful Homes

Popular Designs:

Granite boasts of unparalleled natural beauty. The variations in colour and striations are impressive. This means that you can find granite flooring to perfectly complement your living room design. Choose off-white granite with little striation contrast for a vintage and nostalgic look. Browns work well for modern design styles. Black and other dark tones can act as non-distracting backgrounds and let the other elements in the living room take the spotlight. Living room granite flooring is the way to go if you want a luxe look in the room.



4. Vinyl Flooring for Living Room

Vinyl is popular due to its lightweight, durability, and low maintenance. You only need to protect it against harsh chemicals. The downside is that it is not environmentally friendly and may pose health risks since it releases VOCs.


Popular designs:

Vinyl comes in a massive range of variety and can be stacked in multiple ways to enhance the appearance of the flooring. Vinyl, too, can be tiled. Some vinyl floor tiles designs for living room include grid, offset and diagonal offset lay. You can create a staggered pattern with either single coloured vinyl tile or use a combination of colours for flooring. Herringbone and weave patterns too can easily be installed with expert help. The most significant advantage of vinyl is that it can be made to mimic natural finishes and looks. Thus, you can achieve the aesthetic of your dreams at a fraction of the cost with vinyl.

Laminate flooring for the living room floor design - Beautiful Homes

5. Laminate Living Room Flooring

Laminates have quickly become the go-to alternative to hardwood. Laminates are easier to maintain and are budget-friendly. Another attractive feature is that laminates lend to DIY installation. It uses snap-together technology and thus does not require nailing, glueing, etc., to keep it in place. It is much less susceptible to movement caused by heat and humidity levels in hardwood. Universal wear of the top layer means that it is time to change the laminate. Unlike many other flooring materials, laminates cannot be refurbished.

Popular Designs:

You can achieve all the same looks and finishes with laminates as wood. It can also be used to make the patterns of your choice. Natural-looking laminates work really well for rustic, farmhouse, coastal and Scandinavian design styles.


6. Wooden Floor Living Room

Wooden floors add much warmth and charm to any design. With a proper maintenance routine, it can last a lifetime. Hardwood enhances the design of the room visually, and each type has a natural scent that adds to its charm. It is an environmentally friendly option with no health hazards. Hardwood can be expensive to source and install. It also requires regular long term maintenance to maintain its look and keep it water-resistant.


Popular Designs:

Much like vinyl, with the help of experts, hardwood can be installed in any floor pattern of your choice.

Wooden flooring for the modern living room flooring - Beautiful Homes

Wooden flooring for the modern living room flooring - Beautiful Homes

Hardwood is versatile in that with the right colour and finishes, you can incorporate it into any design aesthetic, from vintage and traditional to mid-century modern, bohemian or even industrial.


An alternative to hardwood is bamboo flooring for living room. Often it is cheaper while providing the same benefits as hardwood.

Living room floor carpet as modern living room flooring - Beautiful Homes

7. Living Room Floor Carpet

The biggest advantage of carpet over other flooring options is the comfort factor. Its shock-absorbent property, softness, temperature and sound insulation make it ideal for flooring. Hard floor surfaces do not offer the same underfoot flexibility and thus lead to discomfort and soreness when you move around a lot.


Carpet is not the most manageable flooring option to maintain or care for. It requires constant maintenance and is highly susceptible to wear and tear. If you can care for it well, no other flooring option will provide the same benefits as carpet flooring.


Popular Designs:

The selection of living room floor carpet would depend on the overall design and personal taste. To make a statement, opt for bold colours. Neutrals are evergreen and can complement almost any aesthetic. Opt for carpets with warm undertones to make the living room appear cosier.

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