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The foldable dining table : Space-saving & multifunctional!

  • Dining Room
Jul 01, 2022
Multifunctional space-saving dining table - Beautiful Homes

If you love throwing dinner parties or just enjoy the togetherness of long family meals, you know how important a comfortable dining table can be. But, a large dining table may not seem practical in the layout of your home; why not make the most of your space with a foldable dining table instead?

When you don’t have an expansive floor plan, one of the key tenets to follow when planning the layout of your furniture and home décor is the efficient and intelligent use of limited space. But while you can do away with non-essential, bigger pieces such as sectional sofas, heavy bookshelves or large cabinetry, the dining table – arguably one of the largest pieces of furniture in any home – is not just a luxury, but a necessity. From a non-invasive area for a quick video conference, a handy place to supervise homework time, the zone in a party where guests stop to graze on snacks and gossip, to meal times that let you catch up on what’s happening with everyone in your house, the table in your dining room is a core area for social and familial interaction.


So how do you balance functionality and usability with space restrictions? A modern folding dining table helps you do just that. Of course, making an informed choice will help you get it right the first time, and ensure you have a dining table that’s space-efficient and multifunctional, while still enabling you to enjoy an upscale dining room experience.

Why Should you Buy a Foldable Dining Table for your Home?

  • A foldable, space-saving dining table is not only both versatil and compact, but can also make the room look larger.

  • Available in pull-down, pullout, concealed, extendable,
    drop-leaf and dual-purpose designs, your foldable table can be customised perfectly to fit your needs.

  • Compact and foldable, space-saving dining table options allow for easier movement, adapting your area effortlessly for hobby activities or entertaining.
Folding dining table for small space - Beautiful Homes
  • When picking your folding dining table set, 4-seater options might initially seem the most affordable, but depending on design, materials used and your budget, a different seating capacity could be more cost effective in the long term.
Easy foldable 6 seater dining table for your family - Beautiful Homes
  • Today, with space at a premium, potential homebuyers prefer multifunctionality for improved living experience and efficiency, so a well designed foldable dining table set can improve the resale value of your home. 

  • A foldable dining table with chairs in materials and colours that reflect your home’s existing design scheme can even become a conversation  starting focal piece of your design scheme.

How are Foldable Dining Table Categorised and What is Available?

  • Material:
    A folding dining table can be made out of wood or have a metal or wood base supporting a glass, marble, wood or stone top.

  • Multiutility:
    It could be a foldable dining table set (with non-foldable or foldable chairs), have inbuilt storage, a built-in cabinet, or an attached buffet console, be rotatable and foldable, have drop leaf attachments that allow for expansion, or be wall-mounted to allow for tucking it away when not in use, helping to increase available space in your room.
  • Seating Capacity:
    Many such tables have a flexible capacity, being either drop-leaf or extendable.. You can find dining tables that do not come with chairs or a folding dining table set; 4-seater options are the most prevalent, but anything from 2 to 6-seater options are easy to find.
  • Shape:
    Folding tables come in all the shapes that non-foldable ones do. Rectangular or square options that are perfect for corner areas, or round and oval shapes that are ideal when centre aligned, shape is often purely an aesthetic choice and has less impact on your space compared to whether you choose a big or small folding dining table.


What Should you Keep in Mind to Buy the Right Foldable Dining Table?

  • Available Space:
    When choosing the right design for your room, ensure that the area surrounding your table is sufficient, factoring in the normal traffic flow around your foldable dining table with chairs once it is put to full use within that space.
  • Materials:
    If possible, choose a solid wood design for better durability and quality; ideally you want a table that will last for 9-10 years or so. That said the design flexibility, overall weight and seating capacity you require will impact your material choice as well.

  • Usage pattern:
    Pick a table that fits the degree of comfort and convenience that you need. For example, if your table needs to be folded very regularly, choose a weight and style that you can manoeuvre with ease. On the other hand if you need a family-friendly folding dining table set, 6-seater or expandable designs are a better pick.

  • Design scheme:
    Pick a table that complements and enhances the existing design aesthetic of the room in which you will primarily be using it. If you choose to invest in a folding dining table with chairs that do not fold, ensure that these can easily be utilised in other spaces within your room and that they independently fit your décor.

  • Budget:
    Based on your space needs, lifestyle, décor scheme and material preferences, the range of available folding tables is vast and perhaps intimidating. By planning in advance how much you are willing to spend on your foldable and/or extendable dining table, you make your choices easier and uncomplicated.
Foldable 4 seater dining table for your home - Beautiful Homes

What are the Foldable Dining Table Styles that Are in Trend?

  • 6-Seater Wooden Foldable Dining Table
    6-seater tables, particularly wooden dining table, have a timeless appeal and are often the go-to for family dining. But if you don’t need to seat 6 at every meal, this can seem like a real waste of space. For a folding dining table set, 6-seater options can usually seat 4 people and when fully open, seat 6. If the table seats 6 when not opened up, then depending on whether it has a single or dual drop-leaf, or extendable sections, it may even seat as many as 10 people.

  • Convertible, Foldable Dining Table with Inbuilt Chair Storage
    This is a super-saving option that’s highly versatile. With the chairs tucked away, it can be placed against the wall to act as a side table, but once opened up, it can convert into a 2 to 4-seater, depending on your requirements. Plus, by positioning it so that it creates a folding wall, the dining table can be converted to a breakfast nook, home office or study table, just by taking out the number of chairs that are needed at that time.

  • Wall-Mounted, 4-Seater Foldable Dining Table
    A wall-mounted folding dining table usually has a hinged tabletop, and can either fold down or upwards into a solid frame to lie flush against the wall. When it needs to be used, simply pop it out of this frame and bring it horizontal to act as your tabletop. These tables look very minimalistic and chic – and with their innovative design they are more sturdy than they might first appear.
Easy foldable black table for your home - Beautiful Homes
  • Convertible, Foldable Dining Table (Buffet Console)
    This style of folding dining table is multifunctional for your dining room – when not in use, fold down the dual drop-leaf to fit around the leg frame and it can be used as a buffet console. When more table space is needed, it’s easily convertible by simply raising the leaves and locking them in place to create a full-size dining table.

  • Drop-Leaf, Expandable & Foldable Dining Table with Storage
    Tables of this kind have what every small homeowner wants – extra storage space! While it may not be a lot, this storage area is usually more than sufficient for tableware and other dining necessities. Plus, being expandable, it’s convenient for when you need extra tabletop space.
  • Cross-Legged Foldable Dining Table
    This type of table can be considered the origin of foldable, space-saving dining table design. Not only can it comfortably accommodate 4 to 6 people, but when it isn’t needed, it can be quickly folded away. Its compact use of space and small footprint when folded, allows you to place it in a corner or out of the way against a wall until it’s needed again.

We hope this has given you a more thorough understanding of the advantages in choosing a modern folding dining table for your home. If you want a little help in making the best purchase decision, we’re always here to help! Get in touch with our team at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for home interior design, and we’ll partner with you to make sure you’ll find the perfect dining table for your dining room.


Whether it’s assisting you in achieving a flawless end-result, giving you what you need to make those tough design decisions, or helping you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

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