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10 foolproof ways to make your living room extra cozy

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Jul 27, 2022
Large living room interior design with warm lighting - Beautiful Homes

A well-designed living room should be comfortable enough for the family to relax in, yet be classy and stylish to entertain guests. Here are 10 foolproof ways to make your stylish living room extra cosy

Living Room Interior Design

The living room is one of the most important spaces in the house. It is usually where the family congregates to relax and also the space where guests are entertained. It is the hub of the home and deserves special attention when it comes to a home makeover. Planning the perfect living room comes down to how you wish to use the space, and also how much area you have to work with.


When setting out to design your living space one of the first factors to consider is whether you want it to be a formal or an informal space. This will help set the theme of the décor. Next, you need to select the larger or most impactful pieces, for instance, the sofa, wallcoverings and any antiques or favourite pieces that you want to include in the room. Once the positions of the larger pieces have been decided, you can move on to the smaller pieces and the soft furnishings.


If the living room design is in deep, richly coloured textiles with hard, wooden furniture and polished brass, it creates a sense of luxury and austerity and gives the space a formal air. When choosing your colours, if you opt for neutral tones mixed with multiple textures it can offer a more informal, relaxed scheme that can be extra cosy.


When designing a living room that is casual yet classy, you want to create an ambiance that incorporates both. These days, with clever designing and beautiful living room décor ideas, a comfortable and cozy living room can also look sophisticated and chic.


By choosing the perfect sofa, the best wallpaper or a unique armchair, you can make your space ultra-cosy. Here are some great ideas on how to bring the different elements that make a cozy living room together.

1. Pick the Right Colour to Make Your Modern Living Room Design Cosy

Your walls are one of the most inexpensive ways to fool the eye into thinking a room is smaller or larger than it really is. With the right colours, you can turn a large room into a welcoming space.


For instance, painting for living room walls can be in a deep colour to absorb light in a large room. A big room can be turned into a cosier, intimate space with darker hues. Colours like deep red, gold, brown, tangerine or taupe can provide an instant sense of cosiness. Shades of blues, greens and greys can provide a sense of intimacy, and coordinating your paint colour with the room’s décor elements can provide a pleasant colour combination.

2. Choose a Stylish and Cosy Sofa Set for Living Room

The sofa is one of the major pieces of furniture that every living room has to accommodate. The perfect sofa for a cosy living room is one that looks stylish but is comfy and durable. When choosing the sofa that will be the perfect fit for your living room interior, you should concentrate on the type of upholstery used and the support system, as the sofa will be subject to some wear and tear.


Fabric sofas are a better choice as they are more comfortable than leather and feel cosier. For a larger room, or a different layout, a fabric, textured sectional is a great idea and for a small living room, a couch may make more sense.

Spacious living room design with a cozy sofa set design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Cozy living room design with wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

3. Select Comfy Living Room Furniture

The sofa may be the biggest furniture in the room but every piece of furniture is important. Only by paying attention to each piece of furniture can the elements of the room complement each other harmoniously. Avoid furniture and decor that feels too fancy, opting instead for pieces that relax you as soon as you walk into the room.


For instance, a couple of comfy armchairs may be exactly what is needed to bring the modern living room design together. 

Place rustic, wooden accent tables within arm's reach so that everything you or your guest need to relax is nearby, whether it's a phone or a glass of wine.

4. Add Plenty of Texture to Create a Cozy Living Room

Adding a variety of textures is the most straightforward way to up your living room's comfort factor. Choosing seating in a tactile fabric will lend your room a more sumptuous feel. Beautifully patterned throws are a gorgeous addition to any cozy living room. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, they add texture and colour. You can drape a vibrant throw across the back of the couch to make the space more stylish.

Cozy-living-room with textured wall panelling design & ambient lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

5. Lighting can Enhance a Cozy Minimalist Living Room

Soft lighting can make a minimalist living room feel more cosier than bright light. If there is a lot of natural light coming in, soften it with darker window treatments or blinds. In the evenings, opt for statement lamps rather than overhead lights to instantly transform the atmosphere.


For instance, table lamps placed on either side of the sofa or near minimalist seating arrangements can provide a warm glow that illuminates quiet corners making it snug.


6. On Point Window Treatments for Cozy Living Room

Heavy drapes on the windows helps to insulate a room by shutting the outside noise, making the space feel more intimate. The kind of fabric and colour that you use for the window treatment is also important as it will play a part in the way it changes the feel of a room.


For instance, in a large room with tall ceilings, floor to ceiling drapery in thick fabrics, like velvet, will make the room feel smaller and cosier whereas in a smaller room, fabrics in lighter textures will be less overwhelming but equally snug.


7. Pile on the Layers to Enhance Cozy Small Living Room Décor

Layers always make a space feel more intimate. Throws, pillows, carpets, screens and wall hangings are all great ways to add more texture to a room.


For instance, use pillows with bold, vibrant colours in different sizes and fill your seating spaces with them. A couple of large pillows on the floor in bold colours will be a cute touch. Layer a couple of carpets over each other for some softness when you curl up on the floor.


8. Add Plants to your Cosy Living Room Home Interior Design

Plants are a great way to make a room feel enclosed. Potted plants of varying heights can be used to fill a large room, making it feel cosier. Creepers running down shelves or the side of a window can add a very exotic feel to a room

Cozy living room with plush armchairs & low wicker couch & cushions - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

9. Pick the Right Accent Piece for Cosy Living Room Interiors

Even the smallest pieces of furniture can make a difference in the way it changes a room. For instance, a couple of plush armchairs may be exactly what a room needs to bring it together. Wicker and wood always make a space feel warm and a low wicker couch with soft cushions may become your favourite spot in the living room.

10. Create Subtle Intimate Spaces In Your Cozy Modern Living Room

A great way to make a living room snug and stylish is to create strategically placed intimate spaces. For instance, a beautifully embroidered textured screen, a console, potted plants or a low shelf can be used to divide the living room into formal and informal sections.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Creating a Cozy Living Room for your Home?

Beautiful Homes delivers style and ease to busy families by taking what you already love about your house and realizing its full potential with the right furniture, finishes and beautiful living room décor ideas to make it a cosy space. We believe in the magic of lasting design, and the beauty and ease that comes from every detail being carefully considered. We try to take the preferences and taste of the different members of a family and blend it into a harmonious whole.


When designing a living room, we try to make it a space that is restful and pleasant for the family to lounge in but stylish enough to entertain friends. We offer beautiful living room ideas and an efficient design experience that saves you time; and a properly budgeted design package that saves you money. The carefully curated collections in our stores provide an easy shopping experience. We will work with you to find the materials and finishes that reflect your unique tastes as well as your lifestyle, and transform your living room into a pleasant haven that you won’t want to leave.

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