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Forest-themed room on your mind? Here are 7 best paint colours and ideas

  • Bedroom Interiors
Mar 02, 2023
Innovative Forest Themed Room Ideas with Murals - Beautiful Homes

A forest themed room can create a true retreat in the middle of a bustling city. If you love the feeling of being surrounded by nature, here are some lovely ways to create a space that can bring the feel of a forest into your home

Paint colours can make a world of difference in how a room looks and feels. Choosing chaotic colour schemes and low-quality paints can have an impact on the finished space and spoil its ambiance. While choosing wall colour combinations for interior design, always remember that less is more.


Whether you introduce balanced neutral colour palettes, pops of colour or monochromatic schemes, creating a room that's energizing and mood-boosting is the ultimate goal. No matter what mood you're trying to create, there is a combination that will fit the space perfectly.


7 Inspiring Forest Themed Room Ideas

Being lulled to sleep by the sounds of crickets or waking up to the whispers of leaves falling around you can be a magical experience. But, if you live in the city, that is a pipe dream! Or is it? A forest themed room that is relaxing and reminiscent of the outdoors can create a true retreat and haven in your cityscape dwelling. Here are some lovely forest themed room ideas to create a space that can bring the feel of a forest into your home.


1. Bring Your Forest Theme Room Alive with the Right Colours

The best way to set a foundation for a forest theme in any room is with the walls. While green is the most obvious colour to simulate the rich hues of forest foliage, sometimes a more subtle colour palette of light to dark hues of beige and brown can be equally effective. Golds, reds, oranges and yellows that create a vivid autumnal forest vibe can also look quite spectacular.

2. Innovative Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas – Wall Murals

One of the most alluring forest themed room ideas is a wall mural. A mural of branches and leaves in stunning colours that covers all the walls can give the impression of living atop a forest canopy. If that feels over the top, create a mural on one wall and paint the other three in complementary colours for a more subtle bedroom forest theme.


Add to this illusion with raw wood furniture, a tent-like covering over a forest themed bed, textured bedding, layered lighting, and linen in shades of green and cream for a truly woodland setting.

Green Forest Themed Room Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Enchanted Forest Themed Room Ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Go All in with an Enchanted Forest Themed Bedroom

For an entirely magical fairy forest themed room, create a whimsical log cabin setting with grainy wood veneer walls, a log themed bed, turf grass floors and side tables made of sawn-off logs. Add planters shaped like woodland creatures, colourful mushrooms and gnomes, and fill them with foliage. Tuck mason jars stuffed with string lights in corners and intertwine more string lights over the walls for an enchanted forest themed bedroom.

4. Light Up Your Forest Themed Room Décor

Lighting is as important in a forest themed bedroom design as fabrics, colours and textures. Create the perfect dense forest effect with two or three different types of lighting, for instance:

  • Recessed lighting or strip lighting with a dimmer switch, around a mural or accent wall can help control the ambiance and create a dramatic effect in a dark forest themed bedroom.

  • Table and floor lamps next to a forest themed bed can create another layer of lights and double up as décor elements, especially if you can find ones that suit a forest themed bedroom.

  • Installing unique overhead fixtures, for instance, a tree branch chandelier can help bring the bedroom forest theme design together.
Lightning Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas for Furniture

Whether you want to create a magical fairyland, an elegant woodland or a rustic forest room theme, your furniture can help achieve that look. Whimsical furniture in the shape of woodland creatures, and colourful, chintzy linen with cute fairy prints is perfect for an enchanting kid’s fairy forest themed room.


Slim and sleek wooden furniture with minimal details and subtle neutral linen can add an elegant class to your woodland living room décor.


Or add a rustic twist to your forest room theme dining room with rough-hewed furniture, like a log table and wicker chairs.


Decorative Forest Themed Room Ideas - Beautiful Homes

6. Add Depth to Forest Themed Bedroom Décor with the Right Fabrics

The right fabrics can give your forest themed bedroom design an inviting depth and warmth. A variety of textures in green, brown or more autumnal tones like deep reds and yellows, and featuring a carefully balanced mix of organic textures can help mimic a natural environment. Select chintz, plaids, florals, and botanical prints with woven jute elements as forest themed bedroom décor to create a charming vibe. Window treatments for a forest themed room can range from wood plantation shutters to a layering of sheers and heavier draperies. Drapery rods with decorative branch finials will add subtle nuances and enhance the forest theme.

7. Forest Themed Room Décor

Décor is the final touch that can bring together a forest or woodland theme. Whether the effect is aural, with forest themed sound effects in the background, visual, like textured bark lamps and candle holders, or aromatic, with intoxicating forest smells, like sandalwood, cedar oil or eucalyptus, décor can give the perfect finishing touches to an enchanted forest theme room.

Forest-themed bedroom with long windows - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help You Create a Forest Themed Bedroom?

Want to create a little magic with an enchanting forest themed room in your suburban home? Whether you are looking for a dark forest themed bedroom or an enchanted forest themed bedroom, the Asian Paints’ Beautiful Homes team can create a gorgeous retreat. Check out our website and browse through our expertly curated magazine and the projects we've executed so far, or book a 3D consultation call to get your enchanted forest theme room vision started. Walk into any of our stores in Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik for interior design services.

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