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Foyer design ideas to give your entryway an instant update

  • Hallway Design
Mar 21, 2022
Unique modern foyer design that makes your entryway look classic - Beautiful Homes

The foyer is the first space a visitor sees when they step into your home and it should look attractive as well as be warm and inviting. Let’s take a look at foyers idea that will make a great first impression

Introduction to What is Foyer?

Big or small, the foyer plays an important part in the first impression of a house. It is the first room one enters when walking through the front door and is the room where guests are greeted and welcomed into the house. It should be designed to be warm, inviting and aesthetically appealing.


Depending on the space available, a hallway design for the foyer can be designed in different ways. For instance, it could have a closet or bureau to store outside wear, like coats and shoes. If it is a smallish space, it could have just a coat stand, a hat rack or a shelf in a corner. In a larger space, a small seating arrangement could be incorporated making it an area where guests can wait before being taken into the drawing room.


With some innovative entryway entrance foyer design, a warm and inviting foyer can be created in any kind of space that would make guests feel welcome.


Comprehensive Foyer Interior Design Guide

1. Dress Up the Walls for a Classy Foyer Area Design

One of the best spaces to place statement artwork in a home is in the foyer, so that it immediately catches the eye and attention of anyone who walks through the front door. It could be as simple and inexpensive as a collection of black and white photographs of the family, an old family portrait in an interesting frame or you could go the whole hog and commission the perfect painting that will take your guest’s breath away.


Another great idea for an entrance foyer design is to install an ornate tiled wall décor with mirrors, hooks and shelves which will look beautiful and will also be functional as it can be used to hang keys and check your appearance on the way in or out.

Wooden flooring to enhance your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

2. Innovative Foyer Designs for Indian Flats with Jalli Panels

Indian flats tend to be quite small and very often, it is possible to see the living areas from the door. A great way to separate the space better, conceal the interiors from plain view and add an interesting entrance foyer design element is by using a jalli screen as a divider between the foyer and the living room. You could use traditional jalli designs in wood if you have a very Indian décor or use a sleek and chic steel and glass design for a contemporary home décor.

Modern brown color interior for your foyer design - Beautiful Homes

3. An elegant and Welcoming Entrance Foyer Design

If you have the space, you can be as creative as you want with the design of the foyer. A seating arrangement in your entryway modern foyer design will make the space very personal and charming. A couple of large armchairs or a loveseat, a console, a coat stand, and a pendant chandelier with a stained-glass lamp shade can make the space very elegant.


If the space is small or also has a stairwell, a neat storage box against the stairs which can double as a bench is a smart idea.


Scatter some colourful pillows on it, add some potted plants and a small shelf for keys to make this a very cute space.


4. Convenient Entrance Foyer Design with Shoe Rack

One of the most useful purposes of the foyer is as a receptacle for all your outer wear when you enter the house. Dirty shoes, raincoats, umbrellas can all be placed in the foyer to dry out or be cleaned. Having adequate storage space in the foyer for all these little items can be very useful.


For instance, a tall shelf with a shoe rack at the bottom and a space for jackets and helmets on top can be very convenient. If there is no space for a shelf, these days there are some very simple and neat shoe racks available in different sizes and you can easily find one that will fit perfectly in your foyer.


5. Create an Elegant Home Entryway Design with Wallpaper

If elegance and class is what you are going for, there is nothing that is more beautiful than a gorgeous wall paper to catch the eye of a visitor as soon as they enter your home.


A simple striped, sunny wallpaper complemented by colourful prints on the walls, little stools with striped upholstery for seating and pastel curtains can create a very cheerful foyer for a home. If you want to go for a more lavish look, an exotic dark hued wallpaper with gold accents paired with marble floors, antique furniture and polished brass lamps can create a very luxurious foyer.


6. Let Nature Inspire your Foyer Interior Design

Bring a bit of the outside inside. If you have a green thumb and like keeping indoor plants, the foyer is the perfect space to start. A tall rubber plant or plants in a brass planter in the corner of the foyer can look very elegant. Add wicker chairs or a wicker bench for seating with striped cushions for an outdoorsy feel. Nature inspired artwork on the walls will help bring the space together beautifully.

7. Traditional Indian Foyer Design

Who remembers the traditional “Thinnai” in Indian homes, nostalgically? If you live in a house and have the space, you can create your own very Indian foyer design.


A comfortable easy chair and a little footstool next to large windows where you can see the world go by will be everyone’s favourite spot to lounge in. Add a couple of antique pieces, a few colourful dhurries, potted plants in brass containers and traditional art on the walls for a very Indian feel.


8. A Modern Foyer Design with Steel and Glass

A modern foyer design is the most convenient style for an apartment. Since the space is usually small, using a lot of steel and glass in the design can make the space seem larger.


An opaque glass screen can be used as a divider between the living area and the foyer. It conceals the interiors without crowding. Tall steel and glass shelves to display eye-catching knick knacks, a tall mirror in a beautiful frame, plain black and white photographs in black frames are all simple but interesting ways to dress up the foyer area design.

Traditional Indian foyer design for a royal traditional home - Beautiful Homes

Frequently Asked Questions about Foyer design

Upgrade your foyer design by adding table lamps - Beautiful Homes

1. What is the difference between an entryway and foyer?

The word foyer and entryway are quite often misused. Both do mean the space that you enter as soon as you walk in through the front door, but the similarity ends there. An entryway is a simple and basic structure which you pass through on the way to the interior of the house. The foyer, on the other hand, is usually a small room behind a front door that separates a home's main rooms from the outside of the house.


2. What is the purpose of the foyer?

The foyer is the room in which guests are greeted before being invited into the interior of the house. Sometimes, if the person at the front door is not a close guest, the foyer may be used to visit with them and see them out. The foyer is also an efficient way to conceal the rest of the house from prying eyes.


3. How to utilise a foyer space with the right interior designs?

A foyer can be used to store items that you wear when you go out, for instance, shoes and coats and umbrellas. It is also the space where dirty footwear, wet jackets and umbrellas can be left to dry out or get cleaned without messing up the interior spaces. With clever interior design, functional and pleasing storage solutions can be created in the foyer.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create the Best Foyer Design for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we value and treasure long-term relationships and you can count on us to make sure every detail in your entryway entrance foyer design exceeds your expectations. We will collaborate with the architects, contractors, and specialists to come up with the best foyers ideas for your space.


When we undertake a home renovation project, we pay attention to every room, from the foyer interior design to the kitchen remodelling. Each room will be designed to match your background, personality and input. We know that the foyer is the first space that a guest will see when they walk into your home and as such, it needs to make them catch their breath and pique their interest to see more. We will make sure that the foyer is just the beginning of a gorgeous journey through a beautiful home. 

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