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From plants to art: Unique balcony wall décor ideas you'll love

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Feb 27, 2023
Cozy & cute balcony swing ideas – Beautiful Homes

An outdoor space can have art, too!

In most urban Indian homes, a balcony serves as the outdoor space of an apartment in place of a garden or a verandah found in bungalows. Since this is a part of the home—with some balconies even being enclosed as an extension of a room—it’s a clever idea to pay attention to this space’s style. The easiest place to start is always the walls. From adding arts and crafts to growing plants vertically, there are a treasure trove of wall decoration ideas for the terrace. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect wall décor for a balcony, have a look at our handy guide for the best balcony wall décor ideas.

1. How to Include Art in your Home Balcony Design

A unique and unconventional design idea always makes any room look more interesting and eye-catching. For a stylish balcony wall decoration idea, even adding a single work of art on any of the walls seems like an unusual yet chic idea. However, art on paper or canvas without a glass frame might not fare well when exposed to the elements through the year. Instead, other simpler options such as etchings on the walls, carved or cement murals, handicrafts made from wood or even intricately designed ceramic plates all make for chic art to display within the balcony garden wall décor.


STYLE TIP: If you want to make a statement with art yet keep the  balcony wall décor simple, consider an understated mural (in the same shade and material as the wall) that’s either moulded on or carved into it.

Peaceful & pleasant balcony ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Floral small space balcony décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Brina Blum/ unsplash

2. A Tropical Balcony Wall Decoration Idea

To create a balcony design with balcony wall décor, make room for plants in the space. You could choose something large like the Swiss cheese plant seen in this outdoor balcony wall décor to add a tropical mood. With limited space in a small balcony design, incorporating miniature potted flowers is a clever way to add a pop of color and brighten up the area. To complement all terrace wall decoration ideas, define the floor with multi-hued tiles to bring in even more life to the space.

BALCONY IDEAS: When adding greenery to the wall décor of a balcony or as hanging decorations for a balcony, you could also choose small potted herbs. While these can be torn and used fresh when cooking, they’ll also add their zesty or woody fragrance to the rest of the home.

3. Simple DIY Balcony Wall Décor with Plates

For unique ideas to create balcony wall art, hanging decorations for the balcony or DIY balcony wall décor, look through the pieces you already own in your home. A simple set of plates or a mixed collection of colourful crockery adds a spectrum of colours and patterns on an otherwise plain wall. In a unique spin, don’t hang all the plates in a uniform design. Instead, place them in an abstract pattern, adding more along the way as your collection grows!


DESIGN TIP: There’s a soothing feeling that comes with sitting on a swing, rocking back and forth as you stare out into oblivion. If your balcony has the space for it, a swing can serve as the perfect spot to relax on at the end of the day to curl up with a book or cuppa when you’re looking to unwind. It also doubles as a clever piece of furniture when hosting friends with children.

Cozy & cute balcony swing ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Hex

Chic modern balcony décor ideas- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Hex

4. Wall Decoration Ideas for a Balcony with a Unique Colour or Wallpaper

If you’re trying to find the right hue for any room in the house, first order a colour catalogue from Asian Paints to physically view a range of shade cards around the light in a space. Sometimes, you could pick the balcony garden wall décor in a unique pattern or material, but not find a similarly striking or complementing colour for the walls. If a shade of paint doesn’t do the trick, consider creating a panel on a wall with wallpaper. For a different aesthetic, you can play around with textures, prints and patterns with a range of Nilaya wall coverings by Asian Paints—our go-to most-trusted brand. You could even bring in a designer twist with wallpapers by fashion designer Sabyasachi or home décor label Good Earth; or choose the mesmerising Colour of the Year for 2023, Silver Escapade.

5. The Best Service to Design the Perfect Balcony Design

If you’re renovating your house or searching for wall decoration ideas for the terrace, and can’t find a starting point for the perfect balcony wall décor ideas, you’ll need a reliable and seasoned designer to help you along the way. While we all dream of a beautiful home, taking time out of our daily schedules and finding the right people to work with is often easier said than done. With this thought in mind, India’s largest paint giant Asian Paints created the Beautiful Homes Service. Enlisting expert interior designers, who’ve worked across the length and breadth of the industry, the Beautiful Homes Service takes care of executing every task in your home renovation from start to finish. 

Sleek balcony design with plants – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

This ensures a hassle-free and time-saving experience for anyone with a vision to remodel their home (or redesign a particular room), but lacks the ideas, time or patience to coordinate and project manage between the army of people required to finish the job.

Wooden themed balcony décor ideas – Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

6. Terrace Wall Decoration Ideas for a Vertical Balcony Garden

Since space is a constraint in most urban homes, especially apartments, judiciously using every inch of space is always a wise decision. This includes the breadths of barren area across the walls, even for the balcony wall décor. In the absence of a garden or backyard in an apartment, even a panel of vertical space on the wall serves as a unique spot for growing plants. Placing rows of shelves or a simple shelving unit on a wall can create the perfect spot to grow fresh produce such as herbs and small vegetables or fresh flowers.

7. A One-Stop Shop for the Most Stylish Balcony Wall Decoration Ideas

For the most interesting, well-designed accessories and pieces of furniture for your balcony wall décor under one roof, step into an AP Homes store in your city. With a curation of products and solutions from a family of brands, AP Homes is your one-stop shop to create a home or space that tells your unique story. Whether you’re looking to quickly spruce up the wall décor for the balcony with a few design updates or undertake an entire renovation with the latest balcony interior design, AP Homes houses everything from furnishings and fixtures to home automation solutions.

Stylish & simple small balcony ideas – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Spacejoy/ unsplash

Minimal balcony wall décor ideas with swings – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Namah

8. An Outdoor Balcony Wall Décor with Miniature Niches

The first thing one would probably worry about when thinking of balcony wall décor ideas is how well it would weather being outdoors. A simple trick that has worked beautifully in this balcony garden wall décor is small niches within the wall that hold what would otherwise be outdoor balcony wall décor. Not only do these recesses in the wall help protect the objects, they also create small highlight nooks to draw attention to them.


PRO TIP: Adding small lights within the top of each niche will display each décor piece at night and also add subtle ambient lighting to the space.

Are you looking for interior design expertise for learning more about balcony wall décor ideas? We can help with additional ideas. Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints offers customers personalised interior design and hassle-free execution, all in one. Alternatively, you could visit our store for further guidance on modern balcony grill design ideas. Whether you are looking to quickly spruce up your home with a few décor updates or undertake an entire renovation, this store houses everything from furniture and furnishings to fixtures and home automation solutions. Presently, our stores are in cities such as Amritsar, New Delhi, Raipur, Jaipur, Tumakuru, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Karur, Kochi, and Nashik, we are in the process of setting up our stores in other states and cities as well.

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