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Front porch lighting ideas

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Aug 09, 2022
Front porch design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Proper porch lighting instantly boosts curb appeal and makes any home more inviting. Here’s everything you need to know about the best lighting options for your porch

Lighting plays a critical role in our home décor and our life inside it. Sweetly and silently it radiates its brilliance to enrich the décor of our house and form an excellent ambience for delightful evenings. Lighting has a profound influence on the spirits of people living inside. The very second you step in the house, it can set the surroundings in a serene tone with its tranquillity or make it festive by the brilliance it distributes. We understand the significance of light in our lives and how it makes our home warm and welcoming. Hence, we have brought you 16 front porch lighting options, from outdoor string lights and outdoor pendant lighting to hanging lantern and flood lights. Regardless of where your outdoor lights design sensibilities lie, we are certain that you will find a favourite in this collection of porch lighting.


Front Porch Lighting Ideas

1. Opt for a statement pendant

For porches with high ceilings and no wind exposure, statement outdoor pendant lighting is a suitable choice. A combination of wall and pendant outdoor entry lights in coordinating styles will make the house exterior cordial and inviting.


2. Pair practical lighting with aesthetic accents

Landscape lighting is a practical lower voltage system different from wall and ceiling lights. Entryway uplighter, spot and LED flood lights can be used in combination to create a visually aesthetic look.

Statement pendant lights for your front porch design - Beautiful Homes

3. Consider solar powered front porch lighting

If you are looking for front porch lighting ideas, it's worth evaluating sustainability. Solar lights have drastically become the best choice for outdoor lighting, due to the attribute that they are exceptionally easy to install and the most environmentally loving course to light your garden. Conventionally, solar lights outdoor were just stake lights with a flat top featuring a solar panel, yet, current progress in solar lighting has meant that they are practically indistinguishable from other electrical designs. From aesthetic accent pendants to a hanging lantern, there are limitless options for you to bring home.

Flush mounted front porch lighting ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Choose flush-mount front porch lighting ideas that suit your home's style

A flush mount porch light introduces welcome light without detracting from your entryway, columns and other architectural features. If there isn’t enough room on one or both sides of the door for wall sconces, the front porch has a low ceiling or is open to wet weather, a flush mount porch ceiling lights will be the best solution. Place it somewhere that provides ample light to the door as well as the rest of the porch. 

5. Use seasonal lighting to decorate your porch

Your house exterior is the most noticed part of your abode and as such should be planned to be always on display. Embrace the changing seasons by including seasonal lighting décor into your plan with porch light ideas to match. Contemplate adding ornamental illuminated stars or lanterns as part of your décor or embrace stunning paper pendants with a cosy seating area to honour the coming of the warm seasons.


6. Illuminate porch steps

If there is a considerable amount of distance between the door and the driveway or street via a set of stairs, step lighting such as LED flood lights adds an added touch of brilliance to deliver a well-lit path for guests for comfortable entry and exit during a summertime soiree or cheerful fall fete. Available in a vast array of shapes, dimensions, and finishes, pick an option that weaves well with the colour of your steps or exterior décor to effortlessly integrate while delivering ample accent lighting. 


7. Layer up porch lighting

Enhance curb appeal and bring warmth to your front porch by layering various types of outdoor light options. A mixture of sconces, outdoor wall lights and hanging porch lights brings chasm and visual appeal to the exterior of your house. To create a put-together look, go for front porch lighting ideas in similar styles and finishes or choose one light fixture to serve as a statement piece and then balance it out with fine porch lighting designs.


8. Light architectural features

For houses where the entryway is preceded by a long wall along a walkway, utilising sconces in a row to fill the wall space with light and introduce a classic touch to your exterior not only makes it effortless for guests to enter your home, but adds to your overall lighting aesthetic when paired with garden lights, step lights, and porch ceiling lights to create the complete package of a welcoming front porch lighting.

9. Bring the indoors out

With exterior spaces often seen as an extension of your interior design, your front porch is no exception. Harmonise your front porch lighting ideas with your indoor lighting for a cohesive look. A rustic metal lamp shade can bring brightness and textural front porch lighting design to these areas.


10. Install uplighters

If you do not have ample space around your doors or on the walls, consider an uplighter. As it is a ceiling mounted porch light, you want to make sure that it is positioned in such a way that it radiates even lighting all over.

Traditional wall light ideas for your front porch lighting ideas - Beautiful Homes

11. Embrace spotlights

Spotlights can be used for lighting a number of outdoor elements like trees, buildings, sculptural and architectural details. Well lights are recessed into the ground to form a cohesive and seamless look in both landscape and hardscape settings.


12. Choose lantern hanging porch lights

Classic and statement, hanging lanterns are one of the most popular front porch lighting ideas. The higher the ceiling of your porch, the larger the light should be. Hanging porch ceiling lights adds ambience to your house exterior without much effort.


13. Consider illuminating your shrubbery

If you desire the exterior of your house to feel warm and welcoming, using a range of spike lights and mini floodlights will be an ideal option. Light bushes and low-level shrubbery from above or below for an elegant, yet sophisticated inviting look.

Lanterns & front porch lighting ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes


14. Select lanterns and candlelight

If you are a fan of rustic décor and front porch design, then it is excellent to go with a range of lanterns, uplighter, votives and candles placed strategically on the steps leading up to your porch. You can have a wide range of LED lighting options, or opt for solar garden lights if sustainability and longevity is what you are looking for.

15. Invest in fanciful string lighting

Sometimes, bordering your entire ceiling with bulbs can work amazingly to improve the overall aesthetic of the porch area. If something that is subtle, yet unique is of your desire, then outdoor string lights is the option to go in for. Having them is rather easy since they just need to cover a part of the ceiling border. If you are looking for a beautiful but easy to implement front porch lighting ideas, this is something that you should go in for.

Front porch lighting ideas to brighten up your home design - Beautiful Homes
Traditional front porch design idea for your home - Beautiful Homes

16. Keep it simple

We all love to lounge on our front porch after a long hectic day. When you're ready to unwind, simple outdoor barn lights offer the ideal lighting for a quiet, cosy time. They are perfect to cast a warm, direct light that’s perfect for relaxing. Pick barn lights with an oversized shade for an aesthetic effect, or choose ones with a streamlined silhouette to make a subtle statement.

Tips to Choose Front Porch Lights

  • Plan way before while selecting light Fixtures:

    Observe your space and take measurements so you don't buy fixtures that are too large-scale. Check the size and position of a fixture before you make that purchase.

  • Use LEDs:

    They use far less energy than halogen or incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are almost maintenance-free, so you won't have to change bulbs frequently.

  • Take a Look From Inside Your Home:

    This can help you decide on which lighting to choose and how to place it around your yard. Consider how patio spaces, gardens, and pathways look like from inside your home.

  • Use Subtle Light for Entertaining:

    Your dinner guests won't want a bright spotlight on them while they are enjoying their outdoor meal, so stick with lighting that gives a soft glow. Outdoor rooms, especially dining areas, benefit from subtle, indirect lighting that helps create a warm and cosy mood.

  • Think About Security:

    Outdoor lighting not only delivers ambience, but it can also secure your home. Make sure all entry points of the home are well lit.



Porch lights play a paramount part when it comes to the curb appeal of your house.  But how do you pick a Gate light that is functional, trendy, and long-lasting all at the same time?

Expert designers at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes can help you narrow down and choose the best porch light for your home.  Porch lights aren’t just a glowing yellow box on the wall anymore and hence we help you to know your options better before you buy.


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