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Functional study room lighting that makes your room prettier

  • Study Room Design
Oct 23, 2022
Study room lighting ideas with open shelves - Beautiful Homes

There’s no doubt that choosing the right lighting for a study room is just as important a decision as picking a good desk and chair. Of course, we also want to make sure we’re using attractive lighting so that the study room isn’t just a stark and utilitarian work area… here we explore how to do both!

Are you thinking that study room lighting isn’t just about choosing the cutest study lamp, or finding the best spot for your desk by the window where the sunshine can pour in? Well, you’d be right! Putting effort into your study room lighting design can help prevent headaches and eyestrain, as well as improve your energy and mood – which will ultimately improve your ability to work effectively. Well planned lighting also makes a room more appealing; implementing the right study room lighting ideas for your space will make the room a pleasure to spend time in, and help you be more productive too.


So, if you want to design a work area that’s pretty, yet also helps you up your efficiency, then read on to find out how to make sure your study room lighting is up to scratch!


Study Room Lighting 101: “Must Have” Lighting

Understanding how to use layers of lighting is very important if you want to create a well-balanced study room lighting design plan. The lighting in study room spaces and other work areas should be a combination of the different types of light that are needed in that space. Ambient (or General) Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting all serve different purposes and are absolutely vital if you want to have a workspace that you feel more comfortable and focused in.

Ambient Lighting

This is the basic, background lighting that works to illuminate the whole room. Essentially, the ceiling lights for study room spaces and some types of wall lights. For the best ambient light, install a central light that isn’t directly focused on your study table; hanging light / pendant lamp, recessed downlight or a selection of wall lights can all work here. If you like the steady global lighting that a tube light provides, keep in mind that a tube light for study room areas shouldn’t be a glaring white, instead, make sure to pick a warmer white or yellow option. 


Quick Note: If you want complete control over the amount of light within the room, consider installing dimmers on the control switches of your ambient lights.



Natural Light

Natural light falls under the domain of ambient lighting. Having natural lighting in study room areas and how it enters the space is hugely important; place your desk where it will receive the most light, but don’t forget to install drapes / blinds on the windows for when the sunlight is too harsh. Of course, no matter how much sunlight comes in from outside, for effective 24-hour study room lighting, you always need to supplement it with artificial light.

Natural light for study room with side tables - Beautiful Homes
Study lamp light for study room - Beautiful Homes

Task Lighting

The most practical aspect of any study room lighting ideas, task lighting is what ensures you can carry out the ‘task’ as needed. For a study, lamp light in the form of a desk lamp, a goose-neck floor lamp, or even a small chandelier or low hanging pendants over the desk could work here. If your interior design is more modern or industrial, you could even choose a directional LED light – for study room aesthetics that don’t fit a classic, cosy vibe this would probably be a better fit.

Accent Lighting

Sometimes called directional light, this kind of lighting falls solidly under the ‘design’ section of study room lighting design. Its purpose is to draw attention to certain features or areas within the space – for example, a carved wooden study lamp that attracts the eye to the desk space – and is primarily there for aesthetic reasons. Uplights, wall washers (these are sconces that create a ‘wash’ of light along the wall) or a strip-style LED light for study room spaces are all good sources of this kind of light. Keep in mind that while it may not be as necessary to the functional aspect of lighting as ambient or task lights, accent lighting is crucial in creating balance and a happy space that has that ‘wow’ factor.



Study Room Lighting Design: Types of Lamps


Study Room Lighting #1: Wall Lights & Sconces

In your study room lighting plan, wall lights and sconces are a wonderful and easy solution to many potential problems! Wall-mounted lights are very versatile and can be used as ambient, accent or task lights, depending on where they’re placed in relation to your workstation / reading areas and the type of fixtures you choose. With a spot, or directional wall-mounted study lamp, light can be focused exactly where it’s needed; sconces and wall-washers provide decorative accent lighting while adding to the ambient illumination through bounce, and regular wall-mounted fixtures help brighten the entire room. 


Study Room Lighting #2: Pendant Lamps & Chandeliers

When planning out your ceiling lights, for study room lighting that’s properly layered and well-balanced, a few hanging lights never go amiss. Not only do they free up your floor and desk space, but when placed over your study table, hanging light fixtures like pendant lamps and chandeliers can help provide a more diffused, yet still concentrated light. As for aesthetics, there are a wide range of designs – in many décor styles – available for both; chandeliers are usually more elaborately designed, while pendant light fixtures can be as decorative, but are usually priced more reasonably.

Ceiling lights for study room with black walls - Beautiful Homes
Study table hanging light with floor lamp - Beautiful Homes

Study Room Lighting #3: Directional Spots & Track Lighting

If you don’t like, or can’t use hanging lamps, with these you’ll still be able to add attractive and functional study room lighting to your ceiling; they’re great choices for rooms where you want to make a statement, but both practicality and flexibility in your lighting are needed. Both directional spots and track lights can be adjusted to shine on specific parts of the room, such as a reading chair, or to bounce off the wall in front of your desk to create a backlight effect. These days, they also have options available if you wish to add a versatile LED light for study room spaces – with some of these you can even switch between warmer or cooler toned light depending on if you’re working on a screen or not!

Study Room Lighting #4: Desk & Table Top Lamps

No study room is complete without a desk lamp! Making sure the entire surface of your desk is well lit, but that you have an area that is the most illuminated, not only increases study comfort, but can also help you to up your concentration. This is why it’s vital to have a table lamp for study stations, since they traditionally provide a focused light in a small area. Plus, with a desk lamp, as long as the functional aspect is met, you can get pretty creative in the aesthetic choice you make – go for a vintage style or choose something new-age – here’s where you can let your personality shine. For optimum efficiency, try to pick a lamp that allows you to angle the head so the light can be directed to any spot required, and remember that a yellow light study lamp is generally preferable, as these can reduce eye-strain and headaches.

Track lights for study room & wooden table - Beautiful Homes
Recessed lighting for study table with indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

Study Room Lighting #5: Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights, whether placed in the ceiling, within shelving, or behind a false wall, are excellent sources of ambient light; this type of diffused lighting can be similarly created by a flush-mount LED light. For study room areas that are used in the day but don’t get a lot of natural light, these lighting options can prevent your space from looking dull and gloomy. Designing your workspace with recessed lighting is mind can prove to be one of the more adaptable study room lighting ideas, as it can be completely integrated into your study space. Since they’re fixed within the surface of wherever they’re mounted on, recessed lights are virtually invisible, providing a very subtle look and global illumination; with the addition of a dimmer function, they can also be as soft or bright as you wish!

Study Room Lighting #6: Floor & Pedestal Lamps

If you need more diffused, directional lighting in your workspace but can’t change the lighting fixtures on your ceiling or wall, study lamp lights that are free-standing are a complete necessity. Flexible floor lamps and pedestal lights are a great décor accent in any room, and they’re also extremely convenient and functional! It’s simple to change out their bulbs to match your preference and if they have a goose-neck, the head can be directed to shine in a specific spot, or if not the whole unit can be easily moved to better illuminate an area. Floor lamps come in many styles and can provide uplight, downlight, a directed spot or even all three! What’s more, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find an attractive, floor standing LED light for study room décor that’s in line with your style!


So did this help spark some exciting new thoughts for the study room lighting design in your home? Which of these ideas appealed to you most? If you’re now eager to create a wonderful work area but are still not sure where to get started, then don’t worry – planning out lighting in study room / home office spaces is much easier with expert help, and that’s where we come in!



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