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Functional kitchen storage spaces that are otherwise left unused

  • Kitchen Design
Oct 09, 2022
Kitchen cabinets installed on the kitchen backsplash area for storage - Beautiful Homes

10 practical kitchen storage ideas you should try today

When you’re the chef of the house, keeping the kitchen organised can seem like an impossible task. Use the kitchen storage ideas in this guide to declutter your kitchen and turn it into an open, inviting space.


When you spend over half your day in the kitchen, you start noticing little things. Like how your fridge is always overflowing, how the space around your sink is not being used efficiently, or that you have more coffee mugs and glassware than you need lying around in your cabinets. Your kitchen feels cluttered, and cooking doesn’t sound so fun anymore. Well, set your worries aside. This guide will take you through 10 practical kitchen storage space ideas recommended by our experts. Most of these are super easy to implement and require minimal effort.



1. On the Backsplash

Backsplashes in any kitchen are usually left alone, and for good reason. The smoke, heat, and, well, backsplash, coming from the stove are likely to reach anything kept here and spoil it. But if used correctly, the backsplash can help you save a lot of space.


Install a double-duty shelf to revamp your kitchen storage design and keep your pots and pans right above the stove. Since these are the utensils you’ll be using almost every time you cook, they’re likely not going to suffer from any backsplash. This will allow you to both save your space and keep your goto utensils handy!

2. Empty Spaces Above the Sink

Much like the area above your stove, the space above your sink can be used for a lot of things. Like hanging towels, keeping soaps and scrubs, and hanging pots and pans out to dry. You could also install a double-duty shelf here to dry the crockery and even install a paper towel holder.


A combination of all these–a double-duty shelf with hangers and a paper towel-holder, would use your kitchen space really well and help you keep your food storage organised.

Store kitchen accessories above the kitchen sink - Beautiful Homes
Use corners of the kitchen for storage purposes - Beautiful Homes

3. In Corner Storage Spaces

Corners are the most underrated spaces in any kitchen. They tend to disappear behind other things, like your fridge, between the cabinet and the platform, or the tiny switchboard. But you can create a kitchen storage design that utilises corners.


Install floating racks or small corner cabinet storage shelves. You can use them for storing sauces, spices, cookbooks, wine bottles, glassware, kitchen appliances, etc. You can also use these spaces by inserting narrow, sliding shelves and stacking them with spices, canned goods, and sauces.


4. At the Sides of Lower Cabinets

If you have a kitchen island or lower cabinets with open spaces on the sides, you can wave goodbye to clutter for good. These areas are great for storing articles that you don’t need as often but would need when guests step in. Like decorative plates, bowls, spoons, knives, baking pans, kitchen appliances, cookbooks, serving trays, etc.


Sliding shelves next to lower cabinets can help you organise your kitchen while keeping useful things handy. You could also install a hanger here for your oven mitts, towels, scissors, spatula, and more!

5. On your Refrigerator

Instead of storing bills, letters, and takeout menus, use the sides of your refrigerator to install magnetic hangers that can hold knives, cutting boards, pans, spices and condiments, sauces, and bottle openers.


Even the area atop your fridge can be used to store things you don’t use as often, like cabinets holding jugs, wine bottles, silverware, baking utensils, bigger pots and pans, and delicate glassware.


6. Above Wall Cabinets

It’s advisable to stretch your cabinets all the way to the ceiling and use the topmost kitchen storage racks to keep the things you least use. But if your kitchen came in with a built-in cabinet that has some space above it, then we strongly advise you to fill that area with an array of cabinets.


This would be the perfect place to keep your crockery, spare linens, food reserve, and that secret chocolate stash. You can organise the closet much more efficiently using baskets and other assorted storage units.

Use the empty space above the refrigerator for kitchen storage purposes - Beautiful Homes
Kitchen storage space under the wall cabinets - Beautiful Homes

7. Below Wall Cabinets

The areas below your wall cabinets may seem void of practical use. But with a dash of creativity, the space below your wall cabinets can be installed with rods, s-shaped hangers, flat trays with hooks, and steel baskets.


Here, you can hang your cups and mugs, towels, store soaps, scrubs, spoons, cutting boards, and aluminium foil, and keep frequently used utensils handy. You can also use this space to install kitchen storage racks for knives and pans or to hang paper towels.


8. On the Backs of Cupboard Doors

Your storage cupboards don’t only offer shelves for walls but also allow you to store small, useful articles behind their doors. This small kitchen storage idea can be executed by installing a pegboard, chart board contact paper, adhesive pockets, clipboards, and hanging storage containers.


This is the perfect space to keep track of your inventory, plan meals, keep a grocery list, and store measuring cups, spoons, cutlery, knives, sauces, spices, and other handy objects.

9. On Empty Walls

Empty walls present a standout opportunity to declutter and organise your kitchen. While you may decide to fill them up with ceiling-high cabinets built for food storage, there are a lot of other options to pick from, most of which require very less effort and investment on your part.


You could install a series of cube-shaped kitchen storage shelves, hang a pegboard, put up a double-duty shelf, add an entire cupboard for your glassware, or incorporate a series of floating shelves. You can also add a hanger for storing day-to-day supplies.

Use walls shelves for kitchen storage purposes - Beautiful Homes

Depending on which option you go with, you will have the option to store everything. From cooking utensils, jars, glassware, and silverware, to cookbooks, crockery, knives, cans, wine bottles, towels, cutting boards, and kitchen appliances.



10. In and Around the Windows

It’s hard to imagine windows as ingenious kitchen storage spaces, but if utilised well, they can do wonders for your kitchen. There are four ways to maximise the space around your windows. You can add floating shelves around them, add organizers to dry out utensils at the window-sill, install hangers for washcloths and aprons, or attach a series of small, but lengthy containers to the edges of your window and fill them up with mugs, saucers, teaspoons, towels, and other useful things. Windows are also a great space to display your plants and cookbooks, away from the stove, but not so far that you can’t reach them when you want to.



5 Bonus Kitchen Storage Ideas

Since you have read so far, we figured you’re keener on making your kitchen look just as beautiful as it is functional. As a bonus, here are 5 more big and small kitchen storage ideas our experts highly recommend-

  1. Convert your closet into a kitchen pantry storage space.
  2. Use folding wood pocket doors to save your kitchen storage space.
  3. Add a floating cubby to create a small working station or a food storage space.
  4. Install swing stools that fold underneath your kitchen island.
  5. Consider adding a fold-down table.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Designing a Storage-friendly Kitchen?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. Simply let us know about the kitchen design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with colour combinations - we will be able to meet your needs. We have helped scores of homeowners customize interiors with specific furnishings and can guide you through the entire process of building, furnishing, and designing your kitchen.

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