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Furniture ideas for small living room

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Nov 22, 2021
Wooden flooring for your small living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

The kind of furniture that you select for your living room is best with a balance of comfort and functionality. Here is a guide to selecting the perfect furniture for a small living room

Introduction Piece on Furniture for Small Living Room

Designing a living room requires a lot of thought because this is the space that is used by the family the most, whether it be for entertaining, family get-togethers, to lounge around watching tv, or to curl up in with a good book. In small home interior design, since space is a constraint, it makes sense to have a semi-formal living room that is classy enough for visitors, yet cosy enough to relax in.

The small living room furniture arrangement is of particular importance as it can make or break a room. A living room needs plenty of seating choices. It needs tables, shelves, carpeting and other pieces of furniture that make it functional. The end goal is to place the furniture in a balanced way so as to make the most of the space without making it look chaotic or cluttered. The furniture and its arrangement should also be aesthetically pleasing as this is where you will be entertaining visitors.

Different Furniture for Small Living Room

Choosing the right living room furniture for small spaces is important to create the right ambience. The different pieces you choose should go together in a cohesive way to give a pleasing aesthetic. Sleek furniture with fine lines can be used in a contemporary living room design, or you can go all out and use different kinds of Indian motifs to create a very traditional Indian living room. Cosy furniture with chintz fabric can be used for a more rustic design and simple but elegant furniture choices can be made to create an elegant living room space.

Your small living room furniture arrangement will include big items and small items. It is better to choose the more expensive pieces of small room furniture  and then fill in the rest later. Let’s take a look at the most important pieces of furniture that a living room contains.


1. Selecting the Perfect Sofa Set for Small Living Room

The sofa set will be the most expensive furniture that you buy for your living room, so it has to be chosen wisely. It must look nice as well as be functional. It should be small enough to fit well in your living room design but spacious enough to be comfortable.

Space-saving unique center table design for your small living room - Beautiful Homes

Usually, a sofa set will come as one large two- or three-seater piece and two smaller single seaters. You may even get two poufs as part of the set. If the sofa set is the focal point of your small living room, the rest of the room décor should harmonize with it. If you select a modern sofa set for a small living room, use simple, elegant pieces that would help accent it making your living room a stylish space.

TV unit design that is space-saving for your small living room - Beautiful Homes

2. Creative TV Wall Design for Small Living Room

In India, the living room is very often where you would find the television. It may be mounted on the wall or placed in a tv unit for a small living room. The tv cabinet can be designed to be interesting and versatile so that it doesn’t stand out and actually adds to the décor of the room. In some tv units, the part of the cabinet which holds the tv can be closed off during an evening of entertainment.

3. Small Living Room Ideas with TV and Dining Set

If an apartment is particularly small, the living room not only has to have space for the tv but it must double up as the dining room as well. The small room furniture arrangement for these rooms must be cleverly designed as it shouldn't feel overcrowded. Having it as open as possible is a good idea. Using muted colours and neutral shades can make a space feel bigger. Simple furniture will make the living room look less cluttered and offer more space.


4. Contemporary Small Room Furniture Design

Black and white colours and patterns can be used effectively to create a sleek, contemporary small living room. White walls, white upholstery, paired with dark ebony tables, bookshelves and cabinets, and accented with a black and white patterned carpet and black and white prints on the walls will give you a living room that will be an embodiment of style. 

5. Traditional Living Room Furniture for Small Spaces

It’s hard to go wrong with traditional pieces of furniture. Almost every Indian family possesses one piece of antique furniture. Upcycle that piece of furniture and use it as the focal point of the room and choose the other furniture to complement it. You can be creative and upcycle other kinds of old Indian furniture, for instance, make a seating arrangement with old wooden swings, or a centre table from an ornate mirror to create unique pieces that can make your living room unusual and interesting.

6. Modern, Minimalistic Furniture for Small Living Room

A minimalistic living room is a more versatile space and it is a great idea for couples who are just starting out. It provides space to entertain and gives them an option to keep adding new pieces as they find them. It can be a work in progress or a complete modern minimalistic living room can be created with sleek furniture, tucked in cabinets and muted colours.

7. Classic Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Some types of furniture arrangements are timeless, like placing a three-seater sofa on one side, two single seaters opposite it and a rectangular table at the centre.

Muted colour shades for the stylish small living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

 This arrangement can accommodate most kinds of furniture pieces around it. You could place an antique etagere in a corner, use a rustic painted trunk as a side table, or throw in a couple of ottomans and the resulting look will still be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

8. A Cheerful Small Hall Furniture Design

A small hall can be made cosy with a single spacious comfortable sofa. A couple of large pillows can provide more seating. Side tables can be a single piece with tables tucked one under the other. Mounting the tv on the wall instead of installing a cabinet provides more seating space. A couple of kitschy lamps, cute patterned rugs and some vibrant art on the walls can make this a small but cheerful space.

Space-saving sofa seating ideas for the comfort in your small living room - BEautiful Homes

9. A Rustic Small Room Furniture Ideas

When designing a living room, you must remember that this room says more about you and your taste. If you want an interesting room, you can go for a rustic décor. Keep the sofa plain and functional. You can be as creative as you want with the rest of the furniture and furnishings. Use old trunks for side tables, add a centre table with a tree trunk as its base, throw an old patterned quilt over an upcycled easy chair, add lace curtains and potted plants to create a rustic living room which will be a fun place to entertain your friends.

10. Semi-formal Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

If you do a lot of business entertaining, you may need a casual space that can be transformed to a more formal space with a little twist. Keep the basic furniture like the sofa, tables, bookshelves and cabinets neutral and use them as a solid foundation. Use the accessories, like pillows, carpets, wall art and curios to turn an ordinary space into an elegant area for a formal evening.

Rugs & Curtain design that suits best for your small living room - Beautiful Homes


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Furniture for a Small Living Room?

At Beautiful Homes, every creative process begins with a story and ends with a transformation. Choosing furniture for a small living room is not just about serving a function but creating visually rich tales full of colours, textures, and patterns to reflect who you are and redefining a space.

We will take your input every step of the way from the first meeting with our customer experience specialist and interior design expert through concept design, schematic development and project management.


We will use our list of high quality and carefully selected manufacturers to begin sourcing materials and items for your space that work within your timeline, budget, and design style.

Our expert designers will guide you in your selection of furniture for your small living room to make sure that each piece is a perfect complement for the next. And they will bring it all together in a harmonious way to transform your space into a stylish living room that is the perfect place to hang out with family and entertain friends.

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