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10 furniture ideas to enhance the look of your bedroom

  • Bedroom Design
Nov 27, 2020
Right bedroom furniture accessories to create the perfect bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

When designing a home, you may have to consider and accommodate the ideas and requirements of the rest of the family; while, when planning the décor for your own bedroom, you can take the liberty of mirroring your personal style and aesthetic to create a look that feels like an extension of you. And, usually, your bedroom furniture will play a big role in dictating this style. We’ve rounded up ten looks with designer bedroom furniture that can inspire every taste and style preference.

1.    Play With Geometric Lines In Your Bedroom Furniture
Nothing says structure like geometric lines, and your designer bedroom furniture is the perfect place to consider it if you’re going for a look that plays with symmetry. Whether it’s across your walls, on the floors or in your furniture, you can play with patterns and shapes to create a mosaic with your bedroom furniture and it's décor. The best place to start is on your walls for a more eye-catching effect. In this bedroom, the mix of colour-blocked panels in different sizes and colours serves as a unique backdrop for the entire space, immediately working as it’s main focal point of the room.

Play with geometric lines in your bedroom design furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Style Tip: To break the monotony of straight lines, you could also pair furniture or accessories with curves or swirled edges if too much structure is overpowering the look.

Modern décor ideas for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

2.    Include A Piece Of Art In Your Bedroom Design
A bedroom designs can serve as a space or your sanctuary to echo your personal style. This can translate across colours, décor pieces, souvenirs, and, even, art. It’s remarkable how a single piece of art or unique installation can elevate the entire space by adding an element of glamour.


Style Tip: By swapping a mirror over the chest of drawers with an intricate metallic wall hanging, this room immediately gets a contemporary edge, which is paired with metallic detailing in the light fixtures and even on the bed linens to tie the entire space together.

3.    Your Designer Bedroom Furniture Can Include Wood Panelling
You’ve picked the perfect designer bedroom furniture for your bedroom interior design, but can’t figure out what to do with your walls—paint and wallpaper don’t seem as appealing and you’re looking for something to create a statement? Incorporate wooden panels across the lengths and breaths of your walls for a richer look.


Style Hack : When choosing the shade and texture of your wood, it’s important to select one exactly similar to the bed or any pieces of furniture that sit in front of it. For visual drama, you could choose to contrast your wood with the existing furniture or place them in blocks in opposing directions, as seen here in this bedroom. To break the monotony of too much wood, you could add a floor to ceiling mirror, which is also add depth to the space and trick the eye into seeing it bigger than it is.

Wood furniture for bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Luxurious ideas for bedroom furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitalwala, Styled by Samir Wadekar

4.    A Bedroom Design Fit For A Five-star Hotel
When we think of the epitome of luxurious living, one of the things that come to mind are a luxury five star hotel with it’s plush bedrooms and décor. Perhaps it was the room you stayed in during your last getaway that you’d love to recreate in your own home or you’re simply want to style a room with designer bedroom furniture to make it the most elaborate room in the house, a five star hotel is a good example when picking your bedroom furniture. And, the fact that it fits in everything from roomy closets to a bed with bedside tables, a desk, a seating area and an entertainment space with place for additional storage in such a small floor plan is simply a bonus.

5.    A Modern Update For Your Bedroom Furniture
If you have a home filled with lots an ancestral furniture, which you’d like to keep but update for a more relevant look that works in a contemporary home you can do so with some simple tricks. With your bedroom furniture, for example, avoid cramming your bedroom design with only antiques, and instead let one thing be the pièce de résistance of the entire space. And then, pair your furnishings, accessories and the rest of the décor to enhance this furniture.


Insider’s Eye: This king-sized four poster bed is the perfect inspiration for pairing heritage furniture with modern pieces. By painting the entire bed matte white, not only does the room get a touch of brightness, but the verdant wallpaper behind lends a tropical accent to the bedroom room. Also, placing the bed in a contrasting, bright solid colour in front of a more muted toned wall helps make this piece the focal point of the entire space.

Modern ideas for bedroom furniture - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Creative bedroom lighting design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

6.   Get Creative With Your Bedroom Lighting
While the lightening in a room—natural or artificial—can set the mood for the entire space, the design of your lighting fixtures or how they are placed can also dictate the uniqueness and style of the bedroom. For a brighter look that’s not too jarring or too stark, consider concealing the lights inside or across the underside of a wall panel.

7.    Let The Bedroom Furniture Add Creativity To Your Bedroom Design
For anyone who wants to incorporate designer bedroom furniture into their room to create a statement, consider getting creative with your pieces for a unique look. Instead of conventionally  designed bedroom furniture with straight geometric lines, think outside the box with pieces that have sinuous waves or curved edges, which can sometimes create a dramatic effect with their uniqueness.


Style Guide: This canopy-styled bed is a fresh take on a four poster bed with the overheard slats that curve like waves across the length of the bed. To style a piece of furniture like this to retain its drama while still adding tranquility to the bedroom design, choose light or muted shades or tones for the walls, drapes, furnishings and, especially, the linens on the bed.

Bedroom designs & creative furniture ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Add latest technology in your designer bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

8.    How To Fit Your Technology In A Designer Bedroom
The best thing about fitting out our room with the latest technology is the added swankiness it adds to the space. The worst past? Figuring out what to do with all the wires that come with it! The best solution is getting your furniture or wall panelling custom-made to conceal these wires and plugs so that only your devices and electronic systems are on display.


Style Tip: The false walls in this bedroom design serves as wooden panelling to create a statement in the room, while also lending the mood and tone for the entire space.

9.    Pairing Linens And Accessories With Your Bedroom Furniture
So, you’ve picked the right bedroom furniture to create your perfect bedroom design and style, but how do you pair your furnishings and linens with it? Choosing between different textures and materials—cotton, silk, linen, and more—along with its colour, print and thickness will help to create the mood or aesthetic you’re going for in the space. Light diaphanous fabrics in pastel colours will add a soothing touch to the room, while thicker, heavier linens in warmer tones will lend an earthy look.


Style Tip: Love colour but want to shy away from being too loud? Take a cue from this bedroom’s style where everything has a peach or orange undertone, but still looks tasteful and put together. While the piece of art above the bed dictates the palette of the space, the remaining furnishings and fittings all have a hint of similar shades but in brighter undertones used sparingly as accents.

Right bedroom furniture accessories to create the perfect bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Binisha Ajmera, Styled by Zainab Badani

The art of creative bedroom design ideas for interiors - Beautiful Homes

mage courtesy, KNS Architects

10.    The Art Of Layering In A Bedroom Design
When planning your bedroom design and its décor, it can be interesting to layer your bedroom furniture to create a sense of drama and opulence. While you can always layer your bed linens, pillows and cushions for a plush bed to sleep on, even the other accessories and furnishings around the room can be paired together to elevate the space.


Insider’s Eye : To do away with the look of a plain wall behind this bed, the long screen placed behind it not only adds an interesting pattern but is also a unique way to style an empty wall. To complement this look, you could add to this aesthetic by layering your curtains with thicker drapes paired with sheers to control the light in the room.

●      Play with geometric lines in your bedroom furniture

●      Include a piece of art in your bedroom design

●      Your designer bedroom furniture can include wood panelling

●      Get creative with the bedroom lighting

●      Fit technology in your bedroom

●      Pair linens and fabrics with the furniture.

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