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Shape-up your home’s style with these geometric wall painting ideas

  • Geometric Painting
Jul 06, 2022
Geometric wall painting design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Whether you want to create a dramatic statement or just bring a touch of artistic oomph to your space, adding a geometrically painted wall is both visually compelling and easy to recreate. And best of all, there is no wrong way to go about it!

A core part of creating a warm and vibrant house design is giving your walls the attention they deserve. Indeed, when decorating a new space, wall colour and texture are an important framework for the way that you plan the rest of your room furnishings and décor. And if you are looking to upgrade an existing space, creating a focus with simple geometric wall paint designs can pull your concept together in a budget-friendly and quick way. Whether it’s squares, triangles, circles or arches, free-hand or a stencil, here are some easy-to-recreate examples of geometric wall painting to get your creative ideas flowing.


10 Compelling Geometric Wall Paint Ideas that Inspire

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 1 : Tone on Tone

Perhaps one of the simplest geometric painting ideas to incorporate into an existing space, tone-on-tone wall murals can either establish a new colour scheme or play up a statement-making piece of furniture that you already own. Varying the shades and shapes within your design can add freshness, while keeping the colour palette of your room intact. This is the ideal way to blend a beautiful geometric wall design into a space with functional built-in requirements such as a kitchen or a bathroom.

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 2 : Faux 3D

Speaking of optical illusion, one of the more intriguing paths to explore with geometric wall paint design, is to create the impression of depth and texture with the shapes and colours you use.


For example, if you vary the shading on your triangle wall paintings, you can foster the idea that some areas of your wall are at different depths or distances from others. Alternatively, you could paint across a corner, giving adjacent walls the illusion of shared space and creating a cosy nook. This can be a delightful way to add movement and interest in a room, levelling up flat and static walls.

Bedroom geometric wall paint ideas - Beautiful Homes
Black & white trendy geometric wall paint - Beautiful Homes

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 3 : Black & White

Whether you choose funky freehand triangles or more precisely drawn lines and shapes, a black and white geometric paint design is a classic for a reason. Complementing a range of décor and furniture colours, black and white wall schemes adapt to fit your personality and design needs. Leaning into this trend in geometric wall paint design gives you a uniquely wide range of styles to work with, from a friendly doodle style, to trippy optical illusions, to a starker, more sophisticated simplicity.

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 4 : Go Gatsby

Your statement wall can even add a touch of glamour and glitz to your living room; geometric wall paint in sophisticated interlocking lines and squares, or luxe palm leaf arches in gold, invoke the opulence of a bygone era. Although usually paired with deeper colours, a fresh way to use metallic contrasts for your trendy geometric wall paint design is to pair it with pastels, giving your art-deco inspired room a softer tropical twist. And, as always, the classic gold on white will give your room true glamorous pizazz.


Geometric Wall Painting Idea 5 : Look to Nature

Remember that not all geometric shapes have to be about sharp lines and angles. One way to create a tranquil space when exploring geometric painting ideas, is to get inspired by nature. Curves, arches and symmetrical leaf shapes can be combined with free-hand lines for a unique design full of personality. For a bedroom, geometric wall paint can serve as a backing for your headboard, framing your bed in soothing blue leaves or earthy toned diamond patterns. Fluid geometric shapes in bright happy hues or soft natural colours will give your room the warm inviting vibe you crave.


Geometric Wall Painting Idea 6 : Add Structure

Another out-of-the-box way to enhance your accent wall is to try a fusion of two accent wall ideas – combine your painted design with a structural one! Paired with panelling or lattice beading in a geometric design, wall paint colour-blocked along the upper half of the wall helps to create an illusion of space in small rooms by contrasting with the height of the lower panels. Alternatively, in your living room, geometric wall paint could be a way to draw attention to a door or a column, or even used to set off a built-in shelf – effectively using the straight line to cut through a circular painted shape.

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 7 : Try Off Centre

To break up a blank space without overstuffing a room, you could try a simple geometric wall design that sits off-centre to the wall. For this, an uncomplicated arch or a clean circle might be the best way to go. For a unique twist, paint the entire wall in your accent colour and leave the geometric shape in the base shade. To give added lift to your geometric design, wall paint in a matching colour can be used on an adjacent wall or the colour can be matched with soft furnishings. This is also an excellent way to create separate spaces within an open floor plan and visually demarcate “rooms”.

Living room geometric wall paint - Beautiful Homes



Geometric wall paint grey for bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 8 : Honeycomb Hexagons

While it appears visually complex, a honeycomb shaped geometric wall design is actually quite easy to achieve. Since hexagons tessellate (fitting together without gaps or overlapping), you can use them to create either a seamless tiled design or a more abstract “flow” across a wall. For an eye-catching hexagonal accent in a bedroom, geometric wall paint is very versatile. Be it a sponged on hexagon pattern that starts at the floor and ends at different heights along an entire wall, or a single striking group of hexagons that serve as a focus behind your headboard, honeycomb patterns are a nice mix of organic and structured.



Geometric Wall Painting Idea 9 : Ethnic Patterns

As discussed earlier, when we say geometric paint design we don’t only mean the basic shapes that you learn in maths class. If you are planning to incorporate a geometric accent wall into a home that lends itself to a more traditional or boho vibe, you might be looking for a design that takes inspiration from ethnic art. Geometric Ikat weave patterns, radial Mandala designs, intricate Jali patterns, or complex temple influenced fractal art can all make for trendy geometric wall paint design concepts.

Geometric Wall Painting Idea 10 : Minimalist Modernity

Simple lines and abstract triangles can be the ideal way to make an accent wall striking, while still embracing minimalistic décor. For an understated geometric wall, paint grey triangles to mimic mountain peaks, choosing geometric zig-zags and sharper lines rather than more organic shapes for a more Scandinavian style. Or, for another approach to simple geometric wall design, radiate several straight lines at different angles from the same converging point. 

Minimalist geometric painting ideas - Beautiful Homes

You could paint each section shades and tones of the same hue for a blended look, or paint a few key sections in a vibrant contrast colour.


Geometric Paint Design 101 : The Basics

  • Start with a clean surface, repair as needed and prep with a base coat.
  • Protect your floors from drips and spills with a drop cloth or newspaper.
  • Plan your geometric wall design ideas in advance and draw up a design sketch or blueprint.
  • Use a pencil to sketch out the geometric pattern on the wall and use masking tape for cleaner lines.
  • Make sure the tape makes proper contact across all protected areas of your wall.
  • Use waste paper to take test attempts with your stencils or stamps.
  • When choosing your preferred style of geometric shapes, wall paint finish and sheen will need to be kept in mind.
  • Apply multiple coats if necessary and slowly remove the tape at a 45 degree angle while the last coat of paint is still wet.
  • Use a smaller paint brush to touch up any errors.


We hope that this has started you envisioning ways that wall paint design can fit your personality and bring uniqueness to your home! If you’d like more guidance with implementing your ideal geometric wall painting idea, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help you shape the perfect finished product!


Here at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we partner with you to craft the home of your dreams – from making those first design decisions to delivering the ideal final outcome, we’re there for you, every step of the way! We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.

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