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10 golden accent designs to try in 2022

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Jul 29, 2022
Golden accent design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Add touches of opulence and chicness to your home décor with gold accents

People have always associated gold with luxury, class and lavishness. Its dramatic quality makes people scared of using it in their home interiors. But now that metals are all the rage, it is your chance to use metallic accents in your interior design. No room is off-limits, from bedrooms to bathrooms, living rooms to home offices.


Metallic golden home decoration in the form of gilded furniture, art and accessories, gold-threaded fabrics, hardware, etc., adds glamour and drama to a space and gives it a sense of luxuriousness. In this compilation, you'll find both subtle and extravagant ways to use golden home décor to create the perfect interiors.


10 Different Ways of Using Golden Accents when Designing your Home

1. Golden Props

Gold décor is an excellent way to add some pizazz to your house design. A golden chandelier, geometric shelves, planters, curtain rods, floor lamps, etc., are a few props you can use for elegant and luxe home décor. Use these gold accents to brighten up a neutral room or to add some sheen to a moody one.


2. Art with Elements of Gold

Art as décor is versatile; use it to create a focal point, break up the monotony of a plain wall, or add accents to the room. Art with warm gold accents would be a striking feature against jewel-toned or primary coloured walls. You can choose any traditional medium for a tinge of golden art- paintings, sculpture, ceramics, etc. But if you want to flex your creative muscles, you can create wall art- a mural with golden highlights.


Style tip: You can add a golden touch to the artwork you already have. Use frames or angles to add a gold accent to paintings. For stand-alone pieces, opt for focus lighting to highlight the works and ensure that the lighting fixture is gold-toned. 

Golden props to enhance your home interior design - Beautiful Homes
Add golden coffee table to enhance your home decor - Beautiful Homes

3. The Golden Coffee Table

Furniture is another great way to introduce gold accents to your interiors. A golden coffee table would make for a stunning statement piece. Since gold is available in multiple tones and finishes, try to match it with your colour scheme. For example, rose gold would go well with cool pastels. In contrast, a brighter yellow-gold will complement black and white interiors.


If a solid gold centre table appears to be a huge commitment, you can opt for one with just a golden base or top. This way, if you want to change it up, you can do so with just a fresh coat of paint.


Style tip: Like the look of golden legs for the centre/ coffee table? Repeat it with gold legged side tables for a symmetrical and unified look.

4. The Royal Baby Room

Stimulation is essential for your little one. Use décor to your advantage to create the perfect room with diverse colours, textures, finishes and materials. And give it a royal touch with golden home décor items. Since gold practically goes well with all colours, a golden crib would be a great place to start. Complement it with gold lighting fixtures such as sconces, pendants, etc.


Another bold move would be to frame all your baby's milestones with vintage golden frames and display them on a gallery wall. If you want a more subtle approach, add only hints of gold decorative accents. For example, furniture legs, drawer pulls, etc. Gold texture painting or murals, geometric decals, gold throw pillows and rugs are a few ways to add some tactile elements to the room.


5. The Prosperous Work Space

Golden home decoration can instantly make a space appear luxurious, and who doesn't like a posh workspace? Upgrade your home office with golden home décor. Coordinate all your stationery and accessories such as pen holders, paperweights, pegboards, etc. A golden chair would help bring out the warmth in other colours. And would compliment other materials in the space, mainly wood and leather.


Style tip: You can add gold decorative accents with other features such as open shelves, golden art, door handles, table lamp and more.

6. Golden Table Artefacts

The details add finishing touches to a space. Metallic accents are eye-catching so use them to draw attention to certain aspects of your home décor. With golden home décor items, you can do just that. Vases, figurines, table lamps, trays, coasters, etc., are functional and, with the right design, double up as chic table décor. This way, you get a stylish space without clutter.


7. Golden Fabric

With textiles, you can introduce colour and texture into a space. Turn your space into an exciting yet cosy haven with golden fabric pillows, rugs, throws, bedding, curtains, upholstery, etc. A geometric pattern would be a great fit in a modern room.


Gold throw pillows highlight the depth of darker upholstery such as slate, emerald, indigo, etc. You can opt for a subdued tone of gold duvet and bedding to create a calming effect. In traditional styles like vintage, Indian, etc., for gold home accents, choose fabrics such as brocade and damask.


Style tip: When choosing your gold home accents, ensure that the undertone matches the other hues in the room for a cohesive look.

Golden table artefacts for your new age home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Golden mosaic to enhance your home décor - Beautiful Homes

8. Golden Mosaic

Mosaics are a fun and creative addition to home décor. It is akin to bedazzling your home. Greet your guests with a stunning mosaic design at the entrance. Elevate the kitchen interiors with a mosaic backsplash. You can use them to frame doors and windows. Top your centre table or dining table with intricate mosaic designs. Highlight these stunning creations with gold accents and add golden art, a gold centre table, etc., to your home décor.

9. Golden bathroom

Elevate your bathroom interiors with the Midas touch. Turn it into a classy space that looks right out of magazines and shows with gold home accents. Got exposed plumbing? Give them a makeover with gold spray paint. Add other accents such as gold rims for the mirror, chic dispensers with gold hints, etc. A gold sink would stand out against marble. Gold inlays on custom flooring or shower walls can be a showstopper.


Style tip: For a golden bathroom to work, when gold is integrated well into the colour scheme. It works better to have accessories and décor that aren't fully gold but have hints of it.

Golden bathroom design for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Golden dressers for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

10. Golden Dressers

Visible but toned-down golden home décor can instantly elevate the interior design. Adding gold details to your dresser, cabinets, wardrobes, and other storage will do just that. Start small with golden pulls, handles and legs. If you want to take it up a notch, you can customise the face or the top with latticework and gold inlays. Using wallpaper with gold accents is an easy DIY project to upgrade your dresser.


5 Colour Schemes that Work Well with Gold

The warm-toned metal generally works well with most other colours, but for it to shine, you must ensure that its use is balanced. Here are a few colour combinations that work well with gold accents.

  1. Pair it with colours such as yellow, red and oranges to bring out its warmth. Use this analogous colour scheme in bedrooms to create a snug ambience.
  2. For a full glam look, combine it with contrasting tones of blues, greens and purples. The deeper the hue, the higher the contrast, allowing the gold accents to shine.
  3. Use gold to brighten up neutrals such as tans, greys, beige, white, etc. Ensure that the undertones all match to avoid any clashes.
  4. Pastels such as blush and mint work excellently with different tones of gold.
  5. Opt for cooler-toned schemes if you prefer rose gold to the brighter yellow-gold.


How can Beautiful Homes help you create perfect golden accent home designs?

At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. Our professionals take care of everything from ideation to execution to adding the finishing touches. They are well versed in the various design styles and adept at various areas of interior design- furnishing, décor, lighting, etc. And if elegant interior design with gold accents is what you're looking for, that is precisely what you shall get.


Our experts are dedicated to providing a personalised experience unique to each customer. They cater to your taste and ensure that not only is your home picture-perfect but also feels like home. Visit our website to check various options and the projects we have executed so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution.


Walk into our stores across India to know more about our offerings. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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