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Great floor seating ideas for comfort and style

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Mar 08, 2022
Floor seating ideas for your home décor - Beautiful Homes

Swap your old seating arrangements with these chic and cool floor seating ideas to take comfort and style to the next level

When we talk about making a place feel like home there’s more than what meets the eye. Pulling a room together and redoing the elements to make it functional and trendy yet homely is not usually a manageable task. Devising contemporary interior décor that makes a pleasing first impression on visitors is something that we all want, as it’s a pleasant feeling to hear the oohs and vowws of your guests as they marvel at your home’s exceptional interior design.

From figuring out what wall colour performs best in different rooms and lighting choices to where to set the furniture – there are numerous interior designs to consider. That’s where a professional’s help and expertise become priceless. One of the most widely spread home décor tips that is in the air nowadays is a floor seating living room. While embracing the modern ways of sitting, we have left behind the idea of floor seating. But not anymore, we can have a modern touch to the concept of floor seating. The modern floor seating ideas help you regain peacefulness and calmness. They also help you to add a classy decorative touch to your living room.

All white sofas for the comfort & styling in your modern living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, lilasgh/ shutterstock

To help you make a remarkable interior design impression on all your friends and family, here are a few trendy & decorative floor seating ideas that are spot on to impress guests with brilliant interior design, including tips from Asian Paints Beautiful Homes professional interior designers.

Floor mattress for the comfort while seating on floor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Interior Design/ shutterstock

1. Floor Seating Mattress for a Comfy Space

The use of a mattress is the most pleasing option when you have children in your house. It not only lets you comfortably sit on the floor but also helps your kid play in an available open space. When not in use, a Floor seating mattress can also be utilised for having a comfortable sleep in the night.

2. Floor Sitting Cushions for a Chill Aesthetic

The floor sitting cushion not only offers you a cosy and comfy sitting option but also adds to the grace and style of the living room design or any room for that matter. One can also place it in your gaming room or leisure as well. The best thing about having a floor sitting cushion is that they are available in many brilliant, bright and beautiful colours and patterns.

Boho cushions for floor sitting in your home décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Marat Lala/ shutterstock

Bean bags for the comfort & style in your living room décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Rachata Teyparsit/ shutterstock

3. The Comfy Bean Bags for a Cosy Corner

Bean bags are one such floor seating option that is super chic, comfy and never goes out of style. You can use them anywhere in your home to make additional setting space. It is a relaxed and comfortable floor seating idea for work from home professionals, children and teenagers.

4. Futon for a Modern Arabic Floor Seating

A futon is a modern Arabic floor seating mattress that can be used for both sleeping or seating. These are effortless to fold and are extremely space-efficient. The multi-functional floor seating arrangement is most satisfactory for you if you do not have a small room and do not have enough space or need foldable floor seating furniture.


5. A Floor Chair with Back Support

Like to try something unique and chic? Floor chairs with comforting back support make for a great option. Now you can relish sitting on the floor with a lesser back strain.

6. Colourful Rugs for the Floors

Laying down colourful brilliant rugs in the room and assembling pillows to sit on floor can also be an interesting seating arrangement. Add plenty of floor couch cushions to make the seating cosy and comfy. You can also use this place for indulging in hobbies such as reading or playing your favourite board game.


7. Japanese Tone Knitted Cushion

A Japanese style knitted cushion is the finest option to create a floor seating space for your bedroom, coffee room, or even a living room. These pillows to sit on floor are available in a wide range of variety, colours, and finishes. They are long-lasting and durable for a long time and are also available at affordable prices.

Sofas & retro diy swing for your living room décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

8. A Mattress-cum-sofa to Add a Modern Touch

Re-utilise a used mattress and build a floor sitting option in the form of a sofa. It will be more practical against a wall and can act as a fixed or more steady seating area in your living room. You can also use this as a daybed. Decorate it with colourful elements or pillows to get a bohemian floor seating living room.


All the Pros of Sitting on the Floor

Most of us are acquainted with the advantages of sitting in chairs and comfortable couches but are not very familiar with the benefits of sitting on the floor. As we know, people have sat on the floor for their day to day activities for hundreds of years. There are many benefits that come from sitting on the floor pose over sitting in chairs, and we’re going to show them in this section.

  • Décor

    Different kinds of floor seating ideas for living rooms can transform the décor and feel of your living space and make you experience maximum comfort. So, always remember to have a good floor seating plan that will boost your comfort level and will also match the overall vibe and aesthetic of your living room or bedroom design. The best part? Not only are the above-mentioned floor seating ideas bedroom incredibly customizable, but they are inexpensive.
  • Posture

    When it comes to working in an office, you may witness you are slowly altering your sitting position to feel more comfortable; in some cases, you may not even notice you’re doing it. The concern with this factor is that not always the adjustment in a chair seating posture is beneficial for your body. If you’re used to working for many hours, your body may start bending to accommodate your needs, but that can lead to a lot of bodily discomfort in the long run.  While couches and chairs allow you to adjust your sitting posture in any way you like, sitting on the floor powers you to keep a neutral spine. If you get used to sitting on the floor, you may witness a lot of refinement in your body posture.

  • Digestion

    It has been established that sitting on the floor posture helps enhance digestion processes. Keep in mind that if you eat from a place on the floor, you must curve to get the food to your mouth. Doing this movement can support the work of your abdominal muscles, which consequently enhances the secretion of digestive juices.  Overall, sitting on the floor can lead to several health advantages (as long as you do it perfectly). Yet, sitting on the floor pose is not for everyone. Some people get a low table for floor seating or any other low floor seating arrangement to make the transition, but it’s still a difficult process for someone who’s used to sitting in chairs for a long time.

  • Strength

    Long sitting can also cause some muscle fibres to break down. Some of the considerable problems include tight hamstrings, strained shoulders, and more. On the other hand, sitting on the floor pushes you to move your body regularly to ensure you’re working in a proper position. Moreover, it works on your lower back and core, which is awesome for strength.


Ultimately, sitting in chairs for too long can get really uncomfortable. On the other hand, sitting in a cross-legged position on the floor can help strengthen them, avoiding the pain.



Get the Space of your Dreams with Beautiful Homes

Are you moving into your first dream home or revamping your current décor? If you’re looking for a few floor seating items and ideas, to enhance your interior design, you’ve come to the right place.  With proper planning, and a little expert help from our professional team at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can transform your floor space into a modern and inviting space. Reach out to us to decorate your floor and get started!


From the right low floor seating options and elements in diverse colours to a variety of wall decoration items for a bohemian floor seating living room—find what you’re looking for, to get your living space just right.


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