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Modern grey paint colours for living room

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Feb 01, 2023
White & grey two-colour combinations for living room - Beautiful Homes

Grey is a versatile neutral that can be styled in different ways to suit various interior design styles. Learn how you can pair it with other colours for your living room

When we design our homes, we start with setting an intention for each room— not just in terms of how it will be used but also how we want it to feel, the mood and the overall ambience. So when you choose colours for interior designs for home, you must take into account the undertones of the hues, how each reacts with both the natural and artificial light in the room and other such nuances.


Here we are going to explore a classic neutral, grey and various grey two-colour combination for living room. It is a versatile hue that is available in several undertones and shades, making it a favourite among homeowners. The benefit of restricting yourself to a limited palette of two is that you have more room to play around with other elements in the room such as texture, pattern and light. 

1. Blue and Grey Living Room Combination

Blue and grey colour combination for the living room works wonderfully for coastal style interiors with an edge. A sectional sofa in a vibrant blue like cobalt is just the statement you need against the grey walls living room. Navy blue and gray living room combination also has the flair for dramatic. Add gold accents like lighting fixtures to brighten it up.


2. Grey and Yellow Living Room Walls

Yellow is a bright and happy hue that can be overwhelming for many. You can tone it down a little by finding the perfect grey tone for it. In a grey and yellow living room, the latter would be an excellent choice for an accent wall. Choose a modern grey and mustard living room for an earthy retro vibe.

Blue & grey living room colour combination ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Grey and White Living Room

Grey and white living room combination is a classic that works well for contemporary minimalist interiors. This two-colour combination for living room comes across as sterile to many. But with light tones of grey with warm undertones and off-whites you can create inviting interiors. Focus on adding ample texture for a cosy feel.


4. Modern Grey and Pink Living Room

While grey may seem like a drab to colour lovers, when combined with bright hues like fuschia or bubblegum pink, this grey colour combination for hall can make a statement. For a modern, pop art look, choose fuschia as a repeating accent in textiles, statement furniture and artwork. Opt for tints of modern grey paint colours for the living room and blush for a serene, spa-like room. Grey & pink colour combinations for living room are best for contemporary homes.

Modern black & grey colour combination for the living room - Beautiful Homes

5. Modern Black and Grey Living Room

Living room grey colour combination with bold, graphic details in black is a staple in industrial style interiors. Add matte black details through window frames, lighting fixtures, coffee and side tables, dining chairs, etc., for a dynamic look.


6. Orange and Grey Colour Combination for Living Room

A burnt orange living room or a rust hue is an excellent way to infuse some warmth to a grey living room. Upholster your wood furniture in a muted orange tone, or add it via throw pillows, blankets or drapes and complement it with lush plants for a casual and inviting living room.

7. Purple and Grey Living Room Ideas

A deep purple like violet or amethyst adds a regal touch to your interiors. This rich tone truly shines through plush textiles such as silk cushions, velvet upholstery, hand-knotted rugs and more. This grey colour combination for living room in art deco or neo classical style will give your living room the feel of a luxe hotel.


8. Grey and Sage Green Living Room

Sage green is an excellent choice if you wish to create tranquil interiors. Many people tend to highlight the warmth in the tone by pairing it with gold and chrome highlights. We suggest you experiment by pairing it with silver accents in your modern grey paint colours for the living room for a cool, fresh look.

Purple & grey living room design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Modern brown & grey living room colours - Beautiful Homes

9. Modern Grey and Brown Living Room

For a quintessential bachelor pad with masculine interiors, brown and grey two-colour combination for living room is the way to go. A deep slate covering the walls will create a moody and edgy ambience. Tan leather sofas and chairs are the perfect addition for a mid-century modern style living room along with sleek dark wood furniture.


10. Turquoise Grey and Teal Living Room

For something a little moody and unique, pair a cool turquoise grey with teal wall colour combination for living room. Opt for furniture in mid to dark tone wood for a dramatic look and warm light wood for a hint of mediterranean style.

11. Modern Grey and Red Living Room

Red and grey colour combination for hall can pack a punch. Flip the script and adorn your living room in a monochromatic red scheme. A deep crimson such as Pantone’s colour of the year Viva Magenta is a great choice for primary hue. Tone down the bold interiors with an accent steel grey sofa. For a cohesive look, repeat this accent colour in subtle ways such as knick-knacks, vases, photographs and so on.


12. Grey and Beige Living Room

Hop onto the new trend of greige interiors— a combination of grey and beige— for your living room. Greige is a great way to add warmth and earthiness to a pale grey space. Create visual interest by layering and mixing textures, prints and materials.


13. Emerald Green and Grey Colour Combination for Living Room

Emerald is an elegant and sensual tone that lends a luxe vibe to interiors. Bring out its shifting nature by using it in interiors through plush textiles with warm lighting and gold accents. Let deep matte grey walls in lime-wash effect be the rustic contrast to the chic green.


14. Coral and Grey Two-colour Combination for Living Room

If you’re looking to create a subtle contrast with a grey colour combination for hall, pair it with a soft coral. Add wainscoting to grey walls living room and paint it a warm but slightly deep grey. Cover the rest of the wall in a wallpaper that celebrates coral.

15. Charcoal and Light Grey Two-colour Combination for Living Room

Add depth to your monochromatic grey living room by incorporating a charcoal grey accent wall. For more depth and dimension, opt for modern geometric wall panelling and paint it charcoal. Or create an enveloping space by painting your floor-boards and ceiling too. Add cosy elements by letting in ample natural light, with warm artificial lighting and natural materials such as wood, linen, jute, bamboo, etc.

Charcoal & wooden two-colour combination for the living room - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with a Grey Living Room Colour Combination?

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