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Grey bathroom tiles design

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Dec 12, 2022
Bathroom tiles design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Grey is a versatile colour and can be used in a myriad of ways in home 

When it comes to bathrooms, we often compromise on aesthetics with functionality being a priority. But simple design decisions can make a large difference— such as the tiling you choose. interiors. Here are some ideas for how to use grey tiling in the bathroom for an elevated look.The colour, layout and finish all matter. Grey bathroom tiles design can be a great addition to your bathroom design due to the colour’s versatility. The various shades and undertones along with various finishes offer a host of options for different styles and tastes.


Gather inspiration for your bathroom design with these ideas for a bathroom with grey tiles.


1. Team Small Scale Grey Tiles with White

Add a chic touch to your bathroom with a cool grey bathroom tiles design. Add a contrasting element by opting for white or charcoal grout.


2. Opt for Patterned Grey Floor Tiles for Bathroom

Turn your floors into the statement element in your bathroom with patterned grey floor tiles for bathroom. Pick a geometric design for a modern look, or borrow from Portuguese tile patterns for something a little more dramatic.

3. Use Mini Marble Wall Tiles for a Decorative Touch

Add a luxe touch to your bathroom with marble tiles. Pacific and Picasso grey marble are great options for light grey modern bathroom tiles. Pair it with white décor and black metal fixtures for a complete look.

Mini marble tiles ideas for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes
Sleek contemporary bathroom tiles for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Go Square for a Sleek Contemporary Bathroom

Square grey colour tiles for bathroom will add a sleek, contemporary touch to your design. Install these as an accent panel behind the vanity or in the shower to create a focal point. Opt for patterned grey and white bathroom tiles for a unique look.


5. Splash Out a Little on a Marble Accent

Pietra, Fior Di Bosco and Bardiglio are highly striated grey marble options that will turn your bathroom into a plush retreat. Incorporate the grey bathroom tiles design for accent wall or flooring to make it centre of attention.


6. Grey Bathroom Tiles Ideas: Hex Tiles

The shape and layout of the tiles in the bathroom can make a world of difference. For something a little different choose hexagon shaped grey colour tiles for bathroom floors. Create patterns using tiles in multiple shades of the colour.

7. Subtly Style Grey into the Background

Light grey bathroom tiles design is an excellent choice to create a subtle neutral background. It will allow you to draw attention to other details in the bathroom such as the vanity, lighting fixtures, etc.


8. Barely their Star-shaped Tiles

A repeating star pattern for your bathroom floors will add a classic touch to the design. Keep it subtle with lighter tones of bathroom tiles grey colour. Or create a focal point with contrasting light and dark grey bathroom tiles.


9. Create Stripes by Using a Mid-grey Mosaic Tile

Add a twist to the timeless stripes with mosaic grey bathroom wall tiles. Vary the width of the stripes for a dynamic look. Add pops of colour to liven up the space with a teal vanity, some plants and gold hardware.


10. Use Grey Tiles to Define Areas

With different shades of grey, you can create well-defined zones in your bathroom. Warm grey bathroom wall tiles for the shower walls and variegated grey modern bathroom tiles for the vanity wall. Keep the flooring the same for a cohesive look. Keep the design sleek and clean by using grout which is the same colour as the tiles.

Subtle grey bathroom tiles for your home - Beautiful Homes
Grey monochromatic tiles for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

11. Grey Bathroom Tiles Ideas- A Monochromatic Heaven

Grey is a great neutral for a monochromatic room design. But to keep the design from looking monotonous, opt for different grey modern bathroom tiles for the walls and the floor. For example, arabesque shape for the floors and a brick layout for the walls would add visual interest.


12. Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas: Blend in the Countertop

If you want the vanity to be the standout piece in the bathroom with grey tiles, choose a shade for the countertop that is close to the tiles. It will create a cohesive look, while keeping the attention on the vanity design.

13. Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas: Play with Directionality

Directional tiles layouts such as brick, chevron, panels, and so on help create movement in a space. If you wish to enhance the height of your bathroom, chevron, herringbone and vertical panels are excellent options for walls. Subway, brick and horizontal panels help widen or lengthen a space.


14. Let the Grey Modern Bathroom Tiles Shine

Let the bathroom tiles grey colour be the hero element of the bathroom design by offering an uninterrupted view of it. Opt for a glass shower enclosure rather than a curtain that’ll hide it away. 

15. Use your Bathroom Tiles Grey Colour as a Motif

One way to ensure that your design is cohesive is to have repetitive motifs all over the room. In a bathroom with grey tiles, pick a shape that you like and try to envision how else you could use it. For example, pair a round or curvilinear mirror with penny tiles or bubble mosaic ones.


16. Blue Grey Bathroom Tiles for the Win

For anyone who likes more saturated hues, blue grey is a great alternative to a typical neutral grey. It is a gorgeous colour that lends to a moody vibe and would create a beautiful contrast with light wood tones and whites.

Shiny Gray bathroom tiles design for your home - Beautiful Homes

17. Checkerboard with a Twist

The traditional checkerboard pattern is black and white, but you can add your own spin to it with a white and grey modern bathroom tiles design. This is especially an excellent option for anyone looking for small bathroom ideas who wants to avoid the stark contrast of black and white.


18. Add a Touch of Gold

Add subtle gold accents to the grey mosaic or penny tiles in your bathroom to create interesting patterns. Or turn the attention to gold by using it for rims, hardware, plumbing and such.

Different Gray shades of tiles for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

19. Try Out Different Shades of Grey

Since the colour offers such a variety in hues, take time to explore and figure out what is the best option for you. For something moody, try charcoal or slate, whereas if you like nature-inspired looks, greige is the way to go.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Grey Tiles Bathroom Design?

For more such interior design and décor ideas, head over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. Avail our end-to-end interior design services to create the perfect bathroom with grey tiles for you. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your vision— from wall treatments to lighting, décor and more; we've got you covered. Book your 3D consultation or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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