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Grid ceiling designs for your home

  • False Ceiling Designs
Nov 13, 2022
Grid false ceiling design ideas - Beautiful Homes

False ceilings are an excellent way to add an element of interest to your interiors. Read on to find out if a grid ceiling, a type of drop ceiling, is the right type of false ceiling for your home

Grid ceiling or T-grid ceiling is a suspended or false ceiling design where, as the name suggests, the layout or the pattern created is a grid. It is a classic type of drop ceiling that has evolved into multiple iterations to suit all styles of interior design— from rustic farmhouse to contemporary minimalism. Additionally, the grid false ceiling works equally well for home office designs and commercial spaces. Read on to find out how you can design a grid false ceiling and which one is the best option for your home.


Grid False Ceiling Design Ideas


1. Grid False Ceiling Design: Coffered Grid Ceiling

If you like to add architectural details to your interior design and love a traditional look, coffered suspended false ceilings are a way to go. The recessed panels of coffered grid ceilings are a great way to add depth and a statement element to a room. For a modern touch, you can paint the panels and the beams in one colour and pair it with recessed grid ceiling light in the centre of each grid. Add moulding designs to the beams and panels for a more ornate look. Pair that with an intricate chandelier to match.


2. Grid Ceiling Design: Foam Grid Ceiling

Suppose you like the look of decorative suspended ceilings but want the advantages of modern tech and materials. In that case, the foam or polystyrene grid ceiling tiles are for you. From designs that imitate opulent ceilings with mouldings to more contemporary minimal versions focusing on shapes, foam grid ceiling tiles come in many styles. You also have the option to paint these types of drop ceilings. Further, foam tiles offer an added level of insulation for both sound and temperature and are easy to work with. This design would work well as an office grid ceiling.

3. Grid False Ceiling with Wooden Beams

Wood elements in a room are always a welcome addition. Wood is a great way to add warmth and style to any room. Create a wooden grid suspended ceiling design with crisscrossing beams. Wood, as a grid ceiling material, would work well in almost all rooms in the house. If you like the look of an exposed ceiling, this is a great way to achieve it without actually revealing the mechanical, electric and plumbing systems. You can either paint the beams a bold colour for a contemporary look or maintain the natural wood look for a rustic vibe.

Grid false ceiling designs with wooden beams
Grid ceiling design with wooden tiles - Beautiful Homes

4. Translucent Grid Ceiling Tiles

If you want any space in your home to be bathed in soft, glowing light, translucent tiles for suspended ceiling design are a great option. It is also a brilliant solution for rooms with little to no natural light. You can either have them installed flush together or with a grid scaffolding. If you like strong, bold lines that add directionality and dimension to a room, the latter might work better for you. Ceiling light design ideas would be a great addition with this design. Translucent grid tiles with grid ceiling lights are also a great option for an office grid ceiling.

5. Grid Ceiling Design: Tin Metal Grid Ceiling

Tin-plated steel tiles, a type of grid ceiling material, were originally invented in the late 1800s to, one, provide a cheaper alternative to highly decorative and expensive plaster and, two, to offer some fire protection. Many of the embossed designs from over a century ago are still available. With a tin metal grid ceiling, you can create a maximalist vintage room with flair. The embossed designs are indeed a sight to behold.

Grid ceiling design with metal & tin - Beautiful Homes
Grid ceiling design with transparent tiles - Beautiful Homes

6. Grid Design for the Skylight

A skylight is a great way to let in more natural light and open up the space. You can take it up a notch and create a unique ambience by installing a stained-glass skylight in a grid design. You can have a multi-coloured pattern or an ombre effect; in any case, the skylight would be a stunning addition to your interiors.

7. Grid Ceiling Design: Lights for Gridlines

We've already seen a design for a grid ceiling that emanates light through the square tiles on the ceiling. Give it a twist by using the lights for the grid lines rather than the tiles. Both tube lights and bulbs would work in this case. For a softer and sleeker look, install the lighting within the ceiling and leave it 'exposed' for an industrial look.


8. Grid Ceiling Design: Dual Tone

Even if you opt for the standard gypsum drop ceiling, it need not be a dull white. Since gypsum tiles are available in multiple colours and textures, you can pick a dual-tone scheme and create an alternating pattern. You could also create a monochromatic or multi-hued ombre.

Grid ceiling ideas with lights - Beautiful Homes


  1. What is a grid ceiling called?

    A grid ceiling is also known as a suspended ceiling or drop ceiling since it is a kind of false ceiling. It is also called a T-grid ceiling because of the T-bar mechanism used to create the grid that holds the panels or tiles in place.

  2. What is a ceiling grid used for?

    Grid ceiling is a kind of suspended ceiling used to conceal MEP systems and add a layer of both noise and thermal insulation. Depending on the material you use, it can provide additional benefits such as resistance to water, fire-proof, etc.

  3. What size is the ceiling grid?

    The standard square ceiling grid is 2 ft by 2 ft, and the rectangular one is 2ft by 4ft.

  4. What material is the ceiling grid made of?

    All the traditional materials used for a suspended false ceiling are used as grid ceiling materials- wood, gypsum, plaster, metal, foam, etc.

  5. What is the average grid ceiling price?

    The average grid ceiling price starts at around ₹75 per sq. ft. Based on the material and the quality, the rates may go higher than ₹150 per sq. ft. This does not include the labour and installation charges, which vary from region to region.



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