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A Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Marble Floors Clean

Mar 05, 2023

Shine On: Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Marble Floors

Marble floors are synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance. Each slab tells a unique story through its veins and swirls, adding an element of sophistication to your interior design. But how do you maintain this natural beauty? How do you tackle the inevitable spills and stains on marble floors without damaging them? How to clean marble floor stains? This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to keep marble floors clean and shining, ensuring they remain a stunning centrepiece in your home.

How to Clean Marble Floors at home

Here is a list of some quick and effective tips and tricks on how to clean marble floors at home to keep it looking shiny and new:

1. Sweeping Daily to Prevent Dust Accumulation:

Marble floors, with their smooth and glossy surface, can quickly accumulate dust and dirt. Regular sweeping is an essential step in maintaining the pristine condition of your marble floors. Using a soft, dry mop or broom daily not only prevents dust accumulation but also avoids the tiny scratches that dust particles can cause on the marble's surface over time.

Marble floors for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

2. Clean Up Spills Immediately:

Given marble's porous nature, it's vital to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Whether it's water, coffee, wine, or any other liquid, leaving it unattended can lead to the absorption of the fluid, causing stubborn discolouration or stains on marble floors. Always blot the spill (never wipe) with a clean cloth to prevent spreading the liquid further.

3. Using Natural, Gentle Solutions for Stubborn Stains:

Do you struggle on how to remove stains from marble floors? For tougher stains, resort to natural, gentle solutions. A mixture of lukewarm water and mild, pH-neutral soap can work wonders. Apply the solution to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then gently wipe it off. Avoid using acidic or harsh cleaners, as they can etch the marble surface.

4. Preventing the Occurrence of Scuff Marks:

To keep your marble floors looking their best, try to prevent scuff marks. Place pads under furniture legs and avoid wearing shoes with hard soles on the marble floor. If scuff marks do appear, a touch of baking soda mixed with water can help remove them gently.

5. Applying Sealants:

Applying a high-quality sealant is a crucial step in preserving the lustre of marble floors. Sealants provide a protective layer that prevents staining and enhances the natural shine of the marble. It's recommended to reseal marble floors every 6-12 months, depending on the usage and traffic.

6. Utilising Baking Soda as Cleaning Agent:

One of the best hacks on how to clean marble floor at home is using baking soda. For more stubborn stains, a paste made from baking soda and water can be an effective cleaning agent. Apply the paste to the stain, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit overnight. The next day, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Remember to reapply sealant to the area afterward, as baking soda can strip it away. This is one of the most effective methods on how to clean marble floor stains.

Placing floor coverings on your marble floor to protect it - Beautiful Homes

7. Placing Floor Coverings:

 Protect your marble floors by placing mats or rugs in high-traffic areas. This can prevent dirt, grit, and moisture from being tracked onto the marble. Choose rugs with a non-slip backing to avoid accidents, and clean the rugs regularly to prevent dirt buildup. With these measures, you can ensure your marble floors remain as stunning as the day they were installed.

Things to Avoid to Maintain the Luster of Marble Floorings

  •  Avoid Using Acidic or Alkaline Cleaners:
  • These can etch the marble surface and cause dull spots. Stick to pH-neutral cleaners specifically designed for marble.

  •  Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Tools:
  •  Brushes with hard bristles, steel wool, or scouring pads can scratch the marble surface. Use soft cloths or mops instead. This also answers any confusions you may have on how to clean marble floor in bathrooms.

Grey marble flooring for your home design - Beautiful Homes

  • Avoid Standing Water:
  • Marble is porous and can absorb water, leading to staining or damage. Wipe up spills immediately and avoid using excessive water when cleaning. This is an effective tip for bathroom marble cleaning.

  • Avoid Spilling Vinegar, Lemon Juice, or Other Acidic Substances:
  • These can etch the marble surface. If a spill occurs, clean it up immediately.

  • Avoid Dragging Furniture or Heavy Objects Across the Floor:
  • This can cause scratches or chips in the marble. Always lift and carry objects or use furniture pads.

  • Avoid Oil-Based Cleaners:
  • These can darken the stone and make it appear greasy or discoloured.

  • Avoid Walking on Marble Floors with Sharp-Soled Shoes or High Heels:
  • These can scratch or chip the marble.

  • Avoid Leaving Metal Objects on Marble Surfaces:
  • Metals, especially iron, can rust and leave stains on the marble.

  • Avoid Using Generic Bathroom or Household Cleaners:
  • Many contain ingredients that can damage marble. Always use products specifically designed for marble care.

  • Avoid DIY Polishing Methods:
  • Incorrect polishing methods can damage the marble. It's best to have marble floors professionally polished to maintain their lustre.

    White marble flooring for your home - Beautiful Homes

    Whether you’re looking for answers on how to remove stains from marble floors, how to clean white marble floors, how to remove acid stains from marble floors, bathroom marble cleaning, or how to clean Italian marble floors, our comprehensive guide covers it all! Bring out your tools and get going!

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