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A detailed guide to CNC cutting design & how to style your Jali design at home

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Aug 27, 2022
CNC cutting design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Here is a detailed guide to various CNC cutting designs that can be incorporated inside your homes

Interior design has become an essential tool in making our lifestyle more modern and stylish. It introduces elegance and comfort to a space while also adding functionality. It is likely that interior design has been a factor in many instances of your everyday life. It helps make spaces more compelling and amplifies your experiences in them.


What is CNC Cutting?

There are different techniques that are used in interior design to make decorative features. One of them is a manufacturing process called CNC cutting. The term “CNC” stands for 'computer numerical control' and a CNC machine uses computerized controls and machine tools to produce custom designed decorative elements.


Earlier, decorative elements like a jalli screen had to be carved by hand and it would take time and cost a lot of money. These days, with computerized cutting and state-of-the-art technology, intricate designs, like a CNC cutting design for wall can be fabricated with precision and accuracy at affordable cost.


Types of Materials Used for CNC Cutting Design

1. Beautiful CNC Wood Cutting Designs

CNC wood cutting designs can be cut out of wood to make stunning doors and windows. A CNC design, encased in glass, in the centre of an entrance door is a gorgeous way to wow visitors as they enter your home.


2. Affordable MDF CNC Design

MDF CNC design provides a wood finish without being that expensive and MDF CNC design panels make exquisite puja room walls. The beautiful latticework will give the space a very decorative and traditional feel and is perfect for the spiritual centre of a home.

CNC wood cutting design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Chic CNC metal cutting design ideas for your homes - Beautiful Homes

3. Classic CNC Cutting Design With PVC

CNC cut PVC designs, when used effectively, can infuse style and drama to a space. A mesmerising PVC designer screen with uplights casting shadows on a bold red statement wall will transform the look of your living room.


4. Chic CNC Metal Cutting Design with Steel

CNC metal cutting designs with steel can be the perfect addition to a contemporary and modern home. Whether used as a divider between two spaces, as a backdrop or even as a splendid stand-alone decorative element, it will add a sleek and chic touch to your interior décor.

6. Innovative Acrylic CNC Cutting Design

Acrylic CNC Cutting designs come in beautiful colours and make stunning accents in designer interiors. They can be used on walls, as half dividers or window panels or even added as an unusual piece of wall art.


5. Superb CNC Glass Cutting Designs

CNC glass cutting designs in unusual shapes can make striking visuals in your living space. These beautiful CNC glass cutting designs with polished internal edges and stunning edge effects look great as balustrades, dividers, panels and even as kitchen countertops.

CNC glass cutting design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

How to Incorporate CNC Cutting Designs in Your Home: 

1. Unique CNC Cutting Design for Partition for Interior Spaces

One of the most popular ways in which CNC cut designs are incorporated in a home are as CNC cutting design for partition. An open floor concept living and dining room separated by a beautiful steel CNC jali screen will make a stunning statement while serving a specific purpose.


2. Glorious CNC Cutting Design for Mandir

CNC cutting design for mandir are a popular choice when designing a puja room. Whether CNC jali design is used for the puja mandir or as a CNC cutting design for pooja room door, they bring a spiritual and traditional feel to the prayer room.


3. Jazzy Windows With CNC Metal Cutting Designs

Don’t settle for boring grilled or glass windows anymore. With beautiful steel CNC jali design encased in glass, you will be adding a striking look to the interior and exterior of your house.


4. Use CNC Cutting Design for Nifty Furniture

Furniture with CNC wood cutting designs are quickly becoming popular. It allows for a theme, for instance, choosing a motif like a CNC tree jali design for the doors and incorporating it in smaller sizes on the backs of dining chairs.


5. Modern CNC Jali Design For Balconies

Why do balconies have to be boring? Make your balcony a gorgeous, private space by adding CNC jali design panels, rattan furniture, simple striped upholstery, lots of leafy foliage and mood lighting to make this a lovely space to lounge in during the day and a delightful entertainment area at night.

CNC cutting design patterns for our home interior design - Beautiful Homes

6. Modern CNC Cutting Designs and Patterns for Home Interiors

Modern homes lean towards clean and neat lines, minimalist décor and simple features. Modern CNC cutting designs and patterns in abstract or geometric styles will add to the contemporary look of a home.


7. Grand CNC Cutting Main Gate Design to Make an Impression

The main gate is the first impression a visitor has of your home and a CNC cutting main gate design in an intricate and elaborate pattern will be quite a magnificent welcome.

8. Marvellous Interior CNC Cutting Design Ideas For Bedroom

Why not make your boudoir more enticing with stunning interior CNC cutting design? Install stunning CNC wood cut headboards for the bed or use a CNC jali screen to carve a little niche in the corner for some “me” time.


9.  Neat CNC Cutting Design For Front Elevation

When using CNC cutting design for exterior wall front elevation make sure that the materials are durable and can withstand any weather. Steel and PVC are good choices for CNC cutting design for exterior wall. Avoid wood, and metals as they will not withstand moisture well.

CNC cutting design ideas for our bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
CNC cutting design ideas for  cabinet in your home - Beautiful Homes

10. Highlight Ceilings with Exquisite CNC Cutting Design

Why confine your interior CNC cutting design to the walls? Why not elevate them to the ceiling or bring them down to the floor. Add a decorative wood cut CNC cutting design panel to the ceiling and hang a gorgeous chandelier for a sumptuous look. Or install a CNC cut design panel in PVC on the floor over a water element for a spectacular effect.


11. Delightful CNC Cutting Door for cabinets

Another place where CNC cutting door designs can be used is on cabinets, cupboards and closets for an elaborate look. CNC cutting door designs can be neat and understated or elaborate and glamorous, depending on the style of interior décor.


12. Exotic CNC Flower Cutting Design wall art

Looking for a truly novel idea to decorate your wall? Why not make a beautiful wooden or acrylic CNC flower cutting design panel and mount it on the wall? Add concealed lighting behind it for a stylish statement on your walls. An Acrylic CNC Cutting design can help you elevate the look of your walls without going overboard.

FAQs on CNC cutting design

1. Are CNC Cutting Designs Durable?

CNC laser cutting design are extremely durable. One of the advantages of using CNC machines for making a decorative element is that there is no limit to the depth capacity. This ensures that the finished cut design will be strong enough to last.


2. What Is A Good Material For CNC Cutting Design?

CNC laser cutting design can be created on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, glass, foam, and composites, depending on the look that you are going for in your interior.


3. What is the Price and Material of CNC Jali Designs?

The typical CNC cutting design price is between ₹665/sq. ft. to ₹1,485/sq. ft. It will depend on the size of the feature, the material used and intricacy of the design. The material for a jalli design will depend on its purpose.


4. Where Can CNC Cutting Designs be Used?

CNC laser cutting design can be used to enhance the interior and the exterior of houses in myriad ways. They can be used as dividers, backdrops, panels and accents, as CNC cutting design for wall, doors and windows.


How Can Beautiful Homes Help You With Perfect CNC Cutting Design For Your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, our interior design experts use their unique combination of training and experience to enhance a homeowners’ vision for their house. Whether it is a full home renovation, a single room makeover or that perfect CNC cut decorative element to enhance your interior, our interior design specialist will bring their best ideas to work for you.


If you are looking for style with a difference, Beautiful Homes can design the dream home you’ve always wanted. Our interior design services are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune. Browse through our beautiful collection of furniture, furnishings and home design elements at our online store to bring your home together in a stunning way!

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