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Popular types of kitchen: Kitchen layouts & materials

  • Kitchen Design
Jan 20, 2023
Wooden l-shaped modular kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes

Different types of kitchen layouts and designs help in making a kitchen space efficient and a joy to work in. We take a look at popular kitchen layouts

For a functional and practical kitchen design, a convenient kitchen layout is essential. A streamlined kitchen room design can make a big difference in getting the most out of your space. Different types of layout ideas help in making kitchen form and function efficient and conducive to cooking, entertaining and day-to-day activities.


Top Tips to Get the Kitchen Layout you Need

It is important to check out different types of layout ideas for your kitchen to find one that works for you. A thoughtful kitchen room design with the help of a good kitchen layout planner, who incorporates necessary kitchen details, can make your kitchen a well-organized space. Here are tips for the perfect kitchen setup for home:

  • Use a kitchen work triangle effectively in kitchen room design.
  • Create separate workspaces for meal prep and cooking.
  • Find correct height for appliances in kitchen space.
  • Plan for optimal and easy to reach storage spaces.
  • Streamline kitchen traffic in kitchen setup for home.
  • Provide adequate elbow room in kitchen space.
  • Use a 3D visualizer to “see” your kitchen style design before actual work starts.


The Work Triangle for Optimal Kitchen Arrangement

The work triangle is an age-old guideline for normal kitchen design. It helps in planning an efficient kitchen form by creating an optimal distance between hob, sink, and refrigerator. In a good kitchen style design, each leg of the work triangle for a normal kitchen design should measure between 4 to 9 feet. This provides a logical kitchen arrangement that helps increase ease of movement. The optimal work triangle may not be possible in all kitchen layouts but sticking to basic rules helps create a kitchen style design that is easy to work in.


Most Popular Kitchen Types and Styles

There are many types of layout and kitchen shape names and it is easy to get confused. Here we take a look at kitchen shape names and the different types of kitchen layout to help you create a space you'll love.

1. Small Kitchen Styles - Straight Kitchen Layouts with One Wall    

A one wall kitchen layout requires a bit of creativity but can create dynamic kitchen styles that are easy to maintain. This simple kitchen style design is space efficient without giving up on functionality.


Tips for One Wall Small Kitchen Plan

Make straight types of kitchen a joy to work in by using vertical kitchen details. Install three tiers of cabinets and a countertop with drawers to create a neat normal kitchen design. Place large, eye-catching kitchen details, like large earthen bowls, or brass urulis on top as display elements.

Small straight modular kitchen layout design - Beautiful Homes
L-shaped type of kitchen layout for a spacious kitchen - Beautiful Homes

2. The L-Shaped Kitchen - Kitchen Layout Styles with Two Walls

Out of the different types of layout for kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen design is the most common kitchen layout for small to medium size spaces. L-shaped kitchen styles lend itself perfectly to the kitchen work triangle as it has two perpendicular walls.


Tips for L-Shaped Kitchen Room Style

Clever cabinetry solutions can help your L-shaped kitchen layout be more practical and offer great flexibility. Use a kitchen island to separate the L-shaped kitchen space from the rest of the living areas and double up as a breakfast nook or a workspace.

3. Kitchen Layout Styles - The U-Shaped Kitchen

This is a great layout for different types of kitchen sizes as it provides plenty of elbow room that can accommodate multiple users at once. It allows for different types of kitchen designs as there is ample space to play around with.


Tips for U-Shaped Kitchen Room Style
A U-shaped kitchen design is great for different types of kitchen ideas and accommodates different kitchen designs as it provides the perfect opportunity for an uninterrupted work triangle. In a small space, one wall can be converted into a half wall to provide a cosy countertop for casual entertaining.

U-shaped type of kitchen design layout - Beautiful Homes

4. Small Kitchen Styles - The Galley Kitchen/Parallel Kitchen

Named after a ship's kitchen, compact, ergonomic and ultra-efficient galley kitchen styles are great as a small apartment kitchen layout. It has two walls facing each other with a walkway in-between.


Tips for a Galley Small Kitchen Plan
The galley kitchen is one of the edgy types of kitchen layouts for small spaces. Install cabinets only on one wall and keep the other free for a more open feel. Add a drop-down table on the free wall with a couple of stools for a cosy breakfast space.

Island style kitchen layout design - Beautiful Homes

5. The Island Kitchen Structure

A kitchen island is a freestanding unit in the middle of a kitchen layout that can be used for meal prep, to house the sink or hob, or as a tabletop for entertaining. They are popular types of kitchen layouts as they are convenient, can be accessed from all sides, and offer extra storage space.


Tips for an Island Kitchen Structure
If you have been blessed with the space for a kitchen island, you can try out unique and different kitchen designs to introduce a high-end feel to your space. Use luxurious, marble countertops, wooden cabinets and charming, low hanging pendant lamps to create an extravagant space.   

6. Peninsula Kitchen Layout Ideas

The peninsula kitchen is very popular for a kitchen setup in a home where space is a constraint. An arm juts out from the kitchen wall and provides an extra area for meal prep, entertainment or as storage space in your kitchen setup. 


Tips for Peninsula Kitchen Layout Ideas
The arm of the peninsular kitchen can be adapted for different kitchen shapes. Install cabinets below the arm for extra storage in your kitchen setup. Hang an unusual lamp over it to create a pleasing space for casual entertaining.

7. The Open Modular Kitchen Room Plan

For a normal Indian style kitchen, open kitchen design styles provide the most versatile kitchen layout for your home. An open modular kitchen can be designed to fit a space with two or three walls, can have a peninsula arm or a kitchen island.


Tips for an Open Modular Kitchen Room Plan
Plan for plenty of storage space and use modular cabinetry to keep kitchen implements tucked away neatly when not in use. Choose materials and designs that are easy to maintain and will blend with the décor of the house.

Open kitchen layout & living design style - Beautiful Homes

8. Semi-Modular Simple Kitchen Style

Sometimes, a full modular normal Indian style kitchen design may not be necessary, practical or within your budget. In such cases, semi-modular kitchen styles may be the best way to incorporate up-to-date modern elements to make your kitchen a more convenient space to work in.


Tips for a Semi-Modular Kitchen Simple Kitchen Style
Use the existing framework as the foundation and highlight kitchen architecture design. Design effective cabinetry solutions to make the most of the space available while ensuring efficient kitchen function.


9. Modular Low-Budget Basic Kitchen Design

Modular kitchens come in different kitchen layout dimensions and kitchen shapes. The cost of your modular kitchen will depend on the kitchen layout dimensions and the kind of materials used. Even a large kitchen can be converted into a modular one, within a budget, with clever choices.


Tips for a Modular Low-Budget Basic Kitchen Design
For low-budget kitchen design types and styles, plan your cabinetry carefully and choose your materials wisely. Instead of real wood which is expensive, choose plywood, MDF or HDF, with a wood finish, which is more cost-effective. Or opt for pocket-friendly laminated cabinets in vibrant colours that will jazz up your kitchen.

Luxury type of modular kitchen layout design for spacious home - Beautiful Homes

10. Luxury Modular Kitchen Layouts

With an ample budget, a small or large space can be converted into a luxury kitchen that can facilitate various types of kitchen designs. It is not only about picking the right materials but also about designing clever spaces, with up-to-date technology and the latest appliances.


Tips for Luxury Modular Kitchen Layouts
Seamless built-in cabinetry, in solid wood, for ample storage, a sprawling kitchen island, delicate antique-style detailing, professional range and oven, with an invisible hood, will blend together to create a kitchen that exudes quiet modern luxury mixed with a timeless aesthetic. 

Gorgeous and Creative Modular Kitchen Materials

Whether small or big, different types of kitchen layout are available to fit your space and budget. Here we take a look at the types of modular kitchens material that are popular.


1. PVC Modular Kitchen Layout Plan

Different types of modular kitchens, using PVC, are available in a variety of bright colours. They are budget-friendly and will instantly enhance the look of your kitchen. Choose between glossy, laminate and matt finishes, in monochrome, solid colours or charming pastels, to showcase your style.

2. Acrylic Modular Plan of Kitchen

Acrylic is highly durable and long-lasting, and their glossy surfaces make a small kitchen area look bigger. A minimal colour palette, clean lines and sculptural modern lighting will make your kitchen space vibrant and eclectic.

Wooden material for island kitchen layout design - Beautiful Homes
Open kitchen design layout with wooden & steel materials - Beautiful Homes

3. Wooden Modular Kitchen Layout Plan

Of the different types of kitchen layout, wood is still valued for its warmth, texture and durability. Highlight kitchen architecture design with dark wood cabinets, textured walls and low lighting for a rustic, cottage look that feels welcoming and lived in. Wooden kitchen designs are popular in Indian homes.

FAQs on Types of Kitchen Designs

1. How Many Types of Kitchens Styles are There?

There are many types of kitchens styles and innumerable kitchen design ideas. Big, or small, luxurious or budget-friendly, a good kitchen layout planner will find one to suit your needs.


2. What Types of Kitchen in India are Best?

The most popular types of kitchen in India, are U shaped and L shaped kitchens, as they can be designed for a big or small kitchen area.


3. How Do I Plan My Kitchen Design Layout?

For a good kitchen design layout, start with the work triangle and choose optimal kitchen set up ideas. Then plan your storage needs as per your cooking style and convenience. This kitchen design layout will facilitate easy workflow.


4. Why is a Kitchen Diagram Important?

A kitchen diagram is important as it helps you check out kitchen design options before picking the best modern kitchen plan.


Beautiful Homes Service for Your Modular Kitchen

When it comes to different types of kitchen layout, it is important to see the kitchen design plan & execution. At Beautiful Homes, we provide our clients a glimpse of their future kitchen in the 3D visualizer to ensure all their kitchen design options are incorporated in their modern kitchen. Browse through our website and plan your kitchen layout. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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