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Guide to the different materials types for window grill designs

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Feb 05, 2022
Different type of window grill designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Selecting a window grill design that adorns your home and protects it from trespassers is relatively simple. Here is a complete guide that will help you hand-pick the right window grill material and design for your home

Whether you’re a home décor enthusiast or just someone who enjoys giving a fresh spin to their surroundings -- sprucing up your space is never a bad idea. And worry not, re-doing your home doesn’t have to be grand and tiresome — sometimes, all it needs is a refreshed perspective and the passion to do something creative. As such, if you’re looking for a unique way to give a fresh look to your home, you’ve come to the right place.


Yes, we are talking about window grills. Even though it is often forgotten, installing modern window grills to windows is an essential element in which every homeowner should invest and look at it as an element of home décor. Homeowners that have a sharp interest in décor comprehend that window grills are both aesthetic and functional from a security perspective. The window grill designs and their functionality has transformed through the years, yet it continues to be a notable component of our modern house design and décor.


Different Types of Window Grill Materials

Let’s have a closer look at some of the different types of window grill materials that are used to improve your window design & home’s safety while being modern and trendy:

1. Iron Window Grill Design for Home

An iron window grill design has a vintage touch while still being extremely practical, they can be incorporated with traditional windows to boost the look. This kind of simple modern window grill design offers a neat and fundamental design and enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. Provided that iron is both long-lasting and strong, integrating the front window grill design with a bay window may lead to an incredibly long-lasting layout, advancing the safety of the house. You can revise this window grill design for your home to suit your tastes and deliver the right combination of security and dazzle to your home.


2. Aluminium Window Grills

Aluminium grills are most common among homeowners because they are lightweight but still powerful enough. This special feature of aluminium grills makes them easier to fix and maintain. Moreover, this also means that the grill yields less stress on the concrete upon which it is fixed as compared to the level of stress induced by an iron grill.


3. Steel Window Grill Design for Contemporary Houses

Steel windows can be challenging to maintain but they are the most durable grills and offer good safety, hence making them one of the most popular choices among Indian homeowners. However, if a steel window grill design is not thoroughly maintained, it is predisposed to corrosion and dirt collection. Thus, a stainless-steel grill may be a simple window grill design for houses but is becoming more popular, particularly for windows that are not exposed to direct water exposure.

Iron window grill designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

In a stainless steel window grill design, the material is rich in nature and a little expensive as compared to iron. Aesthetically, it has more visual appeal than iron and needs little maintenance. It does not get affected by water and does not get tarnished. It is a preferred alternative to iron.


4. Window Grills with a PVC Casement

A modern window grill design with a PVC casement is a refined choice to more conventional outside window grill designs. These window grills, which are primarily used in commercial buildings or living room/lobby areas of the house, make the space more attractive and gracious while also bringing a touch of style. Lightweight, invulnerable to abrasion, and incredibly durable, these grills are constructed by using PVC as one of the preparatory constituents.

Wooden window grill designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

5. Wooden Window Grill Design

You would see wooden window grill designs mostly in luxurious dwellings. The aesthetics of the wood convey a rich look to the space. Along with the expense of the wooden grills, the maintenance costs also accumulate, as they renounce their appeal without regular polishing or painting. This is the most expensive option in the window grills segment.

6. Cast Iron Window Grills

Iron has always been a favoured material for window grills thanks to its strong nature. However, cast iron presents exceptional durability. The grills of this material are available in different sizes, patterns, and layouts. Upon sound maintenance, they can endure elements. But its vulnerability to moisture makes it weak to rust.


7. Sandstone Window Grill

Sandstone window grills come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. The spacing in these window grills is adequately made to bring in ventilation while also adding to the room’s charm and aesthetic appeal.

Cast iron window grill designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

8. Concrete Window Grill

How about using a concrete jali (lattice screen) instead of the traditional window grill materials?


Concrete is a strong material and can be used as a grill over the window. These grills are available in a prefabricated structure and are normally installed in low-rise bungalows or villas. Such a grill contains small perforations in a sheet of concrete and is a useful way to fight the hot Indian climate (particularly northern India). These window grills are fixed and are available in various sizes and patterns; they deliver light and adequate ventilation to the house while also bringing an aesthetic and a traditional look to the home. However, it provides finite sights of the outdoors, thus most homeowners prefer window grills that can open or a sliding window grill design, instead of permanent jalis.



What are the Advantages of Installing Window Grills at Home?

Window grill designs for the small balcony space in your home - Beautiful Homes

1. Upgrade the Aesthetics of the Home

With the most elevated beauty of iron grills, few window remedy solutions can match its charm. One of the most attractive characteristics of grills is that they are available in a broad spectrum of styles that vary from the typical impression of plain bars. As an effect, homeowners may express their originality and personality via the window grill design patterns they select.

2. Provides Added Safety and Security

This is most probably the most acceptable incentive for investing in safety window grills design for your place or business property. In the space of your office, there is a lot of essential and personal data about the business such as its financial bank records. Thus, additional protection is only the right preference.

Different materials used for window grill designs in your home - Beautiful Homes

Glass window grill designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Additional Ventilation for the House

While it is correct that glass windows may permit sufficient sunshine to enter a space, the fact remains that they offer little to no air circulation. Installing spaced-out window grill designs and window screens may be rather advantageous to homeowners who have a habit of leaving their windows wide open. Grills and window screens permit appropriate ventilation while keeping insects and unwanted elements from entering the house.

Discover Home Décor at Beautiful Homes

The advantages of window grills are just too many as they present you with protection, practicality at a reasonable price. Once you have decided on your vulnerable locations and areas where you desire to install a window grill, it is important for you to contact a professional for the selection of the best type of materials and kinds to satisfy your distinct safety requirements and style preferences. Ofcourse, you have a set budget. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, this, however, is not a problem as there is a vast assortment of window grills available in a spectrum of different colours, designs and costs. Hence, you can easily find a style or design that matches your particular requirements. We carefully study your requirements and style preference before suggesting a window grill design for your house.


Discover home décor on Beautiful Homes and create the space of your dreams. Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing what, and other times it's a matter of knowing how. Either way, at Beautiful Homes all trends and ideas are sure to get you started on a decorating adventure.


From the latest window grill design and materials in diverse colours to a variety of decoration items for your house that dress up your space—find what you’re looking for, to get your home décor design just right. 


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