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All about glamour: Latest marble flooring designs for your hall

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Mar 31, 2022
Marble flooring to give your modern house a luxurious look - Beautiful Homes

The flooring in your house plays a very important part in defining the aesthetics of your home. Flooring, when done in marble, can add that elegance and give your home a royal vibe. Read on to discover more marble flooring ideas

Marble is a sought after material for flooring and remains a thing of beauty for years to come. If cared for in a good way, a marble floor for the living room or your home can be a great investment.


The features that make marble a marvelous material are that it is clean, durable, and very versatile. Marble can be used as floor tiles, on walls, as kitchen tiling, and much more. Marble sheets are available in multiple colors and can be cut into different shapes for various purposes.


If you have a taste for glossy tiling in our house and rich-looking interiors, then a marble flooring design may be right up your alley. Marble flooring is also surprisingly easy to maintain. A simple wipe down is more than enough to remove any stray stains or spills. Do you want to add oodles of elegance to the floors of your new home? If yes, then this piece is especially for you. Take a look at these latest marble flooring design ideas for your house.

Marble Floor Design with a Diamond Motif

This specific marble design for your hall is a pristine choice. This type of marble flooring design blends with all kinds of interior design styles.


Marble Flooring Design with Borders

This marble flooring design idea is especially good for a living room, drawing room, or large library. It is accentuated with  borders in a shade darker than the rest of the marble. The border may be made of a darker marble shade or stone. This flooring pattern is a classic option for living room design.


Bordered patterns are a very common theme these days. These patterns can help demarcate areas in your house. You can also mix the patterns with motifs in the marble flooring.


Marble Tiles in a Straight Lay

This flooring design is very simple. As the name suggests you just lay the marble tiles in a normal tiling pattern. It is very easy to use and a straight lay marble flooring design is a very good bet to easily incorporate a marble aesthetic in your home.


Marble flooring for your modern home interiors with diamond motif designs - Beautiful Homes
Classic white marble flooring design to make your kitchen look luxurious - Beautiful Homes

Classic Marble Flooring Design

You can also keep it simple with a very straightforward marble flooring idea. It is a classic one and herein, you just use large slabs of marble to fill up the entire floor. There are no cracks or tile seams visible because it is essentially one large sheet or slab of marble. This design works without any modifications to your living room furniture in any way, and can be used while renovations are going on as well. It is an evergreen idea and pairs well with any kind of décor.

Mix and Match Patterns

This design is a very specific and peculiar one. It combines various patterns with multiple patterns and borders included. You can always create a pattern of your own choice, and experiment with the living room design granted that you have the space to.


Striping Ideas for Marble Floor Tiles

This design for your living room consists of marble flooring that seems ‘intercepted’ by vertical or horizontal lines. These lines can be marble in a darker shade or just stone to create a worthy combination with marble. This is a very elegant way of tiling your living room flooring. It looks very neat and clean. These striped designs can make a statement in the living room design. You can experiment with the style of lining and striping and create your own unique design very easily with the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes's interior design experts.

Colour Coordinations in Marble Flooring Design

What if the furniture and your floor in the living room could go hand-in-hand? What if they were complementing each other, or better yet, could be of the same color? Fear not, because this is possible. Marble is available in various colors and if you are buying furniture after getting your living room floored, this may affect your decision of colors. But more or less, various colors of marble are available to ensure that your living room vibe is one of a kind.


Solid Colored Marble Floor Design

Straight lay marble tiles in a very specific color will look like a nebula, and give a very rich video to your living room floor. This flooring design idea works really well if you have a monochrome theme in your house. A marble floor in the living room would embody elegance like none other.


Multicolored Marble Flooring

You can mix and match with various shades of marble of different areas in your living room. You can break the monotony of the flooring in the marble tiling pattern by mixing it up with another shade of marble to complement and separate various areas for your living room design.

Add drama to your home interior by adding bold sofa for your classic white marble flooring - Beautiful Homes
Multi colored marble flooring for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Centerstage Marble Floor Design

An interesting geometric design piece in your living room is a very appealing and visually pleasing way to garner some attention. This marble flooring design for hall could also make the floor look very elegant and sophisticated. You can get the design cut in marble, or even get it printed on a marble tile. You can also experiment with a bunch of effects in this variant. A marble floor in the living room is the epitome of opulence.


Marble Carpet Floor Design

A huge number of design patterns could result in what is known as a ‘Marble carpet’. This floor design i.e. marble flooring design for hall contains a large slab of marble ordained with elegant and intricate designs. This design lends a very royal vibe to your living room, and is one of the most sought after designs when it comes to marble design in halls.

Checkered Flag Marble Flooring Design

You can go full retro with a marble flooring design for your hall with this black and white marble flooring with a checkered design. This modern marble floor border design makes a bold statement without going over the top in the house.


A great marble flooring design for hall can even make the house luminous if you use warm hues in your flooring choices. A border marble design in the hall will lend an elegant touch to your hall. Marble is a very versatile material and can help you design the home interior of your dreams.

Give your bedroom interiors an elegant & stylish look by using marble flooring - Beautiful Homes

Selecting the perfect marble design for your hall or living area can be quite a task - everything will look beautiful. With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can find your perfect modern marble flooring designs for your home. Modern marble flooring prices vary from place to place and also depending on the kind of marble and the space you are flooring. Here’s how we can help you design a perfect marble flooring for your space:


  • With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly and fully utilitarian marble flooring that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a great experience for your space.

  • Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure that the design of the floor is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility.

  • Our flooring ideas come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.

  • We have a huge range of options to fulfill your dreams. From a simple marble flooring design to a designer and luxurious flooring from Italian marble one, we can do it all for you.

  • We offer the best possible craftsmanship and quality on the market. We craft the best pieces despite having the most competitive low-cost smart floors in the market. Rest assured, there shall be no compromise on the premise of fulfilling your aesthetic dreams.

  • We will help you in finalizing patterns and borders for your marble floor design ideas.

  • We tend to have multiple rounds of discussion to get your sign-off before finalizing the design in any way.


Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.

Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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