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HDHMR Ply for your home interior

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Nov 10, 2022
HDHMR board for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

One of the latest and trending materials in interior design are HDHMR boards that have become the popular choice for interior woodwork. Let’s take a look at what the fuss about HDHMR is all about

The structure of a home is like a blank canvas that is ready to get populated with creative ideas. Choice of materials, colours, textures and accessories bring it to life. When designing the interior of a home, one needs to choose the right materials for flooring, walls and décor and balance them in a pleasing way to create the right ambiance.


What is HDHMR Wood?

Wooden finishes can look classic and timeless, and can be incorporated into any kind of interior design style, from rustic and historical, to modern and contemporary. But solid wood can be uber expensive. So, how does one get a wood finish in a budget-friendly way?


Say hello to HDHMR or High-Density High Moisture Resistant boards and sheets. These are a new type of heavy-duty, waterproof material for your interiors made of fibre chips extracted from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste. HDHMR boards are made using a homogeneous compression process, wherein, the tiny fibre chips are pressed together using a special adhesive.

Why Should you Choose HDHMR Wood?

Décor HDHMR boards are becoming increasingly popular in interior design projects and are used for cabinets, wardrobes, shutters, and even furniture. They offer many advantages, like:

1. HDHMR Board is Low Maintenance

HDHMR boards are easy to maintain. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and lukewarm water. They do not get scratched easily and are hardy and long lasting.


2. HDMR Ply Board is Water-Resistant

HDHMR boards are made by pressing layers with a special adhesive mixture.  This makes them very water resistant and there is little risk of layers peeling away due to damp and moisture. As such, they are ideal for high moisture areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, and even for flooring and the outdoors.

HDHMR board for wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes

3. HDMR Ply is Termite Proof

Termites are attracted to wood that is damp and rotting. The compression technique used in HDHMR boards ensures that small waste particles are eliminated. This creates a denser board that is impervious to termites.

Laminated HDHMR for modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

4. HDHMR Board is a Cheaper Option than Wood

Wood has a great texture that gives a home a warm and inviting vibe. Using solid wood is often a very expensive option for most homeowners. HDHMR provides a budget friendly alternative to give your interior a luxurious feel.


5. HDMR Ply Board is very Durable

The compression technique used in producing these boards makes them denser, more durable, hardy and long lasting.


6. HDHMR Ply Maintains its Form

Quite often, cheaper wooden boards start peeling and their edges may even start rotting after a while. This is because the boards are not dense enough and the glue hasn’t been used effectively. The compression technique used in HDHMR boards helps it maintain its form very well and, with proper maintenance, it continues looking good even after many years.


7. Décor HDHMR Board Comes in Gorgeous Designs

With décor HDHMR board, your wardrobe designs are spoiled for choice. Décor HDHMR board is available in beautiful colours and designs that can completely transform your interiors.

Why is Décor HDHMR a Great Idea for Kitchen Cabinets?

Indian food is high in oil and spice and kitchen cabinets take a lot of wear and tear due to the moisture and humidity that is released during cooking activities. Since HDHMR boards are water resistant and do not warp easily, they are particularly suited to handle humid kitchen conditions. Décor HDHMR comes in beautiful designs and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

HDMR ply board for closet island - Beautiful Homes
HDHMR board for overhead cabinet - Beautiful Homes

How to Maintain HDHMR Cabinets?

These kitchen cabinet designs are very easy to maintain.


  • Cleaning HDHMR cabinets

     -    Wipe cabinets with dry cloth to remove dust.

     -    Take a bowl of lukewarm water.

     -    Add a couple of drops of liquid soap and mix.

     -    Dip a clean cloth in the mix and squeeze dry.

     -    Wipe cabinets with moist cloth and let it dry.


  • Do not scour HDHMR cabinets with metallic brushes or scrubbers.
  • Take care when placing items with sharp edges on the shelf.



What are the Alternatives Available to HDHMR?

MDF Plywood is a common choice for kitchen cabinets, similar to HDF. But none of them have the advantages of HDHMR. They are more expensive than HDHMR, more prone to warping, not as water resistant or completely termite proof.

Faqs for Using HDHMR Board

1. Is HDHMR Good for Wardrobe?

If you are wondering, is HDHMR good for wardrobe, it is great for wardrobes and other interior fixes. The dense boards are suited for humid conditions, are termite proof and are strong enough to withstand daily use.


2. HDHMR Vs Plywood for Kitchen – Which is Better?

When comparing HDHMR vs plywood for the kitchen. HDHMR boards are more durable, have greater water resistance, are termite proof, easier to maintain and tougher than plywood. Therefore, they are a better choice for interior woodwork.


3. Is HDHMR Plywood Better for Doors?

HDHMR plywood is the best choice for doors because of the multidimensional bond applied during production. They come with a higher screw withdrawal strength and higher density than normal flush doors. They can be designed to fit any style and offer a smooth, even finish. 

HDHMR ply board for table design - Beautiful Homes


How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design your Interiors wWith the Best HDHMR Board Designs?

When designing a home, the materials used are as important as the layout and architecture. At Beautiful Homes, our designers are up to date on the latest trends in interior design. Whether designing your wardrobe or creating the best HDHMR board cabinets, we know how to make them gorgeous, efficient and durable. Check out cabinet and wardrobe designs on our website. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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