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His & Her wardrobe & organization tips

  • Wardrobe Design
Jan 09, 2023
Wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Well- organized storage is the key to a clutter-free wardrobe. In order to achieve such an efficient wardrobe design that ensures maximum functionality for you, it is essential to design the internal layout of a his and hers wardrobe in a couple’s bedroom according to the requirements of its users i.e. the two of you as a couple

Do you share a wardrobe with your loved one? Organizing a wardrobe when the people sharing it may have different tastes is a pretty daunting task, isn’t it? But worry not, it is not the end of the world, and you do not have to start thinking about getting a separate wardrobe at all. We have taken the liberty to jot down some tips and tricks of keeping harmony while sharing a wardrobe or a closet, and we believe it could help you right now. Read on for exciting ideas on his and her wardrobe design!


What Principles Should be Followed While Designing the Internal Layout of a His and Her Wardrobe?

  • The wardrobes for a man and a woman should be tailor-made with the accurate dimensions of their largest or longest clothing. This is done to have a benchmark on the standard dimensions of wardrobe.
  • One must measure the maximum length of the clothes that they wish to hang (especially when it comes to women’s apparel that can tend to be long - such as saris, dresses or gowns) and then decide the length of the vertical or the hanger sections of the his and hers wardrobe.
  • A cool way to share a common wardrobe is to have subtly demarcated zones in the his and hers wardrobe, with maybe an internal partition or even with sectional drawers between both the zones. This would help in designing the wardrobe for maximum efficiency.
  • A great tip would be to also sort your drawers according to the steps you take for getting dressed.
  • Always plan some space between the wardrobes for a calm divide in the his and hers sections of the wardrobe and less elbow-bumping.


What are the Basic Measurements of a His and Hers Closet?

The most obvious answer is that the internal layout of a his and hers closet or his and hers walk in closet should have dimensions that at least make all the clothing and accessories easily accessible and visible. Let’s get into granular detail on these.


His Wardrobe

  • The bare minimum vertical height required for his wardrobe for hanging formal shirts and trousers is at least 40 inches.
  • His shirts would require a wardrobe depth of 24 inches (give or take) while his coats would require a depth of 28 inches (yes, due to the padding). Do not hang the coats with the shirts because coats are wider than shirts; and hence the sleeves of the coat may get stuck within the door-panels of the wardrobe.

  • Introducing open shelves for keeping folded T-shirts and sweaters in his wardrobe design is a good idea. Embrace the fold-friendly nature of T-shirts and sweaters. The depth of such a shelf for stacking shirts should be a minimum of 12 inches while we suggest that the shelf for folded sweaters should be at least 15 inches deep.
His & Her wardrobe design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
  • You can always introduce a shallow pull-out drawer or a tray with inserts (i.e. square dividers) in his wardrobe, for keeping his ties, belts, cufflinks, sunglasses, watches or even his socks well-organized. This sort of an arrangement will enable him to have a full view of all the contents of the drawer.
His wardrobe with a sliding door for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
  • You could also put swivel hooks nearby to air out his gym clothes or pieces that can be worn again without washing.

  • While designing a his and hers closet, it is our strictest recommendation not to store his footwear in open shelves within the wardrobe. Unlike the western nations, in India, any type of footwear is highly prone to trapping a lot of dust and bacteria from the outdoors. Keep his shoes in a separate cabinet or dedicate a lower drawer for his shoes.

Her Wardrobe

  • The vertical clearance required for hanging women’s clothing like gowns, kurtas or long dresses usually ranges from 66 to 72 inches. You should always use velvet-covered (i.e. velvety) hangers for her dresses and saris in her wardrobe. This should also be the case for her silks and fine fabric pieces, such that they won’t slip or wrinkle.
  • Hang her saris, her formal shirts and her trousers in smaller vertical sections, each boasting a 40-inch height in her wardrobe.

  • Similar to his fold-friendly items, you should introduce open shelves in her wardrobe for keeping her fold-friendly pieces of clothing such as tops, jeans and other casual wear. There should be a clearance of at least 12 to 15 inches between each such shelf.

  • We suggest you use a shallow tray with drawer inserts to meticulously organize her accessories like bangles, necklaces, belts, earrings, sunglasses, watches and so on. Even makeup articles like a small bronzer or a brush set or curlers could be considered for this set of drawers.
Her wardrobe design ideas with a glass door for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
  • It is our strictest recommendation not to store her footwear in open shelves within the wardrobe. Unlike the western nations, in India, any type of footwear is highly prone to trapping a lot of dust and bacteria from the outdoors. Keep her shoes in a separate cabinet or dedicate a lower drawer for her shoes.

  • While undertaking his and her wardrobe design, definitely create a separate compartment for her handbags and purses. Make sure that these handbags are always stored in an upright position. In order to determine the height of the shelf you’d use for storing her handbags, measure the maximum height of the largest handbag she possesses.

How can Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Help?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with the ideas surrounding  women's closet design or his and her wardrobe design or even his and her wardrobe décor styles - we will be able to meet your needs well. We also help with specific furnishings such as accessories that match well with his and her wardrobe design and can guide you through the interior decoration using various his and hers walk in closet ideas and guides. We happen to be experts in almost all types of his and hers walk in closet design and his and her wardrobe design styles and have designed scores of customized interiors keeping the slick designs in mind. We also provide specific help with most, if not all, his and hers closet design ideas. At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles of interior design and ideas like bedroom design involving wardrobe design. Our his and her wardrobe design ideas are splendid yet functional enough to create an elegant environment and make your his and hers walk in closet experience memorable. From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colours to a variety of options and accessories for your home—find what you’re looking for, and get your interior design ideas just right. Our current home décor & furnishing stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several more cities in India. With our interior design services, you will get custom solutions and an experience that is tailored to your specific needs.

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