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Home bar designs for the age of quarantine

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Jun 08, 2020
Vintage Home Bar Design In Maroon & Gold, With Printed Wallpaper, Metal Lamp & Clock - Beautiful Homes

If there’s anything the unfortunate events of 2020 till date has shown us, it is that home is everything. While the outside is quite often filled with uncertainty, the inside is always up to us. A safe abode, a cloud of love, the much-needed retreat and sometimes, the party pad.


Just how every corner of your humble abode is carefully designed for your different moods and fancies, a home bar design is something often left untouched. After all, why need an additional structure to hold alcoholic beverages when you can stack them up in your over-crowded fridge or cupboards anyway? Because for most of us, whether we realise this or not, a glass of Chardonnay might sometimes be a toast to celebrations, a simple culinary experience, or an art of appreciation. And like every other form of art, it deserves a space of its own, designed to invoke the spirit you’ve been looking for.


Here are some of the best home bar design ideas for various décor themes:

Golden Home Bar Designs: Happiness On Wheels

In modern décor, it’s safe to say that the party is where the bar trolley is. A perfect addition to a metropolitan house design where space might not be ample, but details are. We love how the only metal shade used in this space is gold while the wall and sofa are in vibrant solid colours. Also, it is important to remember to bring in some lightness with faded carpet, keeping the focus on the home bar trolley – the hero of happy hours.


Although the plus point of having your bar on a trolley is that it is mobile, it definitely doesn’t stop you from fixing a space for it.

Golden Home Bar Design on Wheels, Yellow Sofa & Dark Blue Wall, Faded Carpet & A Few Plants - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, AUDENZA

Retro Home Bar Design Mixed With Modern Elements - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chaplins Furniture

Retro-chic Home Bar Designs

This image inspires home bar designs that are well-balanced between modern and retro styles. While the verticals play with bright solid hues, the floor tiles are a beautiful uneven mix of shades. The plain pendant lamps, alongside with the tube vase, add a touch of simplicity in this otherwise eccentric setting.


Fancy having a section of your home look like a cute retro bar? Then, home bar designs like this will definitely make the cut.

Classic Home Bar Designs To Treasure

Back to the classics, this wooden home bar design is perfect for a rather wide collection of spirits. The key to selecting the right home bar design is for it to have sections that not only support the variety of bottles but also has dedicated space for related equipment such as different types of cocktail glasses, ice-tubs and accessories.


While this home has an open and bright vibe to it with white walls and vibrant sofa chairs, the harvest stain wooden bar cabinet speaks for the fine collection of bottles it would hold. The highlight of course, is the LED light inside it, telling you where the party awaits.

Classic Home Bar With Harvest Stain Wooden Cabinet, LED Light , Cocktail Glasses, Ice-Tubs & Other Accessories - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chaplins Furniture

Minimal Home Bar With Granite Top & Leather Bands, Gold Vase & Lamp, Wooden Table & Hanging Plants - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

Minimal Home Bar Design

Simplicity is sexy. We know you agree with us if you can’t stop staring at this home bar design. While there is a wide variety of bar cabinet ideas we’ve adored so far, this one with a granite top and leather bands with hanging bottles, somewhat strikes an enticing chord in the mood that would sound a lot like jazz.


It’s interesting to see how the gold metallic vase and lamp rhyme with the wooden table and ropes of plant hangers. Not to forget, the plants add a little life to this otherwise sombre setting.

Vintage Home Bar Ideas

Let’s start from the top, a trip to when wine was the drink of royals and goblets were heavier than swords. Maroon and gold are two shades that, whenever clubbed together, spell royalty. While the wooden cabinet and highchair make this home bar design a classic, the printed wallpaper in the shade of old papers plays the key role in making this home bar design a vintage delight.


Just as it is important for any design theme, accessories like the metal lamp and clock add the finer details to this home bar design which almost feels like it’s straight out of an old royal ship. Home bar designs should translate your taste in alcohol. If treasuring vintage bottles and appreciating every pour as it ages is your style, this home bar design is perfect for you to take cues from.

Vintage Home Bar Design In Maroon & Gold, With Printed Wallpaper, Metal Lamp & Clock - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Sophisticated Home Bar Design With Pendant Lamps, Golden Highchairs & Hidden Storage Space For Liquor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essential Home

Brunches With A Twist

An all-white mid-century kitchen with a dedicated home bar section with golden highchairs is easily the most refreshing space, day and night. The pendant lamps add to the modern sophistication of this home bar design, simply making this space a great spot for family dinners, house parties and Sunday brunches.


Not much of an exhibitionist? You know home bar designs like this are perfect to store your best liquor without it attracting too much attention – very important in homes with young kids.

Home Bar Ideas As Life Of The Party

If you’re dreaming of adding some soul to an otherwise too cosy living space, wooden home bar designs like this might just be what you are looking for. While the velvet rug and couch make this home look stylish, the wooden bar cabinet, syncing with side table as well as the clock adds a bit of an antique rusty vibe to this home bar design.


Home bar designs like this one are for those who appreciate fine spirits and don’t mind celebrating the love for them.


Pro Tip: Pick interesting and chic flasks and glassware to enhance a classic home bar design.

Wooden Home Bar Design With Rusty Vibe Consisting Of Velvet Rug & Sofa, Antique Side Table & Clock - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Oak Furniture Land

Home Bar Design With Bar Trolley In Wood, Metal & Marble Holding Liquor & Cocktail Glasses On A Deep Purple Wall- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, John Lewis

Blend In, Stand Out

If accessibility is a priority for you when it comes to home bar designs, a bar trolley is definitely the best option. While a bar trolley is often associated with the over-feminine, this particular bar trolley proves otherwise. A beautiful amalgamation of wood, metal and marble makes you sit back and admire its design, doesn’t it? While some part of it blends in with the background, it’s perfect to highlight what is important – the spirits it holds.


This home bar design is so versatile it almost channels your eye for details.

Home Bar Designs For Every Style

It’s hard to pick our favourite but to a certain extent, this home bar design would be it. While the dark tones and metal channel modern design, the wooden bar cabinet alongside the printed cushions, earthy rug, and house plants add a touch of bohemian to cosy yet stylish home bar designs like this one.


Be it for a fun get-together or some quality time with yourself, this home bar design is sure to fit in with your every mood. Not to forget, the variety of storage and display sections of this bar cabinet makes it an all-in-one section for your prized collection of liquor.


As confusing as it may seem at first, we’re sure you will find your personal favourite among all our home bar ideas. Which one is the perfect home bar design for your home?

Bohemian Home Bar Design With Wooden Cabinet, Printed Cushions, Earthy Rug & House Plants - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cuckooland

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