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Innovative interior design ideas for small spaces

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Jan 31, 2023
Simple home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, minimalist or industrial, there are exquisite home décor ideas to complement the style. Let’s take a look at different rooms in the house and gorgeous ways to style them

The way we decorate our home is a reflection of who we are and what is important to us. Interior decorating ideas, whether it is something small, like a scented candle in the washroom, or an expensive piece of art on the living room wall, can enhance the look of a home and the way we feel about it.


What is Home Décor?

The term “decorate” means to adorn, embellish or beautify, and décor includes all the objects and features used in interior design to accomplish that. Décor can include the layout of the room, lighting, materials, plants and flowers, colour, patterns and texture, and artwork that enhances the look, ambiance and functionality of a space.


Home Decoration Room by Room

Having the same décor in every room of your house can become aesthetically monotonous. Using different colours and accessories as home décor ideas for different rooms can lend a touch of originality to your space.

Home Décor Ideas for Living Room

Your living room is one of the most used interior spaces and should incorporate home décor ideas that combine function, comfort, and style, like:

  • Funky, bespoke or unusual furniture, like curvy lounge chairs, vintage couches and L-shaped sofas are sure-fire ways to give an eclectic living room some visual intrigue.
  • Decorative mirrors, intriguing ceramics, eye-catching artwork or quirky prints are exquisite ways to add drama to the walls.
  • Classic flooring design in geometric patterns, with materials like wood, tiles or stone can make your floors a stand out décor element in a contemporary space.
  • Upholstery in vibrant Indian designs and fabrics can create stunning seating that will add a wow factor to a traditional living room.
  • Add bursts of colour all around the living room with strategically placed and well-chosen toss pillows and throws.
  • Luxuriant greenery scattered around the room adds a natural décor element to the room.
  • Whether it is a rich Kashmiri carpet in a traditional home or a jaunty geometric runner in a contemporary home, carpets and rugs can pull together a space efficiently. 
Sleek home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Note: Using a primary colour in the living room and picking complementing colours around the house is a great way to give each room an edge while pulling it all together seamlessly.

Dreamy home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Home Décor for Bedroom

Your bedroom design should be a serene sanctuary and these simple home décor ideas can create a relaxing space:

  • Neutral colours make clean canvases on which to add brighter hues in the form of bedding, curtains, carpeting, and artwork in a minimalist space.
  • Layering tactile materials adds depth and interest to an industrial bedroom scheme.
  • A striking headboard can become the focal point of a coastal style bedroom.
  • Patterned cushions, colourful throws and enchanting rugs are discreet ways to add hints of décor without overwhelming.
  • Window dressing that accents the bedding is a lovely way to liven up neutral walls.
  • Make lighting the star of your bedroom décor with pendant lights on the ceiling, recessed lighting for the vanity, and lamps next to the bed to set a soft mood.


Note: Having different styles in rooms without an underlying plan can feel chaotic, so plan ahead.

Home Décor Ideas for Kitchen

Kitchen design should be functional and easy to maintain while looking gorgeous, like:

  • Kitchen cabinets are practical additions and can double as gorgeous decorative elements in a kitchen space.
  • Kitchen appliances, like fridges and hobs, come in unusual and vibrant colours and designs that can be a stunning décor element in the kitchen.
  • Elegant patterned china can look gorgeous in a traditional kitchen space.
  • Kitchen carts and bar trolleys in sleek contemporary styles with storage are whimsical décor additions to a kitchen that also serve a functional purpose.
  • Wall art, such as framed photos of food, painted cork boards, or decorative plates are lovely ways to add interest to your kitchen walls.
  • Bring your kitchen to life with herb plants, like basil and cilantro, that double as décor.
Pleasant home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Note: Avoid using contrasting styles for rooms that are next to each other, as you will not be able to achieve design harmony.

Modern home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Home Décor Ideas for Home Entrance

Stepping into your home should be an experience and these simple home décor ideas for foyer are guaranteed to make a stylish first impression:

  • A stylish console table with drawers, decorated with a couple of table lamps, can be eye-catching, and handy to stash letters and bills.
  • A gallery of family photographs, artwork or souvenirs on the walls of a modern foyer can personalise the space and infuse warmth.
  • An accent wall decorated with traditional Indian prints or motifs is sure to grab your visitors’ attention.
  • For a small home, capitalise on the available space and incorporate built-in storage and transform the entrance of your home into a functional zone that keeps clutter out of sight.
  • Enhance the look of your foyer design with carefully selected foliage.


Note: When designing a home with different style rooms, ensure that each room flows into the next one seamlessly without disruptions.

Decorating Ideas for Bathroom

The bathroom should reflect your personal aesthetic and these new home décor ideas for bathroom can create a stylish space:

  • Add glam to an industrial style bathroom with a freestanding metal bathtub or an indulgent rainfall shower cubicle.
  • Use colourful tiles in beautiful designs as the focal point of your modern bathroom décor.
  • Bathroom fittings in unusual and sleek designs can be the main décor element of a contemporary bathroom.
  • A free-standing armoire is an enchanting addition to a traditional bathroom, as décor and extra storage space.
  • A beautiful gallery wall or a set of funny cartoons make delightful bathroom artwork.
  • Towels and bath linen in colours that match your bathroom are inexpensive and easy décor choices.
  • A few well-placed décor items can make a spa style bathroom truly pulled together, like candles, baskets, or decorative display shelves.


Note: Don’t get stuck in one style. If you think the style you chose is not working, experiment with a different one.

Interior Home Décor Ideas for Dining Room

A dining room should offer a perfect ambiance for a pleasant repast. Make your dining room stand out with these pleasing decorating ideas:

  • Gorgeous wallpapers are stunning ideas for room decoration and can provide a beautiful backdrop for your meals.
  • Floor tiles in different colours, patterns and designs are a great way to introduce pattern into a dining room and add some glam.
  • A mish-mash of chairs can give a bohemian feel to a dull dining room. Maintain an element of cohesiveness by using the same chair in different colours and finishes.
Glamourous home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
  • Create a built-in bar unit in one corner of the dining area and make it the main décor element of the room. It could be a traditional design in wood or a sleek and modern set-up in metal and glass.
  • Lighting as a décor element, from unusual chandeliers, to cluster pendant lights of varying sizes and heights, are lovely décor elements in a dining room.
  • Sideboards, consoles, hutches and armoires are classy ideas for room decoration that can be used to display elegant dinnerware tastefully.
  • Install decorative plates and serving spoons on the walls instead of art as wall décor.


Note: One of the easiest ways to give your home a cohesive look is to repeat the same materials throughout the house.


Simple Home Décor Ideas for Balcony

Make your balcony your own little slice of heaven with these decorating tips to home decorate your balcony:

  • Vintage patio furniture in durable materials looks great as their aged look accounts for most of their charm.
  • Add leafy foliage, pretty blooms in window boxes, sturdy bamboo and ferns in pretty planters, and fresh herbs for an outdoorsy vibe.
  • Privacy screens made of bamboo or wood will shield you from nosy neighbours while serving as beautiful home décor ideas.
  • If your living room opens onto a balcony, mirror the décor style of the interiors.
  • Simple decoration ideas at home, like string lights wrapped around the railing, or rolled up in bottles, are functional décor elements.


Note: While different styles can make each room more interesting visually, it is important to have continuity in what you do.



Different Aspects of House decoration

1. Minimalist House Decoration Tip for Wall Décor - Play with Neutrals

Stick to colours, like beige or grey, especially on the first floor, where flow is important. This will minimize jarring transitions and neutral walls give you the greatest decorating flexibility.


2. House Decoration Ideas for Furniture - Create Intimate Settings

Create intimate furniture arrangements that invite conversation with stunning furniture pieces that accentuate the décor of the room.


3. Modern House Interior Design Ideas for Windows - Dress them Up

Window coverings can be functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two. Whether it's full and flowing drapes, modern coverings, classic curtains, Roman shades, or laidback shutters, the right fabrics can make your windows stand out.

Simple house decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

4. Room Decoration Design – Layered Lighting for the Right Vibe

Every room should factor in three kinds of lighting. Ambient lighting for overall illumination, task lighting for specific or general activities and decorative lighting for highlighting décor. Picking beautiful fixtures as home decoration design can add glamour and sophistication to your space.


5. Home Décor Ideas for Living Room – Glam Up the Walls

Make the walls the focus of your living room décor by adding a striking mural or an eye-catching wallpaper. Build the rest of the room, from fabric, to flooring to curtains, using accents and ideas from the wall design.


6. Home Decoration Design – Step Up your Flooring Game

The flooring of every room has a huge impact on its overall appearance. From a retro bathroom with art-inspired tiles to a traditional kitchen with a marble checkerboard pattern, there are endless interior design ideas to choose from.


7. Home Décor Living Room Ideas to Add Texture

From patterned to plain, wool to sisal, carpets can bring a welcome warmth to your home. Choose textured carpets without heavy patterns for a modern look or vibrant Indian dhurries for a traditional vibe. 

8. Unique Interior Decorating Ideas - Highlight Interior Architectural Details

Use the architectural details of the home as interior decoration to create a focal point. Highlight the presence of beams, pillars, window frames, and stairs with the use of a different colour or up lighting.


9. Simple Home Decoration with Plants

Bring life and vitality to interiors with plant interior decoration in a variety of forms and shapes, displayed in pretty planters for an indoor jungle feel.


10. How to Decorate Home in a Contemporary Style

Classic wooden flooring with layered carpets and dhurries, furniture and artwork of metal, stone, and glass, lit up by unusual lamps are subdued and elegant contemporary house decoration ideas.

Elegant house decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

11. Interior Home Décor Ideas for a Small Home

No matter how small a space is, simple home decoration, like streamlined furniture and layered warmth can make it feel much bigger than it appears to be. Carefully chosen pieces of colourful artwork can liven up a small space.


12. Simple Home Décor Ideas for an Apartment

In small apartments, using functional pieces as house decoration ideas, like storage benches that double as seats, bespoke sideboards to display crockery, pretty woven baskets to store linens or antique tiles racks to hang keys or hats can elevate the look of your home.


13. How to Decorate Home in a Minimalist Style

Clean and clutter free spaces are the fundamental principle of minimalism, so use tone on tone neutral colours, neat furniture, layered textures in muted colours, and choice pieces of art to create a sophisticated minimalist space.


14. Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Interior home décor ideas do not have to be expensive. Polish up old brass items and use them as planters, or upcycle old wooden trunks as benches to give your eclectic space a completely new look on a budget.


15. Traditional Indian Ghar Decoration Ideas

Indian homes are filled with colour and pattern and traditional décor ideas, like adding décor pieces in the form of hanging lamps, wallpapers with Indian motifs, fabrics in ikat prints or Tanjore paintings on the walls are all easy ways to add an Indian vibe to your space.

16. Tips to Decorate Home with Artwork

Whether it’s a photo gallery wall in your contemporary foyer, an expensive painting on a traditional living room wall or a beautiful tapestry in a modern bedroom, your choice of art should reflect your personality and taste, and complement the style of the house.


17. Corridor Interior Decoration Design

Adding beautiful decoration in the form of a coved ceiling, parquet flooring, a jaunty runner, matching consoles or an unusual mirror is a great way to spice up a drab corridor.


18. New Decoration Ideas to Refresh an Old Space

Brighten up an old space with easy home décor ideas, like adding an accent wall, revamping an old piece of furniture with new upholstery, or adding interesting plants, to create a whole new look.

Bold house decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

19. Handmade Decoration Ideas for Home

DIY handmade decoration ideas for home, like a handmade windchime for the balcony, exquisite floral arrangements for the living room or hand painted ceramics for the bathroom make inexpensive and beautiful home décor.


20. Home Décor Painting Ideas

Easy room décor ideas, like painting vintage furniture, adding a classic stripe wall or a striking mural are beautiful ways to introduce new life and vitality into a space.



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