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These trendy handmade home décor items are perfect for a stylish home makeover

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Sep 04, 2023
Handicraft décor items for your sitting area - Beautiful Homes

Give your home a personal touch

Our homes are an extension of our personalities. No wonder, we go the extra mile to make them our own. While setting up a space requires various pieces of furniture and certain other essentials, a house becomes a home with the addition of personalised elements. That’s exactly where handmade home décor saves the day! Decorating your home with handmade home décor items adds warmth and comfort. It could be anything from old photos to handmade wall hangings or anything else that’s close to your heart.


What’s more, homemade decorative items are also easy on the pocket. This means you can give your home a makeover from time to time. Plus, it’s always fun to unleash your creative genius and and create handmade home décor items. Not only does it make you feel house proud but also offers some calm and quietude to your mind. And you are also doing your bit to be as sustainable and environment-friendly as possible by incorporating handmade decorative items to your home. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and trendy handmade home décor items that can help you raise the wow factor of your home!

Handmade Home Décor to Add a Personal Touch to Your Home


1. Decorate Your Home with Handmade Planters for a Breath of Fresh Air 

Don’t we all love handmade decorative items like wall planters for a refreshing look? Instead of buying planters and pots every few months, go ahead and make your own handmade décor like homemade planters that cater to your style. How? It’s as simple as using old jars or bottles. Moreover, it’s a sustainable option that will stand you in good stead.


Here’s what you can do – get hold of an old glass jar and disinfect it. Next, take a thick jute string and tighten the knot at the rim of the jar. Now, put soil into these planters and hang them wherever you like, be it in your living room, bedroom or the balcony. Trust us, this handmade wall hanging décor will brighten up your home in an instant.

2. Hang Handmade Decorative Items Like Kitschy Swings for a Playful Vibe

As kids, if there’s one thing we absolutely loved, it was playing on a swing. How about going back to those times and installing one in your space? This handmade home décor item has a playful vibe to it and can really take your interior design up by notches. There’s no dearth of spaces where you can put it – choose between your living room, bedroom or terrace. It’s versatile and looks great everywhere!

Decorate your swings with handmade décor items - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, DeSquare Architects, Bangalore

3. Elevate the Artsy Vibe with Wall Paintings

Not everyone is a painter, but what’s life if you don’t try something new? Make your home all about you simply by letting your creative juices flow. Start with handmade home décor like a wall painting. You could create anything on canvas – a special memory, something about your personality, your favourite travel destination or even your closest person (this is of course the work of an expert). Our tip is to have all the fun you can while doing this exercise. You can then hang the handmade wall decoration like a badge of honour.

Handicraft wall hangings for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Freepik

4. Play with Handmade Mirrors for a Rustic Setting

Whether you want your home to exude a boho chic vibe or an air of sophistication, there’s no better friend than handmade mirrors. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – in fact, some of them look super quirky and can really amp up the trendiness quotient of your home. Whether it’s a mirror with a wooden frame or a mirror with lights, the options are plenty. Just get your creativity flowing and we are sure you will have a winner. 

5. Experiment with Handicraft Wall Hangings

India has a repertoire of arts and crafts, so you can take your pick and experiment with handmade wall hanging décor. From traditional folk styles like Pichwai to Pattachitra, handpainted wall plates or even wall rugs – there’s so much one can try. If you love painting, you could get hold of a few stoneware plates and create all kinds of designs. This handmade wall decoration is sure to impress your guests in an instant – get ready to be showered with compliments.

Handmade macrame wall décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sage Living

Handicraft décor items for your sitting area - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Freepik

6. Add a Dreamy Look to Your Home with Macrame Wall Home Décor

Macrame is making a comeback in a huge way and what better way to incorporate it in your life than using it to create homemade wall hangings? If you are new to this craft, don’t try your hand at complex designs. Learn a few basic knots online and attempt a few designs. As you get better at it, you can go for something more detailed. The advantage here is that macrame is quite affordable and versatile. You can use it as a handmade wall hanging décor or display it in the gallery.

7. Go for a Personalised Gallery Replete with Handmade décorative Items

There’s nothing more warm and fuzzy than going through old photographs! They bring back beautiful memories and that’s exactly what makes them so special. How about decorating your gallery with simple handmade wall decoration like photo frames? These are simple to make and can really add warmth to your home. Make sure you add a mix of frames, they could be coloured or in different sizes. Trust us, they look super quirky and cool!

Handmade home décor items - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Neville Sukhia

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