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Nov 18, 2022
Get a fresh exterior done for your home renovation - Beautiful Homes

Remodeling or renovating a home might involve simple day projects or more complex projects for larger impact. We've gathered the top home improvement suggestions to help you upgrade your residence, from kitchens to bathrooms and every space in between

When you choose your home, the basic necessities, bedrooms, bathroom, a kitchen and a living and/or dining area, are usually quite generic. So, to make your space a better fit for your personality and practical needs, it's essential to consider the little and larger renovations that you might want for your home. That said, house remodeling is a difficult task that, ideally, you will only have to complete once. To help, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorite house renovation ideas to assist you in building your dream home.


What is Home Renovation or Remodelling?

Through renovation or home remodeling, you can make a damaged, outdated, or outmoded home suit your aesthetic and functional preferences.


15 Popular Home Renovation Ideas

House Renovation Idea #1: Get A Fresh Exterior

When exploring house renovation ideas remember that your home's exterior is just as significant as its interior – a striking façade is the first impression your guests and neighbors receive. Give your house's exterior a fresh coat of paint to instantly brighten it, make an investment in quality lighting, and select the window boxes, or planters and the right plants and other greenery for welcoming, aesthetically beautiful curb appeal.

House Renovation Idea #2: Embrace Transformative Color

As a low cost but high impact solution for house renovation, design experts turn to the skillful use of color. In addition to creating the atmosphere and tone of your home, color can draw attention to areas you want to emphasize or help define and demarcate spaces. For a touch of drama, an accent wall or window trim in bright pops of color adds character. That said, walls of a neutral greige or subtle warm white can increase your home's perceived value, appealing to a larger audience.



House Renovation Idea #3: Play with Shapes

Experiment with the room's shapes and structures to give a possibly boring area a new look. Add arch window treatments over your windows and swap out the typical rectangular tables for curved tables and countertops for an elegant upgrade. 

House renovation design with adding a mirror & pendant lights to the room - Beautiful Homes

Even more subtle renovations can be made, such as using dramatically curved pendant lighting to create movement and shape in a boxy room or using hexagonal bathroom tiles rather than the more typical square ones.

Dining room renovation ideas with adding lighting fixtures - Beautiful Homes

House Renovation Idea #4: Spark Interest with Lighting

Your favorite interior and outdoor features can be highlighted in beautiful ways by strategically installing lights around them. Establish an interesting focal point of the space by adding lighting fixtures like low-hanging pendant lights or spot lights. Good perimeter lighting will provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so that your house renovation ideas shine! Try lighting up your built-in shelving to create bright exhibits and if you're placing lighting above a countertop use granite, marble, or recycled glass for attractive reflected luminosity.


Home Renovation Idea #5: Boost Usable Space

One of the wisest home renovation ideas, when you're changing existing spaces, is to use the opportunity to optimize your home for better flow and usability. When renovating, room dimension and overlooked corners should play into your design solutions. For instance, rotating or pull-out cabinets under the kitchen counter will better utilize nooks and crannies that are difficult to access.

Home Renovation Idea #6: Utilize Under Stair Areas

Speaking about renovations in unused areas, it's important to pay attention to the space beneath the stairs. Add some shelves to show off your book or music collection, or mount a mirror and add storage for umbrellas, coats, and shoes for a functional entrance space. Alternately, you may create a quiet study area or perhaps a lovely hidden reading nook.


Home Renovation Idea #7: Add Baseboard Drawers

Another great space saving small home renovation ideas are narrow baseboard or toe-kick drawers that sit in the wasted space under your cabinets. Of course, these are not spacious enough to store large items. However, they are an ideal place to store things like appliance manuals, service receipts, gift wrapping papers, ribbons and home stationary. They are also a smart place to keep emergency supplies like candles, batteries, and flashlights.

Home Remodeling Idea #8: Adopt Open Shelving

A modern favorite of house renovation design is to install open shelving as this provides the dual purpose of storage and display. Whether it’s your books, antiques, trinkets, or travel souvenirs, open shelves, perhaps covered with glass doors, give personality and individuality to your home. Shelves can even be decorated with baskets, plants and careful lighting to make them even more attractive.


House Remodeling Idea #9: Bold Steel Frames

If you are looking to make structural changes but want to keep them simple, the trendy resurgence of steel-framed windows and doors is an ideal home improvement idea to explore. Steel framed windows and doors can be painted to suit your décor – dramatic black for a statement, pale matte gold for a posh touch, crisp whites for a lighter color scheme. 

House renovation design by having open shelving concept at home - Beautiful Homes

One of the most versatile house remodel ideas, steel-framed doors elegantly integrate with minimal design elements, cultivating plenty of natural light creating a smooth flow between indoors and out.


House Remodeling Idea #10: Sink the Seating Areas

In large open plan homes where there are few walls, sinking the living room to a lower level helps to define the space without hindering sight-lines. If remodeling an old house, renovation like this will help add distinction to the living room by creating new flow and character. The sunken seating also increases the space between the floor and the ceiling, giving the impression of a vast airiness while maintaining an intimate atmosphere. This will give a fresh look to your living room design.

Install a kitchen island for the perfect kitchen renovation - Beautiful Homes

House Remodeling Idea #11: Install a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are wonderful gathering spots for the entire family and they also make a striking visual impact. When it comes to the kitchen, home improvement practicalities you ought to consider are sufficient electrical outlets on the island, smart under counter use like a mini fridge, or a kitchen island sink and draining area. A large island counter is also ideal for adding additional food prep area, storage, and seating options to your kitchen design.

Home Renovation Idea #12: Elevate a Bathroom with Color

The traditional bathroom often has mainly white tiles, a touch of marble or wood, and fairly humdrum white ceramic or silver metallic fixtures. Little wonder that one of the most popular  house renovation ideas is to upgrade and add style to your bathroom! This can be achieved quite simply by adding color, whether it's through statement tapware, waterproof wallpaper, colorful feature tiles or just a charming coat of paint.

House Remodeling Idea #13: Glamorous Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in closet is a hugely popular feature of house renovation design, especially a roomy, organized, and well outfitted closet that enhances practicality while adding a touch of glamor. Maximize the potential of both spacious dressing rooms and modest bedroom closets with lovely finishes, eye-catching accent pieces, spectacular and useful lighting systems, and thorough smart organization solutions.


House Remodeling Idea #14: Smart Study Nooks

One of the small home renovation ideas that can make a big impact is to construct a dedicated study nook. Slimline desks are a terrific way to turn a low-traffic hallway into a study area. Additionally, custom woodwork and floating shelves can make the most of underutilized space such as under the stairs, on a stairway landing, or in an odd shaped corner. More often than not, home interior renovation can accomplish much more with your limited space than you might think.

Install walk-in-wardrobes for renovating your room - Beautiful Homes
Window seat installation for best home renovation idea - Beautiful Homes

Home Renovation Idea #15: Cozy Window Seats

For a beautiful bedroom renovation idea, why not contemplate adding in a window seat? Window seats take up very little room, add to the open and airy atmosphere of your home, offer a wonderfully restful retreat in which to read, and by adding drawers and shelving underneath, you add extra storage space. Placed in front of large windows, it will receive the most natural light possible throughout the day and nothing beats curled up with a book while basking in the sunshine! 

Home Renovation & House Remodeling : FAQs

What House Renovation Design Solutions add the Most Value to a Home?

  • Creating an Addition.
  • Redoing the Kitchen.
  • Renovating a Bathroom.
  • Developing Outdoor Living Space.


What are the Most Common Old House Renovation Projects?

  • Kitchen renovation.
  • Bathroom renovation.
  • Same level house extensions.
  • Loft extensions.


What is the Most Common Room for Renovations?

81% of remodel projects are for the kitchen, and the second frequently renovated room, at 80%, is the bathroom.


What is the Most Affordable Home Improvement Idea?

  • Use paint.
  • Add crown molding.
  • Install a stair runner.
  • Upgrade flooring.



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