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How and where to use a bench in your home

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Jan 09, 2022
Wooden bench furniture in the room with white furnishings - Beautiful Homes

Seating benches are a popular choice for home décor, let’s see where you can put a seating bench in your home

Bench furniture is a convenient fit anywhere as it is pretty compact. A bench in home interior designs provide you a comfortable space to sit while being aesthetically pleasant. It is no surprise that a bench is a very versatile piece of furniture.


Benches can also be used as decorative elements in your home interior designs and can range from classic and exotic to ornate. Benches can be available in a variety of materials like wood, iron, steel, aluminum, wicker, etc and are a good option for interior furniture designs. Many themes and designs can also be incorporated into the design and build of these benches. Benches are also super easy to maintain as all you need to do is frequently wipe them with a soft and clean cloth.


But where can you use a bench in your home? Read on, and you shall discover the secrets of bench-keeping!

1. Bench in the Foyer

The home’s front entryway is called the foyer and it is an important part to consider while designing your house. After all, first impressions last. A classic way to decorate the foyer area is to add a bench in the area. Doing so brings the area to life. The foyer area is typically narrow and a sleek storage bench would fit in without crowding the place too much. You can choose from a variety of bench materials depending on the vibe you are going for. Benches can make the foyer feel cozy and welcoming, all while creating an aura of elegance. A bench in the foyer or entrance area can also double as a shoe rack if you choose one with a storage option. Functionally, a shoe rack bench would help the people to sit while they wear or remove footwear.

Wooden bench in the foyer of the house - Beautiful Homes
Living room sofa bench with cushions - Beautiful Homes

2. Living Room Bench

In living room interior design, usually cushioned benches are used as a way of seating. A brightly colored bench with an interesting print job could be the way to go if you have a colored room. Alternatively, a bright bench could also be the much-needed splash of color in a neutrally painted room. Stylish and sturdy benches, when used in the living room area, can add a sense of space to the living room area.


At the same time, a living room bench can lend an air of comfort. Besides adding beauty and function to home interiors, they can also help you bifurcate your areas in the home.

This type of bench is also known as a sofa bench. These benches can also have some storage built-in. These storage bench designs are very popular in the Indian market. Sometimes, a living room bench can function as a partition between the living room and the dining room.


3. Dining Room Bench

If you believe in contemporary trends, then it is mandatory to have at least one bench in the dining area. Dining table benches are also called dinettes. The advantages of having a bench (or dinette) in the dining area are as follows:

  • Dining Table benches (or dinettes) are typically smaller in size than their usual counterparts. Thus, they are more delicate and intricately designed.
  • Dining tables with benches have a specific height ratio with each other to ensure that the bench functions best with the dining table. Benches are a low seating option and hence do not take up as much space.
  • A bench for seating is an excellent option for the dining room as it fosters better interaction.
  • A bench makes the dining table look more appealing, and it also makes the room seem more organized. A dinette helps create a pleasant environment to eat and talk in.
  • Dining tables with a bench are usually made for comfortable seating. A dinette thus has a stiff wood or fabric make and can also feature a high back and a wide seat.
  • Obviously, more people can be accommodated on a bench than on individual chairs.


4. Bench in your Bedroom

In your bedroom, a bench can be placed at the foot of the bed as a footrest. This type of a bench is also called a sofa bench. In a lot of bed designs, especially poster bed designs, this is a common trend.


A bedroom bench can also be placed by the windowsill. Such a placement, often known as a window bench, can create a spot for reading or lounging. A bedroom bench could also double up as an informal seating space. You can also opt for a storage bench for the bedroom interiors.

5. Balcony Bench

There is little surprise that a balcony would be a great place to put a wooden bench in. A sitting bench on the balcony makes it more welcoming to visitors. The bench definitely should complement the kind of design and color scheme the balcony has. The size of a bench in the balcony can depend on various factors and can be small or large depending on the balcony size. Typically, a balcony bench is placed in the center of the balcony. It is better to have a bench with a fixed height depending on the view from your balcony

Use a sitting bench in the balcony - Beautiful Homes

Because of their sleek and compact design, a bench in the balcony works wonders. Benches offer a casual seating option. Adding a picnic table to the wooden bench in the balcony can make it a full-fledged sit-out meal spot. This setup can also work really well for kids to study or play on the balcony.


6. Bathroom Bench

If you have a large bathroom, adding seating in the form of a sitting bench to the space is a good idea. Adding a bench to your bathroom also works if your bathroom has a narrow entryway. Benches are also good options to add to your bathroom because they can virtually fit in anywhere. In a bathroom, benches can only be placed in areas known as dry areas. For example, if you have a vanity counter in your bathroom, where you do your makeup or get dressed, having a bench with a fixed or adjustable height option could be a great idea.


7. Study Room Bench

Benches can provide really comfortable seating in the study area for kids. They are very easy to incorporate into your existing study room design aesthetic as they are available in a variety of designs and print options. A bench can add more space to the study area by allowing more kids to be seated.


To make the study area look neat and organized, you may consider purchasing benches that have a filing cabinet or bookcase. This would aid in the storage of important paperwork or other stationery items.


8. Bench in the Garden

Garden benches are a very popular addition to any garden space. A garden bench is a very vital accessory if you have a big enough garden. It can seat two or more people depending on the size of the bench. It can be an ideal place for conversations over coffee. You can also use a bench in the garden to experience the light breeze in the evening, or spend an afternoon reading a book.

Wooden bench in the dining space - Beautiful Homes

We can Help you Place the Right Bench in the Right Spot

If you want to utilize your space to the maximum, and some comfortable seating to your home interior, all while saving some money, you should consider placing some decorative and functional benches in your home. There are many reasons besides compactness to choose a bench and add it to any of the areas mentioned above.


We hope you loved reading this piece. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we realize how important each and every corner of your house is. We understand how important it is to put the kind of care that we do, in helping you build every corner of your home well. Every detail matters. You simply need to let us know about the sort of bench you are looking for, and we can assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want a space saver bench or a functioning and aesthetically appealing design, we will be able to help you with your needs well.


From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colors to a variety of options and accessories for your bench ideas—find what you’re looking for, and get your house interior designed just right.

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