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How to arrange a kitchen without cabinet

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Mar 15, 2022
Kitchen design without upper cabinets but shelves for storage - Beautiful Homes

The key to a stylish and functional kitchen without cabinets is good planning to ensure it meets all your needs. Here are our kitchen design ideas for the ones who wish to avoid cabinets

The world of practical kitchen design is a reservoir of design ideas, manuals and information – and a clearly endless stream of specialist advice. So how to start? First things first. Before you begin designing your brand new kitchen by scrolling through varied options, you need to choose what your requirements are. Do you like to merely give your kitchen a small makeover, including a small modular kitchen, or start entirely fresh? But you must also determine which components you want in your kitchen – and would like to keep.


If you are just giving a facelift to your kitchen or getting a new one, the elements that are always done are kitchen cabinets and you might want to ditch them this time. Cabinetry does have its place in the kitchen – they keep the mess out of sight and of course they are excellent for storage. Yet, the newest kitchen design without cabinets trend is the one we absolutely adore and go ahead in favour of a better streamlined, minimalist look that demands no cabinet units or, if you still have essentials you want on the show then pop up some shelves and style them up. To steer you through this culinary landscape, we’ve gathered a transformative starting point to help guide you. Below are our favourite tips to give you all the inspiration!

1. Opt for Shelves for Aesthetic Storage in a Kitchen Without Cabinet

As per the shape of your kitchen, it is quite possible that there might not be space for kitchen cabinets even if you badly desired to have them – all kitchen cabinet design like a small traditional kitchen for example or an imperfect kitchen layout. If this is the case, you can make full use of the room to pop up a kitchen with shelves no cabinets for those kitchen essentials that come in handy every day. Also, why not hang them around an existing article like a cooker hood or window? This kitchen design without a cabinet undoubtedly makes an otherwise plain and boring wall more interesting whilst serving a purpose.

Kitchen design with wall mounted shelves for storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixel-Shot/ shutterstock

2. For a Kitchen Without Traditional Cabinets, Say Hello to Colours!

If you wish to oomph up your kitchen without traditional cabinets and want to create interest –try experimenting with fun kitchen wall colours. A room without cabinet kitchen means you have more wall stretch to paint and you can have a period of enjoyment in the process! Using two similar colour shades adds depth to your space and you can accessorise to enrich this space too. The shelving design can be blended into the paint colour and it can also zone the bottom half of the wall space whilst matching the inner part of the kitchen island


3. Want a Simple Kitchen Without Cabinets? Bare Walls are the Way to Go

Are you a fan of simpler things and basic elements, why not go for entirely bare walls? It might sound a little intimidating to have no shelves and cabinets but it is doable if you have a suitable storage option elsewhere in the kitchen. This can be a kitchen island or a well-sized split drawer lower unit. The end result is a seamless, basic and streamlined look that then offers the walls bare for exciting wall art to add pops of colour or a tiled splashback.

Kitchen crates & wall mounted wire mesh storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixel-Shot/ shutterstock

4. Look Out for Alternate Storage Options

In order to design a kitchen without a cabinet, it is only obvious to look out for other storage ideas. An alternative to the usual style of cabinetry, iron shelving can add an aesthetic rustic touch to the kitchen. The top shelf can be used for those everyday essentials, and a rail underneath can be used for hanging mugs, saucepans and colanders. If the railing and shelf are fixed properly on the wall, they can withstand some weight finely.

5. No Modular Kitchen Cabinets? OPEN BOXES AND CRATES to the Rescue

Do enjoy the feel and look of cabinetry and open shelving but do not wish to commit to buying pricey cabinets and shelves? In such cases, open boxes and quality crates can come to the rescue. It’s effortless to find quality crates or containers in a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic and metal. By nestling the bottom of the crate or box flush against the wall, you can create cubbies for storage.


6. In a Kitchen Design Without Cabinets, Suspended Shelves can be a Hero

Having a kitchen without upper cabinets, makes the wall space much lighter visually, even if you still have some kind of storage to replace it. Installing suspending shelves is a very gorgeous look that is sure to fetch attention as it hangs from your ceiling. You get the magnificence of open shelves as it creates an industrial feel in your kitchen that can improve the appearance of your home without having to stress about securing them to your walls. This option is perfect for homes where the walls are not high quality or are made of plaster and you are apprehensive about trying to anchor shelving or cabinets securely into the wall.


7. Vintage Metal Lockers

Vintage metal lockers are known to add an undeniably calm and aesthetic impression to your kitchen. It’s effortless to lock your vintage metal lockers if you want to make it foolproof that particular items, such as sugary treats or alcohol, aren’t handy all of the time. They present an abundance of different shelves, which makes it very painless to separate items when storing them so that you can readily find them without having to look for a long stretch of time. They are exceptionally easy to clean and you don’t have to stress about them being stained or damaged by bits of food and beverage.

8. Opt for Matching Shelves and Worktop

We all have a soft spot for design cohesivity which is why a kitchen corner with matching shelves and worktop is on our lust list. Well, if you are going to ditch the cabinetry in your kitchen then you may need to ditch some mess...but that’s the accurate thing right? Open and matching kitchen plan shelving is an awesome opportunity to get your finest cutlery and wares out on display, style them up and bring some colour and pattern where you can.

Kitchen design with wooden rack for storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixel-Shot/ shutterstock

A Kitchen Without Cabinet with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

Minimalist, small spaces, and Open Modular Kitchen are evolving as trendier than ever. Many kitchens are doing without the traditional cabinets which look clunky and consume much of the material and visual kitchen space. A simple kitchen without cabinets also translates to more windows, a lighter and breezier kitchen, and tiniest renovation expense. Kitchen storage space, on the other hand, stays a necessity no matter what the design trend is. The good news is that your kitchen can still look trendy and be functional even if you don’t have space for kitchen cabinets.


Determining the right kitchen layout and interior design idea for your space is the most significant factor in creating a practical kitchen area that’s functional and comfortable for the whole family. The right kitchen layout will offer plenty of room for storage without cabinets, organising kitchen gadgets and leaving enough space for cooking without feeling cramped. With the help of Beautiful Homes Professionals, you can make your dream of having a stylish kitchen without cumbersome cabinets a reality. Here’s how we can help you design an affordable kitchen for your home:


  • With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful for a small space. 
  • Technique and precision are important to us. We ensure that the design is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility. 
  • Our Modular kitchens come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.
  • We have a huge range of options to fulfil your dreams. From a trendy kitchen without lower cabinets to a luxurious full-on modular kitchen, we can do it all for you.
  • From accessories to material, budget preference to the utility of the cabinets, we first provide a 2D design and then build a 3D render to help you get a look and feel of how your modular kitchen design will look.
  • We do not compromise on quality and craft despite having the most competitive low-cost modular kitchen price in the market.
  • We do not finalize the design until we have your sign-off.


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