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How to buy the best bed skirts

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Jun 18, 2022
Bed skirts for your bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Compliment your bedding with a stunningly gorgeous bed skirt. Discover our tips to buy the best bed skirts for your space

A good interior design has an innate ability to create a positive mood. And since a bedroom is where we rest and unwind at the end of the day, its interior décor should definitely be curated to help you do just that. Finding inspiration and bedroom decoration ideas for a well-thought bedroom design space is a great way to start your own process. Not to mention, they're sure to impress guests! Ahead, discover a comprehensive guide on how to buy a bedskirt for your bedroom, types of bed skirt designs, and things to consider before buying a modern bed skirt and make sure to save your favourites.

What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt, also known as a dust ruffle, is a decorative bedding item that is used for a variety of designing as well as functional purposes in the bedroom. The finest, modern luxury bedrooms use various types of bed skirt designs to enrich the décor of the room and introduce a rich feel and mood to the space.


Whether you call it a bed skirt, a dust ruffle, or even a skirt bed sheet - this indulgence bedding staple is used to cover the area between the bottom edge of your duvet and the bedroom floor.  From ornamental to functional, there are a combination of different ways to use a modern bed skirt in your home.

Latest bed skirt trends to try on for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Why Use a Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts are one of those items of bedding you do not notice until they are gone. Most people think of a bed skirt as just a piece of decoration, but it actually does have a purpose to serve.

  • The first and foremost reason to use a skirt bed sheet is that it actually keeps dust from getting under your bed.
  • Good quality bed skirts are a fantastic way to add another design element to your bedroom design.
  • A bedskirt can be used cleverly (and beautifully) to hide the box spring part of your mattress set.
  • Items like suitcases and big boxes that we often store under our bed can be easily concealed by a decorative bed skirt that matches your bedroom interior décor.   
  • A bed skirt can hide cords, parts of the mattress frame, and other visually unappealing necessities while making a fashion statement.
  • Buying Considerations for a Bed Skirt.


Buying Considerations for a Bed Skirt

If you do not own a bed skirt or if you are planning on changing the colours by updating the bedding, purchasing one will complete your bed's overall look, allowing you to bestow a unique look and feel into your space. However, it’s only wise to consider a few things before you go on a shopping spree for your best bed skirt.

Choose right colour for your bed skirt in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

1. The Colour of the Bed Skirt

A solid colour is quite a versatile option for a bed skirt. If you opt for a light colour such as white, pink, yellow, or another pastel, ensure that the bed skirt is lined or made of a good quality fabric so that its not very sheer and light does not through from under the bed.

2. The Right Size for a Bed Skirt

When it comes to finding the best bed skirt, the right size is the most crucial thing. If it's too big, it will never fit properly, and, of course, if it's too tiny, it won't fit at all. Either way, it will ruin the look of your bed skirt and degrade the overall aesthetic of the room. Don't just assume that your king size bed skirt is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Mattresses, box springs, and foundations can vary slightly in size. It's essential to get the proper size of a bed skirt so that it will lie down properly on your bed.

Choosing right size for your bed skirt in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Choosing right pattern for your bed skirt in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

3. The Bed Skirt Pattern

A bed skirt is a wonderful place to use an attractive pattern, stripe, plaid, check, or texture. It can either complement or contrast with other materials in the bedroom.


4. The Texture of your Bed Skirt

A bed skirt made with heavy-textured fabric will maintain its form and stand fresh for several years ahead. You will only be required to take it off for cleaning purposes. Materials like velvet, chenille, faux suede, and Matelasse are good choices.

5. The Drop of a Bed Skirt

When considering the drop of a bed skirt, it refers to the measurement from the top of the foundation to the floor.


Types of Bed Skirts

Be it a bed skirt for a single bed or a queen size bed skirt, all look pretty when they are actually on the bed. However, so many people may not know there is a huge variety and kinds of bed skirts that you can choose from for your space.

  • A Headboard Bathroom Mirror Design
    Let’s start with the most uncommon bathroom mirror shape: wide and unique, a headboard-shaped bathroom mirror design is great for a single as well as a double sink. While the base is in a darker monochromatic pattern, the top is brighter thanks to the wood and fine lighting. The interior of the washroom, as reflected in the mirror, follows the overall design, making this bathroom look a little more retro albeit still modern. If your washroom space allows it, a headboard mirror design would be perfect for a fusion theme.
Traditional bed skirts for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Wrap Around Bed Skirts
    A wrap around bed skirt is typically made from stretchy material with an elastic at the top and bottom while covering the box spring by smoothly contouring it. They are available in a variety of patterns, and colours. They are super stylish and trendy but do not cover the area under the bed as they are moulded to the spring box.

  • Tailored Bed Skirts
    If you are someone who is not particularly fond of ruffled bed skirts, you have the choice of using a tailored bed skirt that has flat, smooth fabric panels. This elegant and refined style performs well in modern bedrooms designs.

  • Detachable Bed Skirts
    Detachable bed skirts are very functional if you have a hefty or large mattress, as you do not have to struggle with lifting the mattress every time you want to wash or change the bed skirt. In a few cases, the mattress may have to be lifted the first time as some detachable bed skirts are attached to a panel that fits between the mattress and box spring. This kind is an ideal bed skirt for an adjustable bed as they are elasticized so that it can stretch around the top of the box spring.
Box pleat bed skirt for your modern bedroom interior - Beautiful Homes
  • Box Pleat Bed Skirts
    A box pleating pattern gives bed skirts a very elegant and sleek look and is created by pleating the fabric back and forth along with the bottom and side panels, and then laying it flat. It doesn’t bring anything to the function of the bed skirt and only has an ornamental and aesthetic role. After laundering, it has to be ironed so that the box pleats lie flat again.
  • Gathered Bed Skirts
    In a gathered bed skirt, the fabric is gathered to form ruffles and vertical waves around the bed skirt, and goes well with most styles of interior décors. The more fabric that is gathered, the more ruffled will be the appeal and will create a frilly gaze.
  • Split Corner Bed Skirts
    Such bed skirts feature 2 splits between the side panels and end panels. With beds that have a footboard, the end skirt panel can be folded beneath the footboard without the side skirts huddling up. The splits make it feasible for the side skirts to hang down evenly all along.


Hop on to the Latest Bed Skirt Trends with Beautiful Homes

Bed skirts are one of the wonderful home décor hacks, upgrading your bedroom’s décor while effortlessly concealing your box spring and any objects stored beneath your bed. The best bed skirts come in various drop lengths to ensure full coverage between the box spring and the floor, and they’re available in a range of styles and materials. It can be a bed skirt for single bed, simple and tailored, while others are adorned with ruffles, lace, or eyelet details. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes we have an assortment of bed skirts that are reviewer-tested, loved and approved. Available in a variety of styles and colours, these bed skirts will add that excellent finishing touch to your bedroom.


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