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Guide to Choosing the Best Laminate for Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • Kitchen Design
Jun 29, 2022
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Whether you are renovating your current kitchen or designing a new one, laminate kitchen cabinets bring out a novel beauty. Discover how to select the right laminate for your kitchen cabinetry


The kitchen has evolved into something more than just a space to have a culinary rollercoaster; it has also become a widespread gathering spot for people since it is designed to complement every corner of the house. A modular kitchen design has been more prevalent in recent years, owing to its well-organised and organised designs, which have allowed it to keep up with the modernization of our lifestyle. As per a recent survey, the demand for modular kitchen designs in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent past.. 


The new-age modular kitchen has become a favoured addition within urban Indian homes as they can be customised as per the style and taste of the homeowner. Modular kitchens stand out when compared to the conventional carpenter-made ones because they are ergonomic, maximise storage and are convenient to use. Since modular kitchens are factory-manufactured, they have to be planned in detail because no changes can be incorporated when the modular kitchen is under production. One of these careful selections is the choice of laminates for your kitchen cabinet design.

Selecting the right laminate for the kitchen cabinets can be a challenging task. Most of the kitchen space is occupied by the shelves and cupboards which are normally covered by laminates making it extremely pivotal to choose the one that is appropriate. After all, the kitchen décor is heavily dependent on the finish and texture of the kitchen cabinets.


The way one designs and maintains their kitchen says a lot about the design style preference of the owner. However, along with the décor, it is also significant to make the kitchen serve its purpose and be convenient to use and upkeep. 

Open kitchen living room layout design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Ease in maintenance depends a lot on the type of laminates you choose for the kitchen cabinet. Laminate comes in a variety of shades, textures and finishing which can imitate wood, stone, glass or metal. It can be shiny or have a rugged matte look. The cost varies to suit any budget restriction. Let’s dive in and check on the right laminates for your kitchen cabinets.


Choosing the right Laminate colours for kitchen cabinet

Your kitchen décor deserves as much concentration as the rest of the rooms in your home do. Selecting the colour combination for your laminate design for the kitchen can be tough. Your Kitchen design has to stand out from the rest of your home, but at the same time – effortlessly blend in. How do you achieve this? The right laminate sheet colours are a fantastic way to get through. Here are some kitchen laminate colour combinations that you might want to go ahead with:

Wood finish laminate designs for your kitchen cabinet - Beautiful Homes

Statement Wood Finish

Wood finish laminates can never go wrong, they’re an extremely safe and elegant choice. Certainly, your wood laminate kitchen will stand apart. 

Solid Colours are the Winners

Another choice that you cannot go wrong with is making use of solid colours for your kitchen laminates. You can match this to the colours of laminates used for the rest of your home to get a definition of continuity. Colours such as sage Green, Grey, or an easy Beige are super trendy and look very chic.


Solid coloured laminates for your kitchen cabinet designs - Beautiful Homes
Rustic warm shades of laminates for your kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

Rustic, Warm Shades

Many designers nowadays are opting for the kitchens to have an earthy look by using colours that give out warmth and sophistication. Shades such as deep maroon and light brown lend a natural feel to your kitchen décor.

A Masterpiece of Black and White

Out of all colours for kitchen cabinets, a colour combination that never ages or goes out of style is black and white. Basic, stylish, and classic, this colour combination for laminates is always there for you when you’ve run out of choices or get overwhelmed with too many choices.

Black & White laminate ideas for kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes
Yellow & grey laminates for your kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

A Little Bit of Flamboyance

Bring some light and life into your kitchen surfaces with a bright coloured laminate kitchen. Lively coloured laminates bring positivity and wonderful energy into your kitchens. Colours such as yellow, orange, and lime green are a great choice.


Which is the Right Type of Laminate for your Kitchen Cabinets?

The laminates that you use in your kitchen have a crucial purpose in the overall aesthetics, utility, and feel of your kitchen. Check out the wide range and variety of laminates for your kitchen cabinet material, and find the right fit for you.

1. Acrylic Finish Laminate (High gloss laminate)

Introduce a contemporary modern look to your kitchen with an acrylic finish high gloss laminate. These are highly durable and lend a reflective high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets which is available in various colour options. Acrylic kitchen cabinets are moisture resistant and are extremely resistant to fading caused due to the harmful UV rays. One major drawback of having high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets are that the pricing is quite steep, is prone to scratches, and requires frequent cleaning because fingerprints are very visible on them.

Acrylic finish laminate for your kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes
Textured laminate for your kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

2. Textured Laminate

Adore a deep high-end looking kitchen? An effortless way to subtly bring in a sense of depth into a kitchen is with textured laminate. Textures that evoke the feel and appearance of elements like solid wood are the best fit for contemporary kitchens. A heavily textured surface is not very prone to scratches but also is more likely to trap dust and dirt.

3. Antibacterial Laminates

To secure a fine hygiene level within your kitchen space, you need something that keeps a check on the growth of microbes and that is antibacterial laminates. These are manufactured with unique microbial additives which make them resistant to mould, termites and various other types of pathogens. Hence the anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics of these laminates control the growth and proliferation of different microorganisms.

Antibacterial laminates for your kitchen cabinet designs - Beautiful Homes
Matte finish laminate for your kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

4. Matte Finish Laminate

A matte finish laminate has a medium reflectiveness and a fine, standard finish. Matte-finish laminates offer a look of utility and classic aesthetic to any kitchen space. A major perk of such a laminate kitchen is that they have a wonderful resistance to scratches and dirt, which makes them effortless to clean and very low maintenance. As a precautionary step, you must take care to safeguard all laminated surfaces from constant exposure to water or extreme moisture as it can loosen the laminate from its base, which might be challenging to fix later on.

5. PVC Laminate

A PVC laminate sheet is a multi-layered, pre-processed laminate sheet that is made of polyvinyl chloride. They are made by pressing together a paper with plastic resins. The topmost layer is usually covered with a decorative pattern or colour. A PVC laminate sheet is available in matte or glossy finishes, is thin and can be easily bent without breaking.


6. Fire Retardant Kitchen Laminates

For extra safety and fire resistance in your kitchen, consider fire retardant laminates for your cabinetry. As these are treated with superior chemicals, in case of a fire these laminates reduce smoke emissions, and do not emit toxic smoke and there is a delay in the rise in the overall temperature of the laminate.

PVC laminates for your kitchen cabinet design - Beautiful Homes

Adorn your Kitchen Cabinetry with Beautiful Homes

A laminate design for the kitchen is available in \ numerous colours, textures, and finishes, allowing you to create the kitchen interiors of your dream without any compromise on style and preference. With Asian Paints Beautiful Homes panel of interior design experts, we offer exceptional guidance of kitchen décor with a range of kitchen laminate sheets available in umpteen options. To get more kitchen design ideas, talk to our friendly team for expert help to find the right laminate sheets and the best kitchen laminate colour combinations.


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