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How to: Decorate your living room with mirrors

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Nov 25, 2021
Carpet design for the traditional feels in your living room - Beautiful Homes

Mirrors, as a décor element in your living room, are a wonderful way to increase your ambient light, create an illusion of extra space and add subtle charm with minimal effort and expense. From traditional antiques to modern quirky designs, finding a mirror that suits your living space can quickly elevate your interiors

There’s no arguing with the facts; the primary function of a mirror is to look at oneself. It is, therefore, no wonder that most people think of mirrors as merely being a staple of bathroom, or at most, bedroom décor. While making sure that your outfit is on point is obviously essential, mirrors can be used for so much more!

Adding them to other parts of your home can do a lot to elevate the design sense of the space. These days, adding a modern wall mirror design for living room interiors is all the rage. But what are the best ways to add decorative mirrors for living room walls? And how do you find the ideal mirror design to suit your space?

Here, we’ll answer your questions and give you a few tips to follow when adding different types of mirrors to the décor scheme of your living room!

The Looking-Glass: An Essential Mirror for Living Room Décor

Going back to the fact that we use mirrors to make sure we’re looking our best, there’s no better time to do this than just before you step out the door. Taking one last glance before you leave the house can help to set your mind at ease and even put you in a great mood – it’s even the perfect place to do a daily affirmation before you start your work day! This is why having a mirror in the hallway that leads up to your living room, or just beside the door if your home is more open-plan, is a great addition to your décor.

Traditional mirrors for your modern living room interior - Beautiful Homes

Including wall mirrors for living room entryways or in slightly narrower halls can also help give a feeling of spaciousness as soon as one enters the house. A mirror reflects the open space of the living room to create the illusion of a larger area and draws the eye further in. Another advantage to living room mirror wall décor in these settings is that it can dramatically increase the ambient light of that area. By creating a brighter space, you reduce any sense of it being crowded or cramped, enhancing the “open feel” of your space. One thing to keep in mind when putting a mirror right at the entrance of your home, is to always check what’s reflected in it when standing at the doorway, so that you protect your privacy and avoid showing more of the interiors than you want to.

Make sure the mirror you choose suits the wall-space that is available to it. If you have a smaller niche near your doorway that the mirror needs to fit into, consider looking for a mirror with a thinner frame so that you maximise the reflective surface.

Modern mirror design for the trendy view in your living room space - Beautiful Homes

Trendy View: Modern Mirrors for Living Room Spaces

Frameless and unusually shaped wall mirrors are becoming easier to find these days, and these are often the perfect choice in modern wall mirror design for living room interiors that feature a more minimalist or futuristic style. You can enhance your décor theme by creating odd angles and spaces through the reflections shown within your mirrors. For example, placing mirrors on opposite walls so that they face each other and create an “infinite” illusion within a smaller space.

In modern apartments, another effective mirror design for living room spaces that are on the smaller side, is a large mirror that takes up one entire wall of the room. This accent wall will create a deceptive spaciousness as it echoes the living room around it. You could also place your mirror to reflect a window – either straight on or at an angle – not only increasing the ambient natural light, but also pulling the outdoors into your home as a design feature.

An option to choose if you want to emphasise the décor within your modern living room, is to use a large mirror as the backing behind a display shelf. 

This is also an effective method to draw the eye and keep the focus on your collectibles and statement pieces. For people who are interested in current design trends that can add an offbeat charm, lean a mirror against one of your living room walls. Again, if placed to reflect a skylight or window this will effectively double the light and feeling of space within the room, while if angled to reflect a decorative feature, it pulls the focus to make it a statement piece.

Crafted Image: A Designer Mirror for Living Room Walls

It’s possible that you have an idea of how and where you want to place a mirror in your living room, but just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in the ready-made mirrors that are available. Maybe you need more unique mirror decoration ideas for living room and family rooms that have a one-of-a-kind feel.

With designer mirrors, you can have a craftsman create a mirror according to your specifications – ensuring that the size, shape and even the pattern of the frame fit perfectly into your décor theme. Of course, a handcrafted mirror may be a costly option that’s not within your budget. In this case, DIY wall mirror décor for living room interiors is a possible choice that’s much easier and less time consuming than it might appear.

One extremely quick and easy DIY project is to line a simply framed mirror with fairy lights; hiding the wires behind the frame backing will keep things looking neat and tidy. You could also mount a mirror onto a larger wooden board, then create a unique pattern by fixing cord, glass stones, beads, pebbles or even large buttons, on the board around the mirror.

Wall mirror designs to add elegance in your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

 Make sure you use industrial strength fixatives while mounting your mirror on the board so there is no chance of it falling. For a personalised frame that reflects the themes within your living room décor, don’t forget to plan out your pattern in advance!

Indoor plants to keep in your living room for the nature lover - Beautiful Homes

Attention Grab: Fancy Wall Mirrors for Living Room Interiors

If you don’t have the time and patience to craft your own unique mirror, a great way to get a similar feel is to use multiple mirrors in different styles, shapes and patterns to form an accent wall. When it comes to mirror ideas for living room walls, this is a much loved classic that can be found in houses, hotels and commercial spaces across the world.

Despite the fact that this is no longer an avant-garde way to use mirrors in your interior décor, with the addition of your own unique flair in the choice of mirrors used, it remains quirky and chic. Intersperse your mirrors with framed black and white photographs or with decorative typography for a customised effect.

Alternatively, choose mirrors with embellished or interestingly decorative frames for a boho chic look that could fit well into a modern living space. Decorative items like ornamental frames are a particularly attractive choice for a wall mirror in small living room areas, as they can be used as statement pieces and will create a unique focus wall with very little effort.

Reflecting History: Traditional Mirrors for Modern Living Rooms

When it comes to ornamental mirror frames, many of us have truly beautiful pieces around our homes that just need a little TLC to shine. Antique mirrors with heavy wooden frames or traditional pieces that are elaborately and exquisitely carved might go overlooked if the mirror surface is pitted or discoloured. Replacing the mirror or the mirror backing will fix this, and with a quick polish or refurbishing of the frame, you have a usable mirror for living room interiors.

Traditional mirrors for your modern living room interior - Beautiful Homes

If your décor theme is traditionally influenced but you can’t find an antique-style mirror within your price range nor do you have a family heirloom available, an easy way to add that old-world charm is with mirror work wall-hangings. This traditional style adds an element of shimmer and shine, and is an interesting way to incorporate mirror wall décor for living room themes that are more focused on soft furnishings and Indian elements.

Finding the perfect mirror design for living room interiors, that will enhance and elevate your décor, might not be an easy task. But, with our curated collection and advice from our expert team, things get a little more simple!

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