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How to incorporate brick walls in bedroom design

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Jun 20, 2022
Rustic brick wall design in the rustic style bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Brick walls are one of the trendiest ways to decorate your walls these days and can be the focal point of any room, including the bedroom. Here we take a look at some innovative ways to incorporate brick walls in a bedroom design

At the end of a long, hard day, the bedroom is the sanctuary that we seek to relax in and rejuvenate. A good night’s sleep is important for our circadian rhythm and helps in improving concentration and productivity. Creating a comfortable space that encourages sleep is vital and a bedroom should be a space that is functional enough to cater to all our day-to-day activities when we are awake and a cocoon to curl up in when we want to retire and rest.


A bedroom should be designed with a sensitive manipulation of light and tone. It should be a harmonious combination of invigorating light and colour to awaken us and a calm, tranquil ambiance to soothe us at night. Though we are asleep for a good part of the time we spend there, no other room has such an impact on our waking life. The elements that we choose for our bedroom have a big effect on our mood and energy.


There is an abundance of choice when designing a bedroom, and one of the most popular trends of recent years has been the brick wall for bedroom design. Brick walls in interior design often convey a sense of history, but can also be elegant and contemporary.

Tips to Incorporate Brick Walls for your Bedroom Design

The trend of using brick wall for bedroom design is in vogue and the look and texture that a raw brick wall can bring to any space can be spectacular. Whether you design your bedroom wall with bricks that look weathered from time or coated with pigments of paint, whether it is textured or glazed, a lovely, rustic brick wall design can become the most beautiful feature of the room.


If you’re looking for a creative way to design a brick wall for bedroom, there are a number of techniques and effects to choose from. 

Brick wall painting texture design - Beautiful Homes

Here are some clever and innovative ways to design creative and beautiful brick walls that give your bedroom a mesmerizing look.

Exposed brick wall design for rustic bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Exposed Brick Wall Design Adds Rustic Charm to Bedroom Design

The elegance of an exposed brick wall can add a cosy, rustic ambiance to any bedroom, large or small. Making one wall, ideally the wall that you see when you walk in the door, out of exposed brick, and painting the other three white will bring out the beauty of the brick wall.


In a large room with big windows and a lot of light, add heavy drapes, thick carpets and monochromatic colours as a complement to the brick wall for a startling look. 

A smaller room can be made more vivid and brightened by highlighting the brick wall with different shades of a bold colour for a cosy and charming space.


Neutral Painted brick Design for Contemporary Bedroom

Painted brick walls can give the room an underlying colour theme to work on and you can complement the brick wall with neutral colours or a duller shade of the same colour, on the other walls. 


Bricks painted in soft, neutrals like white, cream or grey may not be as rustic as an exposed brick wall but they lend an elegant texture to your walls. Add light wood furniture, pretty patterned linen and metallic accents for a fine-looking bedroom.


Bold Brick Wall Design Paint to Liven your Bedroom

Brick walls painted in bold, brilliant colours can turn a boring bedroom into a vivacious one. Bold colours on brick allows for the texture and charm of the brick to come through. It doesn't mess with whatever colour theme you are working with and instead adds another dimension to it.


Add a vibrant touch of red paint or a sunflower yellow to brighten up the earthy tones of the exposed brick. Calming deep greens or blues will be a beautiful complement to your unfinished brick, bringing an inviting feel to your room.


Trendy Modern Brick Wall Bedroom Ideas

If you happen to live in a modern apartment where it is common to find brick walls all neatly covered up, consider letting the original brickwork shine through.


Add to the modern, industrial look of the bedroom by using metal and chrome, for instance, a beautiful iron bedstead with sheer net curtains around it will look beautiful against an exposed or painted brick backdrop. Add minimalistic furniture and muted colours for a sophisticated modern brick wall bedroom.

An Accent Brick Wall Design for a Masculine Bedroom

Accent brick walls look perfect with any décor style, and you can leave it exposed or paint it to complement the theme of your room. It can add an industrial chic to your bedroom, create a beautiful texture and looks great with modern, minimalistic furniture and traditional styles.


It is the perfect backdrop for vintage headboards and rustic wooden wall décor. An exposed brick wall easily creates an ambience, especially if you want to highlight a moody and masculine bedroom.

Accent brick wall with hanging ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes
Brick wall paneling with wall art - Beautiful Homes

Add Brick Design Wall Tiles for an Enchanting Effect

If having a natural exposed brick wall is not an option, consider brick design wall tiles. The same rustic look of a raw brick wall can be replicated by installing brick wall tiles on a bedroom wall design giving it a unique and distinctive style. Install these tiles on any one of the walls to create a focal point in the room, lending the room subtle warmth and character.

An Interesting Brick Wall Texture Design to Make your Walls Stand Out

Another great way to replicate an actual exposed brick wall is by using a brick wall texture design. Brick wall texture paints are available in a cornucopia of colours and whether you are looking for a reclaimed look or a modern sleek brick look, you will be able to find it. With a tiled brick wall, you have the beauty of a brick wall but it is easy to maintain.

TV mounted on the red brick wall design in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Rustic brick wall design in the rustic style bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

A Brick Wall Painting Texture Design for Bedroom

If you want a funky new take on the classic brick wall, there is an innovative brick wall painting texture design that you can try. Instead of having the traditional bricks one on top of another design, the bricks can be laid at a slant to each other, creating a very different and eye-catching detail. This kind of bedroom accent wall is a statement in itself and would not need to have any other kind of adornment.

Add Shelves to Enhance Brick Wall Interior Design

An exposed brick wall lends itself to all kinds of wall décor. You can install rustic, wooden shelves held up by ropes for a lovely cottage look. Arrange glass vases full of dried flowers and leaves for a charming effect. Glass and steel shelves will give a sophisticated look for your Modern bedroom design.

Brick wall painting design with open shelf - Beautiful Homes
Brick wall texture design for bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Partial Brick Wall Painting Design for a Cosy Bedroom

A great idea for a cosy, comfortable bedroom is having partially exposed and partially painted brick wall painting design. This will be a statement wall by itself and needs no further embellishment. Adding a vintage bed, cosy quilts and a mixture of heavy drapes mixed with sheers will give you a bright bedroom during the day and a cosy sanctuary at night.


Limewash Bedroom Design for Indian Homes

At the end of the day, if you love having an Indian theme, there is nothing that looks better than a lime wash brick wall that is evocative of a rural village house. Adorn it with a colourful, Indian dhurrie or vibrant Indian arts and crafts, and use linen with Indian motifs to bring the Indian theme together splendidly.



How can Beautiful Homes help you create a brick wall design for your bedroom interior?

Beautiful Homes provides exceptional turnkey interior design services to create a captivating aesthetic for every environment. Whether providing home furnishings, designing a room makeover or doing a complete remodelling of a home, no project is too big or too small. Our interior design team starts with an initial in-home or virtual design consultation to learn the needs of each individual client. Once we understand client tastes and requirements, a 3-D rendering of the interior space plan for each room will be given.


If you decide to go for a brick wall design, we will show you a depiction of exactly how the wall will look when it is finished, so you can figure out if it is something that you want. We want our clients to know how each of their rooms will look before making any decision. With your input and our precise planning, we will design a beautiful bedroom that you will look forward to returning to at the end of a long day.


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