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How to light a room without installing a false ceiling

  • Lighting Ideas
Feb 04, 2022
Bedroom with a small center ceiling light, floor & table lamps in the corner - Beautiful Homes

Lighting design is one of the most important elements of an interior design and there are some great ways to light up your rooms without installing a false ceiling. Here are some gorgeous lighting designs that will take your breath away

Effective lighting is important in interior design. Lights for rooms can affect the ambiance and mood of a space and is one of the most fundamental elements of a house design. When placed expertly, fancy home lighting can add another dimension to a space, and truly bring an interior design project to life. Understanding daylight and how it enters a space is a crucial factor when designing lighting solutions. The lighting fixture must be positioned perfectly to bring warmth to a room and add to the natural light, complementing it.


A successful lighting design adds depth, height and highlights the impressive features of a room. It is a balance of light and shadow that creates a comfortable and dramatic atmosphere. To achieve this, different lighting options such as downlights, uplights, wall lights, floor lights, feature lights, pendants, and lamps should be skillfully integrated. The pop plus minus design  concept can be applied to the lighting to add interest and depth to each room.


There are two types of lighting to consider when designing interiors. One is functional lighting, like the kitchen lights that help you prepare a meal and the other is decorative lighting which is installed as a piece of design in itself, like a chandelier, a layered pendant lamp or an ornate floor lamp. By using these lighting options cleverly, you can create a home décor that is dazzling and unique.



Ideas to Light Up your Room without a False Ceiling

For a while now, there has been a trend of solely using false ceilings for lighting purposes. Explore the possibilities of integrating stunning false ceiling design with a variety of other gorgeous fancy home lighting options. You can create beautiful spaces with multiple other gorgeous fancy home lighting. The kind of lighting that you will choose will depend on what the room will be used for. Accent lighting can be used to enhance certain spots and ambient lighting can be used to create a great atmosphere in a room.


Here are some gorgeous and fancy home lighting for your interiors that will make a dazzling statement in every room.

1. Light Up a Large, Lavish Foyer with a Gorgeous Chandelier

Chandeliers look splendid in rooms that have tall ceilings, like foyers, and stairwells. In the foyer, they are the first beautiful representation of your home and immediately draws the eye. Large stairwells are perfect spaces for a cascading chandelier feature, as both the winding staircase and the layered chandelier create a sense of drama.  It is important to pick the right chandelier for the room. The chandelier should not overwhelm the space or get lost in it.

Large chandelier at the center of the room & wall sconces for lighting - Beautiful Homes
Modern table lamp shades used for bedroom lighting - Beautiful Homes

2. A Stylish Table Lamp can Make your Room come Alive

Modern living is more minimalistic and millennials prefer sleeker lines and cleaner looks. A table lamp is a great addition to a compact and small living space. Lampshades play a big part in the effect that is created and need to be factored in when choosing the lamp as they create interesting shadows on the walls. The shades can also be used to accent the upholstery by using colours and designs that complement it.

3. Create Interesting Designs with Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a great way to add an interesting component to a room. Mismatched hanging lights over the dining table, cascading hanging lights in the foyer, uneven hanging lights over the kitchen-cum-dining island are all great ways to make dull spaces more interesting. The hanging lights over the dining table is a popular trend as it looks great, focuses light on the food and makes for a great dining experience.


4. Exquisite Floor Lamps can Elevate a Room’s Appearance

Floor lamps are great accent lights for rooms. A lovely ornate lamp in the corner of a bedroom next to a jalli screen will make a bedroom look very elegant. A floor lamp with a crystal chandelier shade will become a statement piece in a drawing room. Matching table lamps on either side of the sofa set in the living room with a complementing floor lamp in the corner will be all the lighting a small living room requires.


5. Unique Chandelier Light Designs for a Small Living Room

Who says a small living room cannot have a chandelier light? A unique way to create a statement in a small living room is to have a chandelier hanging down the corner of a room. This will not take up space as it is tucked away in a corner, will provides adequate lighting and is an exquisite piece of art in itself.


6. Graceful Pendant Lighting for Elegant Interiors

Pendant lighting comes in very graceful pieces and can fit just about anywhere and can be used in any kind of décor. They can be used as a cascading piece to liven up the corner of a bedroom, they can be dropped as twos and threes in different parts of a foyer for a majestic effect or a beautiful single piece can hang low over the living room table to create one single, stunning focal point.

7. Spice Up your Space with LED Lights in Room

If you are bored of traditional lighting and want to spice up your space, put up LED strip lighting along the edges of your corridors, along the walls of your living room or in psychedelic patterns on your ceiling. If you aren’t that adventurous, you can use them for accent lighting under the kitchen cabinets, up the side of bookshelves or to uplight the dining table. The end result is always off the charts.

LED wall & ceiling lights in the room - Beautiful Homes

8. Create an Ethereal Fairy Lights Room Décor for your Teenager

Room decoration lights are pretty additions to any room. A young kid will love a room that has string lights, around the bed, over the dressing table and around the window or in horizontal lines near the ceiling. Room decoration lights can also be hung from the window, in straight lines or curves, or can even be used as an art piece on an empty wall.

Fancy traditional home lights & chandelier in the room - Beautiful Homes

9. Beautiful Jhumar Light to Match your Décor

The most beautiful jhumars are pieces of art by themselves. A single jhumar light in a living room, foyer or dining room is all that a room needs to stand out. These days, jhumars come in different styles and match any kind of décor. There are very traditional and ornate ones that will look great in a stately living room; as for living room design, these contemporary designs will fit perfectly.

10. Elegant Hanging Ceiling Lights for a Contemporary Living Room

There are so many different ways to use hanging lights to make a dazzling visual impact. An amazing starting off point for a contemporary living room. would be a set of three or four, pale gold, glass bowl shaped hanging lights over a low table decorated with gold glass bowls filled with flowers Add a low seating arrangement in beige tones, shag carpeting and a single standing lamp in the corner for a stunning living room design.


11. Bring the Sparkle with LED Home Ceiling Lights

LED home ceiling lights come in a range of designs and can be used to brighten up any room. A big advantage of these lights is that they are environmentally friendly and are great energy savers. You can find a suitable one to match any kind of interior décor.

Contemporary pendant lights & a floor lamp in the living room - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Lighting your House without a False Ceiling?

Lighting is one of the most important details in any interior design. Our mission, at Beautiful Homes, is to help you customize each lighting design to suit the requirements of the room. Our designs will suit every type of home décor, and our fresh, balanced perspective will bring beauty and comfort into every home. Our years of experience in this business has helped us build relationships with hundreds of brands that specialize in well-crafted custom designed pieces from furniture, to window treatments, and upholstery to lighting fixtures.


Our lighting solutions will take into account the aesthetics and décor of a room, as well as what the room will be used for. Most importantly, our expert interior designers will work with and around natural light in a harmonious way. Our goal is to spark your life and bring brightness to your space and we will achieve that with our range of lights for rooms, from chandeliers, pendants, wall sconces, and jhumars to help you create a heartfelt environment that will express the singularity of your house.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your home interior design, home decor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon! 

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