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How to maximize storage in your wardrobe

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Jun 19, 2022
Maximize storage in your wardrobe for your modern bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Maximise the storage in your wardrobe with these hacks

Wardrobes for your Home

As the living places get smaller and smaller, so do storage spaces in homes. And a minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. On the flip side, sometimes you can have all the room you need but still cannot fit it in the available space.


Either way, the best case scenario is to create a custom wardrobe design and organisation plan. It will allow you to make the most of the space and store all your belongings safely. Part of streamlining the “wardrobe interior design” is to understand what it already offers— hanging space, number of drawers and shelves, etc. Another aspect is to get the right wardrobe organiser tools.

Types of Wardrobes

Before you go ahead and start buying the best wardrobe organiser paraphernalia, take a look at the type of closet you have. Here are a few common types of bedroom wardrobes and the aspects you need to consider choosing the right one for you.


1. Walk-in Closet

With so much space at your disposal, there’re many ways to organise walk-in closets to best suit your lifestyle. You can have separate sections based on occasion, seasons, colour, etc. You can also ensure that all your footwear and accessories are stored well and are easily accessible.


Turn it into a dressing space with a vanity and mirrors to make getting ready a breeze each time. If you have any additional space there, you can use it to store your linens, bedding, etc. Add inconspicuous lockers to safe-keep your valuables.

Walk-in closet for your modern bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Armories & dressers for your modern bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Armoires and Dressers

Wooden wardrobes such as armoires and dressers are great additional storage in any room. You can use these versatile and portable pieces as a bedroom wardrobe, pantry to store cutlery and dishes, children’s toys, etc. If you lead a minimal lifestyle, it might be enough storage for you. Or you can use it to switch seasonal wear, linens, bedding, shoes and other accessories.

3. Reach-in Closets

Reach-ins are a great option for small bedrooms. Since they’re attached to the room (much like a bathroom), you save valuable floor space. The latest designs are much more versatile than the traditional hanging rod and a top-shelf.


You now have the option to include shelving, drawers, two-level hanging space, pull-out shelves, shoe racks, etc. Additionally, based on the room’s layout, you can choose various door options. Turn it into a sliding wardrobe design with pocket doors or folding doors. You can opt for regular hinged doors as well. This will give you added storage space.

Reach-in closet for your modern bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
In build wardrobes for your modern bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. In-built Wardrobe

Inbuilt wardrobe interior design is also customisable and can be used as all-purpose storage. Opt for a wall to wall and floor to ceiling design if you have the space. It will allow you to make the most of the space. You can then configure the wardrobe design inside per your requirements.

Tips to Maximise Storage in your Wardrobe

1. Draw Up a Plan for Organising your Wardrobe

More often than not, the shortage of space is due to disorganisation and clutter. In any case, it helps to go through all your belongings periodically and purge anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Doing so will allow you to categorise your possessions and figure out an efficient way to sort them.


It is crucial that you take into account your lifestyle when creating an organisation system. Labelling, colour coding, and using dividers and compartments are a few ways that might work for you. Anything that you use regularly should be easily accessible. Stuff that you use from time to time can be stored on the top shelves. If you have limited space, use the limited wardrobe space for clothes and accessories you’re not going to use often. Instead, get a coat hanger or rails for your daily wear or an open storage unit.


2. (Re)configure the Space Based on your Preferences and Lifestyle

Take into account how your clothes and accessories need to be stored. Coats, dress shirts, and formal wear should generally be hung. Most accessories need to be laid flat. Knitwear can be folded and stacked. Based on this, determine how many drawers, shelves and hanging space you require. Do it especially when you’re designing a wardrobe from scratch. Whatever you choose for wardrobe design inside, make sure that the set-up is flexible. It’ll allow you to change things up in the future if need be.


3. Personalise with Closet Organising Kits

Are you looking for something less permanent and more flexible? Closet organising kits are a great solution. They’re portable, customisable and available for all types of closets and wardrobes. Wardrobe organiser kits are an excellent option if you’re renting. You can get all the benefits of a bespoke storage system. You may not get a statement laminate or wooden wardrobe, but these kits more than make up for it with functionality.


4. Baskets and Bins are Great Wardrobe Organiser Tools

Stacking clothes or accessories and storing loose items can give your modern wardrobe design a dishevelled look. This is where baskets and bins come in. Categorising your belongings is vital. It’ll allow you to make designated areas for everything. Once you’ve allocated space, arrange everything neatly in baskets or bins.


Have a dedicated bin for handbags, winter wear, socks, slippers, extra bedding and blankets, etc. You can then stack the containers on top of each other to make the most of the vertical space. Labelling the bins will help you when you need to retrieve particular things.


5. Make Room for Shoes in your Wardrobes

With any reach-in closets, the bottom part is often forgotten. Using up the vertical space is not just about going high. Get some shoe racks or pull-out shelves for your beloved shoes and accessories. Place it beneath your hanging rack for easy access. Make room by hanging the longest clothes together and putting the racks beneath the shorter ones. If you have enough hanging space, consider getting a hanging shoe organiser.


6. Make Use of the Empty Space

The doors of wardrobes and closets often go unused. You don’t always need shelving to make use of the empty vertical space. Just place a hook over the door and attach a simple cloth hanger to it. Or you can add rails to the door. Put up your ties, hats, scarves, worn clothes, etc. Have all your favourites within reach every time you’re ready to take on the world. It might not work for sliding wardrobe design, so be careful about the placement of the hanger and peg rails.


7. Get Lofts in your Closets

We all have things that we’d rather not part with- doilies from grandma’s house, old hobby memorabilia, favourite plushies or quilts and, of course, photo albums. Lofts come in handy for storing items that have sentimental value but aren’t functional.

If you have a bunch of suitcases, store these items in there and then put them up in the loft. This way, you don’t need to figure out storage for both separately, and you can make room for other things. Lofts are also a great option for putting away seasonal clothing.


8. Floor to Ceiling Wardrobes

A wardrobe stretched to the full height is an excellent way to create all the storage you need. It isn’t just for built-in wardrobes, you can do it for walk-in and reach-in closets as well. With maximum capacity, you can store everything in one place. Lighter interiors, see-through glass doors and good illumination will make the space appear larger. The glass door is an added incentive to maintain an organised closet.


9. Use Storage Hacks to Make Use of Dead Space

Many closets have awkward or unreachable corners. Instead of leaving it as dead space, make use of it with modular storage solutions. For example, a shelf cart on wheels, L shaped shelves, etc.


10. Here’s a Bunch of Quick Hacks for Compact Storage

  • Use a dish rack for purses and clutches.
  • Use S hooks instead of hangers for pants.
  • Use drawer dividers to maximise drawer space and keep things orderly.
  • Use wonder hangers to keep the same type of clothing together.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Wardrobe Design?

We at Beautiful Homes provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design requirements—from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions.


With our services, you are sure to get a personalised bedroom interior and a modern wardrobe design. Our design professionals are well-versed in various design styles. Whatever your preferred aesthetic may be, you will get custom design solutions that best answer your needs.


Visit our website to check out projects executed by us so far. Book a 3D consultation call to understand the project’s process, design, and execution or walk into our stores across India to learn more about what we offer.

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