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How to paint a room?

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Aug 31, 2022
Tips to paint the rooms for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Painting is one of the simplest and the most popular home improvement projects to make a space feel larger and give it a completely new look. If you are thinking of taking up this DIY task, here are some tips on how to paint a room

Home Interior Design

Interior design is all about transforming ordinary spaces into bright and cheerful havens. This kind of change not only accentuates the look of a home but helps elevate living experience as well. One of the simplest and most popular ways to make a space feel larger and give it a completely new look is a lick of paint.


It is a good idea to update your interior with a fresh coat of paint every few years to ​keep your interiors healthy and help it look its best. Many homeowners enjoy taking on painting as a DIY project, converting drab and dull spaces into gorgeous sanctuaries in no time at all.


What to Do Before you Paint a Room?

Interior painting is one of the easiest and most popular DIY home improvement activities. This is because painting isn't terribly difficult and doesn't require specialized training. But, if you have decided to use your downtime to spruce up your walls on your own, remember that the prep work is as important as the actual job of painting.


Here are step by step instructions on how to paint a room efficiently.

1. Choosing the right paint color to paint a room

Choosing a paint colour for your walls can be one of the most daunting tasks of decorating one's interiors.


There are two things to consider when choosing a room colour:

  • The furniture, art, and fabrics, for instance, if they are big and bright, soften the paint tone for contrast.

  • The vibe you want for the room, are you looking for cosy and intimate or rich and dramatic.
What to do before painting a room in your house - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2. Essential paint tools to paint a room

There are a number of paint tools needed to paint a room. Make sure that you have the following handy before starting a paint job.

  • Wall cleaner
  • Paint sander
  • Painter's tape
  • Paint brush set
  • Paint rollers
  • Paint sponge
  • Canvas dropcloths
  • Paint brush cleaner
  • Paint bucket
  • Roller tray
  • Sturdy ladder
  • Putty knife.


3. How much paint is required to paint a room?

How much paint is required to paint a room will depend on the size of the room. As a rule of thumb, about four litres of paint will suffice for up to 400 square feet, which is enough to cover a small room like a bathroom. An average sized room will require about 8 litres of paint.


4. How to paint a wall yourself – Wall preparation

To apply a perfectly smooth coat of paint to walls, you must start sanding the wall to get a smooth surface.  Sanding with a paint sander helps level out imperfections, flattens ridges, and feathers out repairs. It also allows the new paint coat to adhere more easily. 


5. Cover the furniture before you paint a room

Whether you use a brush or rollers, paint tends to spray and drip and even professional painters cover furniture when painting. Cover the furniture with plastic, old newspapers or old bed sheets.

Colour combinations for your room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

6. Test house painting colour combinations before you buy

When doing home colour selection for your interiors, test wall color combinations first. The colour cards are helpful and most paint companies have 3 D visualisers to help choose colours. But, buy a sampler tin and test the colour on your walls as the amount of light saturation will change the shade slightly.

7. How to paint a wall at home - Room painting techniques

Creative wall painting techniques give a much better effect than regularly applied paint. If you are wondering how to paint a wall at home with creative painting ideas for wall, like paint sponge painting, colour washing, rag rolling, ombré and striping, there are many online tutorials. Most of these wall painting techniques don't require any sort of artistic talent but can create an interior aesthetic that's truly unlike any other.


8. How to paint a room two different colors divided

Two-tone distemper colour schemes on walls create instant architectural interest and contrast in the room with minimal effort. Follow these simple steps.

  • Paint wall with lighter colour first and let it dry.

  • Apply painter’s tape along edge of painted wall where the two walls meet.

  • Paint other wall with a darker colour.

  • Remove painter’s tape. 
Room painting techniques for your home design - Beautiful Homes

9. How to paint a fake brick wall

If you want to know how to paint a fake brick wall without the hassle of masonry, follow these simple steps.

  • Paint wall with the base colour. Choose a light wood color paint.

  • Make a brick stencil with cardboard.

  • Use painter’s tape to secure the stencil to the wall.

  • Dab your brush into the colour palette and fill in your stencil.

  • Continue along the wall, moving the stencil in a grid till finished.
Designer paint roller for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RED

10. How to paint designs on walls with designer paint roller

These days, beautiful designer rollers are available to create a gorgeous designer paint wall. If you want to know how to paint designs on walls, follow these simple steps.

  • Mark design roller to where design starts.

  • Roll it in paint and starting from the mark, roll it down the wall.

  • Align the next row with the previous one without a gap and roll down from the mark again.

  • After three rows, repeat from step two.

11. How to paint a room with paint spray machine

A paint sprayer makes painting easy but it does need some skill. It is better to try a paint sprayer on an outside wall first before bringing it into the house.

  • Protect nearby surfaces, like windows, trim, and floors.
  • Clear work area of tripping hazards
  • Stir paint well in paint bucket and strain to prevent clogs.
  • Fill the spray machine with mixed paint.
  • Hold paint gun nozzle perpendicular to and 10 to 12 inches away from surface.
  • Start moving gun before you start spraying.
  • Use long, straight strokes, keeping it even.


12. How to choose bedroom colors

When considering how to choose bedroom colors, think of the way you want the room to feel. If you want an energetic and upbeat room, yellows and oranges are great, blues and greens can be calm and relaxing and if you want a sexy boudoir, red is a passionate choice.

13. How to apply texture paint for walls

Textured paint can have a unique effect on the walls, lending your home personality, character, and ambiance. These simple steps can help you create a vibrant and stunning wall.

  • Choose paint texture type, for instance, sand textured paint, knockdown textured paint or popcorn textured paint depending on the look that you want to achieve.

  • Prepare your drywall.

  • Make sure that your paint is mixed well before application to achieve a smooth finish.
All white colour design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

14. How to Paint a House – Room by Room Breakdown

If you have taken on the task of painting an entire house, we can help you figure out how to paint a house, room by room. Start with the kitchen as it usually takes the longest. Make your way to the entertainment areas, like the living room and dining room, and finish up with the bedrooms and bathrooms.


15. How to do a 3d painting on wall of living room?

A 3D painting can look unusual and unique in a living room but it needs some level of skill. One way to achieve a 3D effect is by layering the wall with decorative additions after painting it. An easier alternative to achieve a 3D look is by using stick on wall murals to achieve a similar effect.


How to Paint a Room – Step by Step Breakdown

  1. Cover furniture before starting to paint room.
  2. Tape the door, windows and trims before you paint room.
  3. Fill holes or cracks and sand the walls.
  4. Wipe them down to ensure that they are smooth.
  5. Apply primer with paint brush.
  6. Mix paint well and pour into tray.
  7. Dip paint roller in roller tray.
  8. Use the “W” painting technique with paint roller.
  9. Do grid by grid “W” painting till entire room is covered.
  10. Peel tape out and clean up.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Painting your Room?

Beautiful Homes brings their years of design experience to transform your space into a home that you will never want to leave. They have true passion for the design process and offer a seamless approach to creating spaces with functional and luxurious interiors. Their expert design team is dedicated to changing the way people look at interior design.


Browse through their unique curated collection of furniture, furnishings and accessories at their online store. Get in touch with these design experts for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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