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How to revamp a medicine cabinet

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May 01, 2022
Red open medicine cabinet for bathroom - Beautiful Homes

No more sacrificing function over style when it comes to medicine cabinets. Here are our top ways to modernise your medicine cabinet and make them feel trendy

Bathrooms are one of those spaces where we rejuvenate ourselves and hence it’s fair to say that we should create our bathroom design in one of the most functional and plush ways possible. While modern bathroom décor has seen many things like impressive bathtubs, medicine cabinets, elegant vanity units and stylish dispensers and storage. Talking about medicine cabinets, they aren't just for meds anymore. In fact, they serve as a catchall for all those bathroom essentials you want close at hand but still out of sight. Having a medicine cabinet for bathroom can help enhance your storage potential. These cabinets can decrease the clutter in your bathroom, which in turn offers less pain when you want to redo your bathroom.


Your medicine cabinet for bathroom also brims with design potential. It just takes a slight imagination and effort. To help you with it, we have rounded up some doable tips to revamp your bathroom medicine cupboard. From pivoting types to double mirrors and more, read along to get  inspired with the best medicine cabinets décor ideas that will transform your bathroom into the intelligent space it deserves to be.


1. Spring Clean your Medicine Cabinet

We all have items in our medicine cabinet storage that are weird and no longer welcome. Take every last thing out of your medicine cabinet shelves and bring it down to just essentials. It’s essential to extend spring cleaning to your medicine chests. Organise all of your products, medicines, jewels and hair things into two different piles: stuff to keep & stuff to toss. If you can't find an expiration date, use your senses. If deodorant feels too tacky or smells funny, toss it.


Ditch anything that has changed colour, smell or taste. This includes any colours that have faded, because they may have been exposed to excessive light. Discard unmarked containers, if something is no longer in its actual container and cannot be recognised, get rid of it. In the future, try to always keep medicines in their authentic containers so that you can readily identify every medication. This includes ointments since these can easily be mistaken for body creams.


Please note: Be cautious and mindful about throwing out medication. Because of the possible harm to the environment, it is not suggested to simply throw out medication or flush them down the toilet. Here’s what to do:

  • Put all medicine in a sealable bag. If there are solid medications, add some water so they can dissolve.
  • Add kitty litter, coffee grounds sawdust, or any material that melds well and makes it unappealing for kids or animals to consume.
  • Seal the bag and put it in the trash can.
  • Clear any identifying details on the prescription bottle (like the label), clean and recycle.

1. Measure, Decorate and Glamorise your Medicine Cabinet

Properly measure the inside of the cabinet for the papers to line the back wall and door. Go out and bring some beautiful lining papers to line your cabinet. The fancy rich wrapping paper at your favourite stationery shop will work outstanding, you can also use wallpaper or contact paper for a better, long-lasting install. Cut out your papers to fit the back wall spaces on the medicine cabinet for the bathroom. Spread a spray adhesive to the back of the paper. Press the paper to the back of the cabinet, smoothing out all the air bubbles along the way.

White medicine cupboard with lock - Beautiful Homes

Swap Door Knobs:
Another effortless way to introduce some glamour to your medicine cabinet for the bathroom is to switch out your boring, bland doorknob for a fancy, trendy one.


Add Magnetic Strips:

Once your paper is secured, put up some magnetic strips. Depending on the size of your medicine cabinet, shape and personal preference you can place the strips on the back wall and/or on the inside of the door.


Organise The Products:

Consolidating products into smaller, more appealing containers is a quick way to save room in a small medicine cabinet and add grace.

2. Do the Finishing Touches

Buy a bunch of adorable matching towels and a lavish container. Fold your towels into thirds so that you can't see any tags or binding and stack them in a visually appealing container.

How to Keep your Bathroom Cabinet Looking Neat and Attractive?

With constant care and upkeep, it only takes you less time with the tiniest effort to keep your bathroom medicine drawer cabinet looking fresh and aesthetic.


Below are some helpful tips to help you keep your medicine cabinets looking snug and stunning for years to come.

Wall mounted medicine cabinet storage - Beautiful Homes

1. Punctual Wiping of Spills on the Bathroom Cabinet

Most substances that dribble on the cabinets may become challenging to get rid of. If you take too long to wipe them off, they may end up staining. Hence, whenever there’s a spill on the cabinet surfaces, assure you wipe it off instantly. Use moist clothing to wipe, and then dry the surface. While getting rid of the spillage, try to use a blotting manner rather than a wiping technique. It works sufficiently and guarantees no scratches on the cabinets. Furthermore, avoid using steel wool on your wooden wall mounted medicine cabinet. It may scratch the surface of the cabinets and harm the timber finishes.

2. Check the Extreme Moisture

Always remember that moisture is one of the most destructive destroyers of surface finishes. Cabinets situated close to the bathroom basin and standalone tub and shower are most exposed to moisture. Always dry off any sites with water spillage instantly. Also, avoid placing wet towels or other wet things on the cabinet doors.

3. Dodge Harsh Temperatures

Temperature extremities can cause wood medicine cabinet with mirror  to expand and contract. As a consequence, it may warp or swell, maybe drying out. It may also cause enduring damage to your cabinet’s solid wood. The only way out is to maintain your home’s temperature all through. Otherwise, you might be compelled to replace your medicine cabinet for bathroom when they could still last you many years to come.

4. Utilise the Accurate Cleaning Material to Avoid Scratching and Scrape

Constantly clean the cabinet surfaces using gentle, damp clothing. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads that may destroy the cabinet’s delicate finishes. Also, avoid using paper towels since they can leave behind some troubling remains.

5. Avoid Using Intense Detergents

The intense types of detergents can harm your cabinetry finishings. Support cleaners that contain ammonia, citric acid, organic solvents, and bleaches. Always work with a gentle detergent.


6. Limit Wax Exposure

Remember that regular self-polishing waxes can wear out your wood surfaces. If you find it absolutely necessary to use waxes, apply the high-quality cream furniture polishing.

Medicine cupboard with glass door & shelves for your bathroom - Beautiful Homes

In case you can’t remove some stubborn stains, forceful rubbing may worsen the situation. Instead, the best thing you need to do is apply the paste and leave it for around 20 minutes. This way, you can wipe it down quickly.


Beautify your Medicine Cabinets with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

Bathrooms are one of the home spaces that we use daily. Thus, it’s very pivotal to observe its everyday cleaning, décor and maintenance aspects. It’s also crucial to observe the routine care of elements like the bathroom cabinetry.


A stylish solution to all bathroom organisational requirements is the classic medicine cabinet. It holds a million things and yet, appears flawless and sophisticated. Thanks to its different drawers, you can easily organise all the toiletries while storing them. If you want to add some depth to the bathroom décor, opt for medicine cabinets with a warmer colour palette like beige and salmon pink. This way, your bathroom aesthetic looks neater. Furthermore, you get to enhance your bathroom’s beauty and add to the lease of life there.


Here’s how we can help you design and redo your bathroom and its cabinetry:

  • With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly bathroom that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful for a small space.
  • Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure that the design is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility.
  • Our bathroom ideas come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.
  • We have a huge range of options to fulfil your dreams. From a low-cost bathroom design to a luxurious one, we can do it all for you.
  • From accessories to material, budget preference to the utility of the cabinets, we first provide a 2D design and then build a 3D render to help you get a look and feel of how your modular kitchen design will look.
  • We do not compromise on quality and craft despite having the most competitive low-cost price in the market.
  • We do not finalise the design until we have your sign-off.

Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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