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10 money saving tips for a smart kitchen renovation

  • Kitchen Design
Mar 17, 2023
All-White Colour Combination Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes

A crash course on how to renovate your kitchen when you’re on a budget. These 10 money saving tips will come in handy for all your interior projects

While renovation projects can be fun and exciting, they can also quite easily drain your wallets. This is when starting with a set budget can help. There are areas where you may not want to compromise, particularly in a space as central as the kitchen, such as appliances, cookware and safety measures. But there are practices you can incorporate into the process to save money on kitchen remodel that will still help you realise your dream vision. Read on to find out our expert tips for a smart kitchen makeover.


1. How to Save Money on Kitchen Renovation: Reuse, Don't Replace

While you may have the urge to start from scratch and give your kitchen a complete makeover, realistically, there may be elements that you can repurpose for a fresher look. Hardware, faucets, tiling and countertops are a few features that you may not need to replace.

2. How to Save Money on Kitchen Renovation: Have a Realistic Budget and Stick to it

Research is key to having realistic expectations and budgets when it comes to renovation projects. Jot down all the changes that you want to make. Speak to the vendors and contractors in your area to get an idea of the standard pricing for the kind of work you want to get done. Based on that and the cost of materials, you should be able to build a budget that works for you. Have at least three distinct categories: must-haves, negotiables and emergencies.

Minimal Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes
White Colour Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. How to Save Money on Kitchen Remodel: Watch Out for Sales and Discounts

A good deal on materials and appliances will leave more wiggle room in your budget in the long run. If possible, time your kitchen renovation around sale seasons to get the best deals out there and save money on kitchen remodel.

4. How to Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets: Indulge in DIY

Flex your creative muscle by indulging in DIY projects for a smart kitchen makeover. Applying a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper to the surfaces of your modular kitchen, changing out the lighting fixtures and cabinet knobs can all be easy enough tasks to do yourself. If you consider yourself a handyman, you could lay the backsplash, flooring, etc., yourself.

Smart Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Budget Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Pick a High-Budget Area

Once you have your non-negotiables in place, the next step to renovate your smart kitchen design is to chart out high-cost categories. This could be appliances, countertop material, a hob and such. Since these are must-haves items, allot a percentage of your budget to it. Getting the best-possible quality for these will save you money in the long run.

6. Low-cost Simple Kitchen Designs: Opt for Sustainable Materials

When it comes to low-cost simple kitchen designs, some sustainable alternatives can add just as much aesthetic value and may be cheaper than your ideal choice. For example, granite over marble, engineered wood over hardwood, tile or peel and stick wallpaper for backsplash over slabs and so on.


7. How to Save Money on Kitchen Remodel: Refurbish the Appliances You can

When you’re on a budget, check if there are any appliances that can be fixed with minor repair and maintenance work. You can also stylise them and give them a revamp by spray painting them, covering them in laminates or vinyl wrappers. This is an easy way to make your kitchen look luxe without breaking the bank.


8. Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Try Not to Change the Kitchen Layout

Do not change the layout of your kitchen unless it is absolutely required. Adding demolition and civil work to your kitchen remodel is sure to shoot your budget up. Instead try to figure out ways around it such as employing smart organisational hacks for better functionality and changing up the style and decor to your preferred aesthetic.

Steel Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes
Wooden Kitchen Ideas - Beautiful Homes

9. How to Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets: Open Shelves Save Money

Open shelving is a great alternative to kitchen cabinet designs for multiple reasons. First, it opens up the space and makes it look airier and second, it requires much less material due to the lack of doors and extra support. Open shelving also gives you room to get creative with decor. You can colour block it for an artsy look or pack a punch by covering them in wallpaper. You can even experiment with the placement for a unique look and add knick-knacks such as plants, souvenirs, etc., for a touch of personalisation.

10. Budget-Friendly and Smart Kitchen Renovation: Renovate in Stages

Renovation projects are a huge undertaking, especially when you’re on a budget. A great way to work around having to spend a lot of money in one go is to plan it in stages. Of course, defunct appliances, dingy hardware and such may require immediate replacement. For everything else, make a priority list and save up for each smaller project and wait to get the best deals.



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