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Your guide to kitchen colour schemes

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Mar 27, 2018
Green kitchen colour combinations with printed wallpaper - Beautiful Homes

Whether it is to grab a cup of coffee in the morning or a quick bite in the middle of the night, the kitchen is one place visited by every family member. It is clearly a much-loved and used space, so why bring it down with dull colours?

Gone are the days when kitchens were only practical spaces with no character. Colourful kitchen designs can uplift moods and inspire us as we spend more time in the kitchen. Designing your dream space and picking the best colour for the kitchen is a big commitment. We suggest you select a starting point and work on one element at a time to craft a harmonious kitchen. This kitchen colour guide will teach you how to choose kitchen paint colours that match your personality.

The kitchen is a space the whole family uses every day, and thus its interiors cannot be changed or redecorated as easily as other rooms.

In the kitchen, cabinets, walls, countertops, appliances, flooring, and backsplash tiles all come together to form a harmonious palette, so your colour selections are important. There isn’t one best colour for kitchen walls. There are multiple combinations and hues that work well together. The final choice of colours are dependent on your preference.

Follow these tips from our kitchen colour guide to bring in kitchen colours for a vibrant space:

1. Backsplash

This is one zone that can either become an eyesore or the centre of attention. In this kitchen colour guide, backsplashes are one of the easiest ways to infuse vibrancy. Kitchen backsplashes play an important role in tying the kitchen together and setting the mood. Choose a colour that balances well with the floors, cabinets and walls. Bright colours are a great option, just be sure that your floors and cabinetry have a more subtle palette. You can select tiles in vivid colours and bold patterns. In fact, you can even try a mosaic tile application here.

White green & pink kitchen colours for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Black & white kitchen colour combination - Beautiful Homes

2. Counter

Counters bear a lot of wear and tear. Line the surface with slip-resistant coating that can be changed every few months subject to the damage it sustains. The colour of your kitchen countertop design are a crucial consideration as they are eye-level and occupy a large area of the visual space. Pick a pleasant shade that shows up spills and crumbs to be cleaned up. However, ensure that the hue of your countertops matches the flooring and backsplash. Furthermore, select kitchen cabinet colours that enhance the colours of your countertops.

3.    Racks and shelves

While racks and shelves are primarily functional in nature, they can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Line these too with the same slip-resistant coating to get a matching look or find a contrasting shade for some fun colour play. Use glitter print or solid matte coloured washi tape on the edges to add some visual texture.

Light kitchen colours like white yellow & wooden for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Brown L shaped kitchen colour palette & chic ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

4.    Appliances

Your choice of kitchen appliances can also help bring in some pops of colour to your kitchen. Let your boring white or stainless steel kitchen equipment stand out with bold decals to make them look more appealing. Alternatively, select appliances in bright colours. A number of brands offer appliances in a range of hues.

5.    Utensils and serving options

A single, canary yellow cake stand can become a conversation starter. Trays and cutting boards with pretty motifs act as statement pieces when hung from racks. Soup ladles or silicone spatulas in a gamut of colours will also do the trick.

All white kitchen colour combination with bricked wall - Beautiful Homes
Green kitchen colour combinations with printed wallpaper - Beautiful Homes

6.    Stencils, posters and chalkboards

Decorate the walls with stencilled drawings of flowers or food-related imagery. The chalkboard with grocery lists and family chores can be written on with colourful chalks.

7.    House plants

Succulents and herbs growing in small, colourful containers will add cheer to your kitchen. Place them out of the way on small shelves and keep rotating and watering them regularly so they look plump and healthy.

An all white island kitchen design with kitchen accessories - Beautiful Homes

8.    Napkins, oven mittens and runners

Find the brightest prints available and hang them on hooks on the walls. Layer simple, old school, red and white checked tablecloths with placemats in eye-catching solids.

A combination of wooden and glass cabinets with striking marble countertops

See through, glass cabinets are practical and help by adding some character to the space. As showcased, chalkboards can also come in handy - list down the list of chores and groceries in colourful chalks for a fun element in the kitchen. Also, adding unique decor pieces and appliances infuse the kitchen with colour and personality.

Add visual drama using two contrasting colours

An easy way of creating some visual drama in any space is by contrasting two colours, even if they are as basic as black and white. As pictured here, an abstract black and white backsplash crafts an intriguing focal point. The white cabinets contrast with the black appliances, walls, hardware and countertops creating a chic and sophisticated look. For more splashes of colour, you can invest in vibrant utensils such as soup ladles, spatulas and even whips. While white is the best colour for kitchen walls, black is a great option to add some drama in the space.

Bright hues do not have to be restricted to your living room or dining room

In fact, we suggest adding thoughtfully curated colours to every room in your home. A sure-fire way of making your kitchen pop is by using a colourful splashback. Explore tiles in bright colours, or even a mosaic pattern for a backsplash that becomes the centre of attention. Here, a colourful mosaic backsplash is complemented by subdued cabinets and flooring. This kitchen features a Mediterranean vibe while also being visually appealing and practical.

Potted plants and even succulents bring in a pop of colour with their vibrant green shades

Plants have the power to instantly elevate your kitchen. Style your home with plants that are an eclectic mix, which are a visual delight. To keep things fresh, you can switch around your plants regularly. Moreover, you can grow herbs, fruits and vegetables that you can use for cooking as well. Hanging your pots and pans on hooks is another way of adding some character in your kitchen.

There isn’t one ideal colour for kitchens and all kitchens don’t have to be vibrant and colourful

A muted kitchen in neutrals can be equally striking. Here, this dark teal and white kitchen is a warm and welcoming space. The white backsplash, furniture and tableware perfectly complement the dark teal kitchen cabinet colours. The large window brings in plenty of natural light as well. The sleek grey hardware and appliances add a modern touch.


FAQs for kitchen colours

Which colour is suitable for the kitchen?

When it comes to kitchens, the colour scheme should not be ignored. ​​Colours have a major impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. There isn’t one ideal colour for kitchens. White, grey, blue, yellow, and green stand out, and are the best kitchen paint colours. Warmer hues such as red and brown stimulate the appetite and are a good option for kitchens as well. While we can provide you with tips on ​​how to choose kitchen paint colours, the final decision is yours. Therefore, choose hues you love. Pick a colour palette that will make you feel happy and inspired every time you walk into the room.

How do I choose a colour scheme for my kitchen?

The trick on how to choose kitchen colours is to pick two hues that complement or contrast each other. For instance, you could pick teal and white or brown and white as the colour scheme for your kitchen.

What colours are trending in kitchens in 2022?

Presently, people are looking to design their home in colours that are soothing and revitalising. For kitchens, relaxing hues such as greens, greys, yellows and browns are trending. These colours are inspired by nature and help craft a calming and relaxing ambiance.

If you are still struggling with how to choose kitchen paint colours and didn’t find your answer in this kitchen colour guide, it’s best to consult a professional interior designer. Along with providing tips on the best colour for your kitchen and trending design styles, an expert can also guide you on which furnishings and appliances to choose, how to arrange furniture and the best ways to use decor pieces.

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