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How to : Using LED light strips for home decoration

  • Tips & Tricks
Apr 25, 2022
LED strip lights for ceiling in hall design - Beautiful Homes

Looking for an easy way to give your home a glow up? With LED light strips, it’s easy to add a unique twist to your home décor: you’ll find that changing the lighting can be a great way to add both fun and functionality to any space

Everyone knows that well-planned, practical lighting is the absolute, basic, must-have of any functioning home interior design. But nothing says that your lighting plan can't be imaginative and fun as well! The simple addition of a strip light can elevate your illumination arrangement, turning a purely utilitarian need into a unique display of your personality and style. You can use LED lights to add layers to your more conventional or existing lighting, highlight a specific space or feature of your home, draw attention to a display of art or antiquities, or even just set the mood…


But before we get into that, let’s go through the basics of what makes these strip lights an awesome option for any home and how you can use them in yours.

What is an LED Light Strip?

Crafted from light-emitting diodes, LED lights are much more durable, maintainable and long-lasting than other forms of lighting. In fact, they can last up to 10 times longer than fluorescent or incandescent lights. An LED strip is made by attaching multiple LED bulbs, at uniform intervals onto a flexible backing strip – this can come with a self adhesive effect (essentially similar to sticky-tape), or might require a separate adhesive that is likely to be slightly more durable. Given the flexibility, thin profile and adaptable quality of an LED light strip, it’s easy to install anywhere and on any surface.

LED lights stripes for your home decoration - Beautiful Homes
Yellow LED light strips for your home decoration - Beautiful Homes

What’s more, they’re pretty affordable and easy to install. If you choose to go DIY and give yourself a simple project of adding in some LED strip lights, price is variable depending on quality and the length you require – a basic strip of around 5 metres can cost as low as ₹400 – just make sure you have the right adhesive and this is an extremely wallet friendly option. They also can be sourced in varying levels of lumens or brightness (from a soft glow to a high-degree of illumination) and in a wide range of colours, so it’s possible to perfectly customise them to suit a specific room, need or creative concept – the limit is truly your imagination!

Where the LED Light Strip is Ideal

The primary concern when choosing LED light strips for room interiors is to not go overboard. You want your room to look well lit and classy rather than lit-up like a spaceship or a 70’s disco! Choose the right architectural features from your room to highlight and brighten spaces that would normally be overly dark or shadowed.

  • Kitchens:

    To establish visual coherence in an open plan kitchen, LED strip lights that sit under your cabinets should match the LEDs in the toe-kick space beneath them. This combination of lighting will provide better ambient light and improve safety. Choose a natural white or a warm white to add better congruity with the rest of your space. You could also use LED strip lights along the edges of breakfast nooks or in a dedicated bar section to give those areas clearer demarcation from the rest of your space.
  • Living Rooms:

    Well placed lighting in the living room can create layers and focus in your space, lending your living room an extra luxe gloss. For structure or to spotlight, use an LED light strip inside bookshelves or glass-front display cases. This helps to draw attention to your décor as well as to add interest to what would otherwise be large blocks of shadow. On the other hand you can create a low-key ambient glow by installing LED strip lights for ceiling illumination. Lay strips along the upper beams or set into false ceilings for a soft background radiance that gives your room an airy appealing brightness – this lighting trick can also work in attic spaces, entrance halls or even bedrooms.
Add LED light strips to your living room design - Beautiful Homes
Add LED light strips to enhance your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Bedrooms:

    One of the key advantages of LED strip lights for bedroom interiors is the improved safety they can provide. Positioned along the borders and corners of doorways and furniture, they highlight edges and prevent accidental bumps and bruises at night. To replace the need for nightlights in a bedroom, LED light strips in room corners or behind the headboard of your bed can be just enough soft lighting for overall comfort. And for visual drama and impact, using LED strips along the lower edge of floating beds gives the impression of added height and can make your bed seem as if it’s set within a pillow of light.
  • Bathrooms:

    LEDs are the perfect fit for bathrooms, especially those with a smaller footprint. Light your bathroom mirror with smart LED strip lights for an adjustable lighting solution that can double as both ambient light and as focused task lighting for shaving or makeup. Smart lighting options allow you to increase or decrease brightness and change the colour of the light (excellent for makeup application), giving you a grooming set-up more adaptable than that which a ring light can provide. In smaller bathrooms, using LED strips for room lighting by placing them along the edges of the tile or in the corners, will improve the safety and usability of your space without taking up precious square footage. The small profile of LED strips also makes them the ideal lighting for corner shelves and storage in tight spaces.
Smart LED strip lights for bathroom mirror - Beautiful Homes
  • Home Offices:

    Good home office lighting should be sufficient for you to find the things you need, give you enough focussed illumination on your workspace and help keep you awake! Utilise sticky LED lights for desk cubbies or to illuminate larger areas such as the space above a wall of cabinets or inside bookshelves. LED strip lights can provide the correct level of illumination for your keyboard by being placed along the underneath of your desk or even behind your monitor. Choose smart LED strip lights that can be trimmed to fit the size of your desk, and can change colours to add a little fun and create the vibe you want. To give the room a more ambient glow, you can even use LED strips along recessed architectural elements such as the tops of pillars or deep window embrasures.
Light strips for room ceiling & under stairs - Beautiful Homes
  • Stairways and Outdoors:

    LED lights are an efficient and stylish solution to making stairs safer and better lit. Illuminate the surface of each stair by laying lighting strips along the step overhang, or highlight the edges of each stair for a clearer demarcation. Run them along the underneath of your staircase bannister or the wall-side of your stairway for a visually interesting yet functional way to add better lighting to an underlit staircase. As a safety solution, LED strips for room illumination can work as well in semi-outdoor spaces as indoors. 

Use LEDs to provide better edge demarcation for any elevated or sunken spaces or highlight the edges of a deck, patio or balcony. By using LED strip lights with remote control functionality, you can turn outdoor deck lights on and off or adjust the vibe to suit your entertainment space.


Ultimately the key to using light strips for room interior design in a way that enhances your space is to think creatively about where to put them and to have a clear idea of the function you wish them to provide. Pick your areas to illuminate wisely and decide in advance if you plan to lean in to the quality of discreet lighting or the adjustable, colour changing attributes. You should also keep your personal taste in mind when you’re choosing LED light strips for room illumination.  Do you lean toward a warm, relaxing environment? In which case pick LEDs with a warmer white or natural white tone.


Or perhaps you prefer a crisper, cooler ambient vibe? If so, a cool white tone with a colour temperature of between 5100-20000 Kelvin might be ideal. Remember too that natural or cool light register to the human eye as “brighter” than warm white of a similar lumen value. So if you wish to have a brighter intensity of warm white, simply choose a higher lumen value and you are set!


We hope this has shone a spotlight on some of the simple ways to add LED strip lights to your home interior design plan!


And if you still have questions why not reach out to us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, and we’ll partner with you in making those first design decisions, and crafting the home of your dreams. We even make it easier for you to source the latest in lighting, furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating your perfectly lit haven, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team!

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