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Modern Bathroom Designs

  • Bathroom Design
Jan 29, 2021
Bathroom décor & style tips for high level of comfort - Beautiful Homes


For most of us, the idea of living in a heritage home or having heirlooms and antiques in our personal spaces spells the core of tasteful and luxurious living. And while we’d love to extend this aesthetic in almost every room of the house, there is one area when modernity trumps everything else to entail comfortable and easy living—the bathroom. No matter how big or small your home, irrespective of its style and design, a modern bathroom design is something every home these days needs for convenience and functionality.


But what exactly is a modern bathroom interior design? And, are there any prerequisites for making one? Does it need the latest fittings and technology, ample space and every inch decked out in the epitome of luxury? Not really.


Irrespective of your home’s floor plan, styling budget and your personal habits, preferences and aesthetics, with the right tips and tricks, you’ll soon come to realise that a modern style bathroom design can work in practically every house across the country.

Contemporary Modern Style Bathroom Interior Design

At the heart of every good design is the details—and, to create a modern bathroom interior design your starting point will be contemporary elements and details which will immediately draw attention in the space. Even if you aren’t looking to completely renovate your bathroom, you can upgrade it for a more modern look by swapping out your movable fixtures and accessories or changing some of the fittings (such as the faucets, taps or light holders) for a simple makeover. The goal is to do away with anything that looks old and outdated, and makes the entire bathroom look worn out.


Simple Trick: The key behind any modern bathroom idea is having an updated, new look from what currently exists. Start with the smaller elements, working with what you already have and then choosing what you can replace. Instead of retiling your entire bathroom, first give the current flooring and walls a deep clean (scrubbing out all the grouting as well). More often than not, this will give the entire room a fresh, new look. From there, work with smaller accessories on the sink counter, and if you still feel the space needs an upgrade, swap out the light fittings and then the water fixtures.

Modern style interior design ideas for bathroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge

Modern bathroom design colour palette - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Uniform Colour Palette For Your Modern Bathroom Design

The first thing you’ll notice in most modern designs is uniformity; be it in the style, texture or colour it’s in. A uniform or purposeful pattern or colour palette instantly creates clean lines, symmetry and visual balance in any space—all keys elements you should look for in all your modern bathroom design ideas. So, when planning out your modern bathroom design, try to stick to a single family or hue of colours for the entire space. If idea of a single colour feels too monotonous and a monochrome palette feels too dull as well, mix in different textures or patterns within the same shades.


Style Tip: In this monochromatic modern bathroom, while there are only two colours being used—black and white—we see an interplay of several finishes across the room. Behind the vanity 

shelves, marble has been slatted in single lines across the wall; the black sink countertop has white vines running through it; which is offset with the opposite on the white marble flooring below.

A Modern Bathroom Interior Design Can Incorporate Your Personal Style

Whether you’re a minimalist who loves only the bare-necessary essentials or a maximalist who echos your love for opulence through your interiors, you can reflect this in your bathroom ideas for a modern style bathroom design. In this bathroom, while we still largely see a monochrome palette of black and white, there is an interplay of dazzling elements intricately woven into the interiors. From the metallic light fixtures, faucet fittings, and door and mirror frames to the contemporary art on the walls, every accessory and design element has been thoughtfully chosen and  incorporated into this luxurious bath space.


Style Tip: While art is a great way to infuse colour into any space, adding a vase or bowl of fresh flowers on the vanity or sink countertop will bring in a play of vibrant hues along with a floral fragrance for the entire room.

Modern bathroom interior design for personal style - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

Modern bathroom interior design ideas for every space - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Modern Bathroom Ideas Make The Most Of Every Inch Of Space

The best floor plans make judicious use of every inch of space, and the same holds true for the best bathroom ideas for a modern bathroom interior design. When planning the space and fitting out all the details and fittings you require, think of it as playing a real-life game of Tetris, where every nook should be left untouched and serve a purpose—especially if you’re living in a small space apartment. In this modern bathroom design, we see the bathroom sink cleverly fitted in a space created between the shower closet the adjacent wall. Instead of being left as an empty cove in the bathroom, every inch of space across the length of the wall has been utilised for storage drawers, cabinets and a uniquely updated design for a modern mirror with a backlight.

The Luxury Of A Modern Style Bathroom Design

The first thing you think of when a modern style bathroom comes to mind is the epitome of luxury and comfort. And, if you have the budget, you can incorporate this into your modern bathroom interior design. Installing the latest shower fittings, smart accessories, wireless devices, and bathroom technology (such an towel warmers, heated floors and toilet seat covers) will go a long way in adding comfort to your daily lives and making your mornings more efficient and productive; while also helping you unwind at the end of a long day.

Luxury modern style bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Bathroom décor & style tips for high level of comfort - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Mix Textures for your Modern bathroom style

Once you’ve created your dream modern bathroom design, how do you style it? What are the right accessories to pick for the space and how much is too much? At the end of the day, the bathroom has to serve as the most functional space in the home offering a high level of comfort and ease of use as well. Over-cluttering the space is out of the question. To regularly spruce up the space and leave it looking fresh, bring in a bowl or vase of fresh flowers to add in some fragrance and greenery. You could also limit the products on your sink countertop to a simple hand wash and lotion, with a set of hand towels. 

Experiment With Surface Materials for your modern bathroom designs

Since a modern bathroom design entails an upgraded bathroom idea from something that’s old and outdated, the same must be echoed into the way you maintain the space as well. While. You may have the latest materials and fixtures fitted into your space, if not maintained well, your modern bathroom will soon look dreary and desperate for another makeover. Simple tricks such as a regular deep clean, making sure all the pipework and leakages are fixed, and regularly updating your accessories when they wear out will love your modern bathroom in spick and span condition.


Simple Trick: The biggest problem for most bathrooms is product build up and clutter—when all your shower and and beauty supplies are hoarded and take up all the space on the sink counter and in the vanity storage spaces. Not only is this unnecessary and unsightly, but can also read to a build up of fungus and dirt around it over time, which will, in turn, lead to an unhygienic bathroom.

Keep your bathroom interior design up to date - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge

Additional Quick Tips for your modern style bathroom


Choose Glass


Opt for glass elements, such as shower enclosures or vanity tops, to give your bathroom a sleek, modern look. They not only enhance the visual space but also exude a sense of lightness and elegance.


Graphic Prints


Incorporate graphic prints in your bathroom decor through tiles, wallpaper, or textiles. These can serve as striking focal points and inject personality into your modern bathroom.


Blend Traditional Elements


Mixing traditional elements with modern design can create a unique and timeless aesthetic. Consider features like vintage lighting fixtures or classic freestanding tubs for a touch of old-world charm.


Float Your Sink


Floating sinks are a hallmark of modern design. They offer a clean, streamlined look while freeing up floor space, making your bathroom appear more spacious and airy.


How can Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints help you with your modern style bathroom?


At Beautiful Homes, we specialise in crafting bespoke modern bathroom designs that blend aesthetics with functionality. Our team of experienced designers will work closely with you to understand your vision, then turn it into reality. We experiment with innovative materials, smart technology, and the latest design trends to create a space that's uniquely yours. Plus, our end-to-end services mean we handle everything from initial design to final execution, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for you.


FAQs for modern style bathroom


How can I make my bathroom modern?


To give your bathroom a modern twist, consider incorporating sleek lines, minimalist decor, and neutral or monochromatic colour schemes. Experiment with different surface materials like microcement or exposed brick for an edgy feel. Opt for modern fixtures, such as floating sinks and frameless glass shower enclosures. Don't forget to include smart technology, like digital showers and automatic sensor taps, for a truly contemporary touch.


How can I make my bathroom modern?


Transforming your bathroom into a modern space involves embracing simplicity and functionality. Choose clean-lined fixtures and fittings, and opt for a clutter-free design. Use modern materials like glass or stainless steel, and consider innovative solutions like underfloor heating or LED mirror lighting. Also, remember to keep the colour palette simple, often sticking to shades of white, grey, or black.


How do I choose a bathroom style?


Choosing a bathroom style depends on your personal preferences and the overall design of your home. Start by gathering inspiration from design magazines, websites, or Pinterest. Consider the space you have and think about what practical elements you need. Decide on a colour scheme that suits your taste. Then, choose fixtures, fittings, and accessories that align with your chosen style. Whether it's modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic, ensure it reflects your personality and complements the rest of your home's decor.

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