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Indian bedroom designs: how to create an ethnic vibe

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Jan 10, 2020
Bold bedroom décor statements in an Indian bedroom design full of history - Beautiful Homes

It is not surprising that Indian textiles, craftsmanship and art paved the way for a flourishing trade conduit along the Silk Route a thousand years ago. Over the centuries, religious diversity, combined with the countless influences on Indian heritage and traditions, has yielded art, textiles and motifs among the most unique and sought after in the world. However, while ethnic Indian artefacts are now becoming increasingly popular choices in our living rooms, our bedrooms are yet to showcase Indian history and artistic traditions in a loving embrace. We found some interesting Indian bed designs photos that perfectly evoke the desi vibe.

15 Indian bed designs photos you’ll dream of sleeping in

An Indian Bedroom Is Bright, Colourful And… Patterned

The block-printed curtain near the headboard of this four-poster bed makes elegant use of Indian motifs, while speaking volumes about the creative use of fabric to create that Indian bedroom design. There are thousands of textile traditions that you can delve into — Bagru prints of lotuses, leaves and peacocks from Rajasthan for the bed covers; quilts with Bandhej dots; Kanchipuram sarees tailored into curtains; or Phulkari cushion covers — these are but a few options out of thousands!

Four-poster bed decorated with block-printed curtain, a bright blue wooden panel creates a colourful Indian vibe in your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal

By juxtaposing them with blocks of colour you’ll play up that rich Indian vibe. For instance, the bright blue wooden panel in the photo, next to the bed with discreet orange accents, offers a warm kitschy counterfoil for the pastel-themed walls.

Applique work on white bedspread in bedroom interiors with minimal décor and white walls - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

An Indian Bedroom Is Also Minimal

If you are not so enthusiastic about the rich, bright colours that typically spring to mind when thinking of Indian bedroom designs, fret not. There are many Indian elements rooted in minimalism. For instance, the pastel walls in this Indian bed designs photo are in perfect harmony with the white applique bedspread. As applique works are largely practiced by artisans in Rajasthan and Orissa, showcasing their craftmanship in Indian bedroom designs is an exquisite nod to Indian history.

The ornamental woodwork on the cabinets and nightstands add the adequate accents of splendour to the otherwise understated bedroom décor.

Trade Your Quilt Carefully And Your Plates Even More

The bedroom design in the photo is dominated by the quilt, a distinctive trait of the razaais used in North and Western India, which also celebrates the cosy space in this bedroom. Choose a quilt with swatches that are not only brightly coloured but reflect also different textile traditions.

The woodwork on the four-poster bed as well as the rug on the floor represent also a clear nod to Indian traditions. The assortment of plates hung on the wall adds to the uniquely Indian design huddle in the overall composition of the room. 

Quilt with colourful swatches in Indian style, four-poster bed in dark wood and rug make for a cosy Indian bedroom design idea - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

While ceramic plates with Indian patterns are certainly popular, you might also want to show off some Moradabadi brass plates with intricate enamel and engravings for a similar effect.

White-painted brick walls in Indian bedroom design, wooden bed décor with intricate headboard - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

Rows of gorgeous houses with un-plastered brick walls are a highlight in Jaisalmer and Kerala. If you feel that the terracotta shade of naked bricks is a tad too raw for your liking, you can opt for pastel-painted brick walls, like the one in this photo. Furthermore, the headboard design mimicking a wrought-iron bed is a classic show-stopper: the exquisite Mughal enamel work in the centre compliments the robust black grill.

The Persian rug on the floor is pure poetry straight off the looms of Kashmir. If you’re decorating a large bedroom, place a teak or mahogany seating area at the foot of the bed to suggest a tropical vibe. 

Outline Indian Bedroom Designs With Small Touches

Don’t want to go all ethnic in your choices but still want some discreet Indian design touches in your private space? This bedroom offers clever tips on how you can achieve just that.

Jewel-toned walls, embroidered cushions, flamboyant curlicues on the mirror frames, and the lone metallic sconce above it… these are all judicious choices made by someone who knew how a less can sometimes be more and go a long way in balancing out the middle class indian bedroom design as well.

Simple Indian bedroom design played up by embroidered cushions and a flamboyant mirror frame for bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Modest bedroom design with intricate but subtle bedspread and pillows, a wooden candle stand create the perfect Indian bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Bringing The Indian Roads Into Your Indian Bedroom Design

The four-poster bed here has little of the ornamental and intricate Indian design, but the bedspread and pillows are a whole other story: subtle and gentle artisanal poems, they’re decorated with a stunning patchwork of native prints.

This room is a modest medley of Indian bedroom designs accents. The wooden candle stands on the wall is obviously inspired by the lines of jharokhas and the arches of ancient havelis. If you want to refrain from crowding your space but love the country roads that take you home, this one’s for you.

Bold Décor Rooted In The Multi-facated Indian History

If you like bold décor statements, this Indian bedroom design will be right down your alley with its strong elements, which still don’t scream excessive opulence. Sculptural temple wooden panel on the wall, marble-topped tables, floral bedspread, plain white curtains and mahogany cabinets at the foot of the bed… everything in this Indian bed designs photo speaks of the many diverse influences in Indian design traditions and colonial history.

If we had to change something about it, instead of plain white fabric on your four-poster bed, why not play up the drama a notch with Lucknowi chikan curtains?

Bold bedroom décor ideas &  statements as a temple wooden panel and a marble-topped table in an Indian bedroom design full of history - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Uncluttered Indian bedroom design & décor with wooden floor interrupted by ethnic-print tiles - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Spare Yourself The Clutter

To achieve that perfect Indian bedroom design, one should rely on textiles and prints to make a statement rather than creating an excessive clutter of artefacts. In this bed design photo, the runs of wooden strips on the floor are interrupted on one side of the room by a slender panel of ethnic-print tiles. The abstract artwork hanging above the headboard nods strongly to Indian bedroom design.

To achieve the same result, instead of a painting you could also frame a large swatch of printed or embroidered silk from any part of India. 

An Indian Bedroom Design For The Minimalist In You

This Indian bedroom design is as minimalistic as it gets, but still whispers audibly enough of native influences. Take note of the tiles interrupting the wooden floors, the rich red weave on a lone cushion that stands out among its beige Western peers, the carpet with Mughal motifs, and the ornamental hook for the curtain rod.

Minimal bedroom décor in Indian bedroom with tiles on a wooden floor, carpet with Indian motifs and one red cushion - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

Rich wooden door serving as headboard in a heavily decorated Indian bedroom design out of a folktale - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Prachi Damle

A Bedroom Fit For Kings And Queens

While the fabrics used to make this Indian bedroom design showcase an interestingly play of delicate textures, the conversation starters in this intimate space must be the majestic wooden door behind the headboard and the jharonkas on the wall. The nightstand, a work of exquisite craftsmanship, seems to have just stepped out of an old folktale on Indian kings and queens of yore.

A Powerful Impact In Monochromes: Less Is More

If you are inclined to ‘less-is-more’ monochromes rather than fancy engravings and motifs, this Indian bedroom design is worth looking into. The indigo floors, the floral cutwork on the walls behind the headboard, the wooden panels on the roof combined with the framed piece of tribal art work in synchrony for a powerful impact.

Monochromatic modern bedroom with indigo floor, spare art pieces hung on the walls and concrete ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tejas Shah for Dipen Gada

Simply decorated bedroom design ideas with several artwork pieces inspired by Indian history - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Tejas Shah for Dipen Gada

Stealing Artwork From The Courts Of India

Very often, choosing the right accessories can make all the difference if you wish to have an Indian bedroom design that is classy without being over-the-top. In this Indian bed designs photo we can spot the bronze artwork on the bookends, reminiscent of austere Mohenjo Daro figures, and the jewel tones and rich embroidery on the velvet cushion decorating the bed as well as the leaf motifs on the muslin curtains, which all speak of an aristocratic setting, inspired by the royal courts of India. 

A Distinct Deli Vibe Is In The Details

Gaddis with bolsters are a failproof choice if you want a distinctly Indian vibe. You can underline the theme further with colours and details that are distinctly desi, like the terracotta-coloured upholstery and the peacock-and-Mughal print cushions in this bedroom.

The slatted headboards on the four-poster beds add minimally to the design, yet serve us all the flavours found in old plantation estates of Coorg and Goa.


Indian bedroom design ideas obtained with gaddis, terracotta-coloured upholstery and print cushions - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kaushik Mukherjee

Classy bedroom adding Indian touches to clean Western lines: white bedspread and indigo cushions latest bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia @ ira_phxindia for We Design Studio

Blending Western Lines With The Deli Vibe

This bedroom is full of all the hints you need to skilfully blend those clean Western lines with the rich Indian ethnic touches. The silk indigo-print pillows, the white-on-white embroidered applique bedspread, the ivory Buddha bust on the night stand and the bronze shell of the lampshade come together to form a well-edited story overflowing with gentle nuances nodding to an Indian bedroom design that is still very classy.

An Indian Bedroom Is Also Maximal

If you are the kind of person who hates sitting on the fence, when it comes to design, and would rather dive deep into colours, textures and multiple influences, this Indian bed designs photo is in sync with your point of view. Red and orange, two distinctly Indian colours, revel on the walls of this Indian bedroom design in full splendour.

Be it the patchwork cushions and pillows, the play of Central India weaves and patterns on the bedspread, the masks at the end of the passage, the mosaic floors, or much of the art on the walls, this bedroom is as mesmerising as a cheerful desi dance on the rhythm of native drumbeats.

Indian bedroom design ideas obtained with gaddis, terracotta-coloured upholstery and print cushions - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Kaushik Mukherjee

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