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Simple tips to recreate the perfect Indian home décor

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Jun 15, 2022
Indian living room design with armchair, sectional sofa & patterned cushions - Beautiful Homes

Want to add some spice to your home with Indian style home décor? Look no farther— use these ten simple tips to transform your home interiors

Are you shopping for ideas for your Indian interior design? You've come to the right place. We've collated this quick guide to help you with:

  • home décor ideas India
  • wall décor India
  • traditional Indian wall décor ideas
  • simple home décor ideas Indian
  • balcony decoration ideas India
  • flat entrance Indian home entrance decoration, and much more.


Read on to discover how you can turn your house into a vibrant desi home with a few nifty tips.

1. Colour for Indian Décor

It is not far-fetched to say that traditional Indian décor is incomplete without some bold, vibrant colours. You can add colour to your ethnic Indian home décor in different ways. For luxury home décor India, opt for deeper and richer hues such as jewel tones (emerald, amethyst, burgundy, etc.). Combine these with plush textiles like velvet, silk brocade, damask, etc.


Try a more neutral palette if you prefer something lowkey and are looking for simple home décor ideas Indian. Use earthy tones such as indigo, rust, etc., as accents. To avoid a flashy look, stick to a core palette of two to three colours and repeat these throughout the room.

Indian home décor with earthy colour scheme for room - Beautiful Homes
Traditional Indian fabrics for your Indian home décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2. Prints & Textures for Indian Home Décor

Prints and textures are celebrated in Indian traditional home décor. Incorporate traditional motifs such as bels, paisley, mandala, elephants, peacocks, etc., via textiles, furniture and handicrafts for an instant desi charm.


In a contemporary, minimalist-inspired room, opt for ajrakh, dabu or ikat textiles. If you want to create a whimsical, boho vibe, try bandhej, lehriya or kalamkari fabrics. For a royal-esque luxury home décor India, choose brocades of Chanderi and Banarasi silk or fabrics with Khari prints.

Rugs are a great way to add pattern and texture to Indian house décor. Indian hand-knotted rugs, carpet designs like Botteh, Bidjar, Mahal, etc., dhurries and mats are some excellent choices for Indian traditional home décor.

3. Furniture for the Indian Room Décor

Dark wood, low-profile furniture is a hallmark of the grounded Indian traditional home décor. Add quintessential pieces such as diwans, jaalis, footstools, almirahs, cots, etc., to your Indian room decoration ideas. If you prefer a laid-back style, try Chettinad furniture. In case you prefer the haveli-style home décor ideas of India, look for intricately carved furniture with curved lines and some inlay work.

Traditional seating ideas for your Indian home décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Floral art for wall décor in Indian homes - Beautiful Homes

4. Traditional Indian Wall Décor

The richness and diversity of culture spill over to the artistic heritage. A prominent aspect of this heritage is reflected in wall décor in India. The walls are always clad in traditional Indian home decorating ideas— from murals and frescoes to religious and calendar art. Consider dynamic tribal art such as warli and Madhubani for the walls.


Consider a gallery wall if you want traditional Indian home decorating ideas but with a modern touch. Choose engraved frames for the desi touch. 

Put up floating shelves and display handicrafts such as pots, figurines, vases, etc. Mirrors with intricately carved wood or metal frames and tapestries made of Indian textiles are excellent Indian wall décor ideas.

5. Indian Traditional Home Décor Items

Indian room décor is known for its maximalist approach. Even in Indian ethnic home décor ideas that lean towards minimalism and contemporary sensibilities, empty surfaces aren't the norm.


Wall hangings, wind chimes, antiques, pictures of loved ones, paintings and idols of gods, handcrafted figurines, trays and vases for flowers are all ubiquitous sights in Indian house décor. If you want to keep it simple and clutter-free, consider table covers and runners made of local textiles.

Side table for your Indian bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes
Indian home décor for living room with wooden interiors & indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

6. Ceiling Décor for Ethnic Indian Home Décor Ideas

With big and small home décor ideas in India, using the vertical space in a myriad of ways keeps the eye moving. And when you control the movement of the eye, you can draw attention to particular aspects of the design and make the area appear spacious.


Jhoolas, windchimes, hanging lanterns and lamps, etc., are great for Indian room decoration ideas for the reasons stated above. 

To make the ceiling the focal, consider mouldings, false ceilings, POP designs, wallpaper or textured paint. To keep the overall room design cohesive, repeat colours and patterns from other room décors on the ceiling treatment.


7. Lamps, Diyas and More for Indian Style Home Décor

Outside of religious and festive use, lamps and diyas have become decorative elements. Earthen and ceramic diyas, samai, smaller metal ones, larger hanging ones, etc., are great ways to add finishing touches to any Indian room decoration ideas. Whether lit or not, traditional lamps and diyas are gorgeous additions to any home décor.


8. Elements of Green for Fresh Indian Décor

Most if not all Indian décor ideas make room for some green. Plants have utility and cultural connotations that make them essential to décor India. They're everywhere- at the entrance, by the windows, and on the balcony. If you don't have green thumbs, worry not. You can always enjoy the sweetness of flowers such as jasmine, marigolds, hibiscus, etc. Get garlands, float them in trays with diyas, and create a centrepiece; there are many home décor ideas in India to incorporate flowers and plants.


9. Indian Home Entrance Decoration Ideas

When shopping for Indian décor ideas, don't forget the home entrance. Since it is the first part of the home people encounter, it should be impactful and set the tone for the rest of the interiors. Get inspired by the temple architecture and add dwarapala sculptures at the entrance. Rangolis and garlands (both flower and fabric ones) are popular choices for flat entrance Indian home entrance decoration. For a more artistic touch, paint murals in the foyer and a frame around the door. Use traditional motifs for a desi touch.


10. Balcony Decoration Ideas for Indian Home Décor

When it comes to balcony decoration ideas India style, you can try a few different things. If you're looking for something quick and easy, both for big and small balcony décor ideas India, colourful block print textiles are the way to go. If there's a seating arrangement, use them for upholstery, pillows, table covers, etc.


A warli mural on a brightly painted wall, metal lanterns, and LED diyas are a few décor items you can use to spruce up your balcony décor. Plants galore in earthen pots are a lowkey Indian aesthetic. For something a little more extravagant, opt for painted ceramic pots, hang up a few plants and add a trellis.


How Can I Add Indian Décor to Every Room?

1. Indian Home Décor in Living Room

  • Incorporate a wooden jhoola with carvings into your Indian living room designs.
  • Go the traditional route with low-profile furniture combined with floor seating arrangements.

2. Indian Home Décor in Bedroom

  • A wooden bed with a canopy and Jaipuri block print bedding is quintessential bedroom décor India.
  • Get at least one statement furniture piece with carvings or inlays, such as trunks, chests or almirahs.


3. Indian Home Décor in Kitchen

  • Consider traditional flooring options such as Athangudi tiles, terracotta, Jaisalmer stone and oxide flooring.
  • To keep the kitchen clutter-free, use earthen and ceramic jars, and holders in the kitchen as décor.
Floral mattress for Indian bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

4. Indian Home Décor in Children's Room

  • The vibrancy of Indian room décor can be pretty stimulating for children. Use the bright colours and varied motifs to your advantage an design a themed room. For example- an animal-themed room, a floral room
  • Opt for wooden and metal handicraft toys that can double up as décor.


5. Indian Home Décor in Study Room

  • Generally, you'd want to keep the study space minimal and distraction-free. Add the desi charm with little items such as a handmade penolder, sand-art coasters, a  few plants, etc.
  •  If you want a few pops of colour, choose rugs, carpets and curtains in earth tones but with plenty of pattern or texture.
Indian guest room décor with carvings on bedroom cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

6. Indian Style Home Décor Guest Room

  • To create a relaxing space, maintain neutral interiors in the guest room. When you pick textiles, go for earthy colours suc as indigo, rust, olive, etc.
  • Dark wooden furniture with carvings will give the room a desi vibe and allow the colours and patterns in the room to shine.

7. Indian Ethnic Home Décor Ideas for Bathroom

  • Colourful patterned tiles with popular motifs are a great way to bring in some colours.
  •  Opt for a classic such as the Calcutta marble for the vanity counters

Small Home Décor Ideas India- on a Budget

  • If you're looking for pocket-friendly Indian wall décor ideas, use stencils or printing blocks to create a statement wall.
  • Textiles are the most economical ways to spruce up the room décor. So if you're looking for Indian room decoration ideas, try repurposing sarees and dupattas for pillow covers, table cloths, etc.
  • In a small home, use light, neutral shades to make it look
    spacious. Use accessories to add pops of colour.
  • Choose hanging lanterns and pendant lights instead of table lamps to free up surfaces.
  •  For small balcony décor ideas in India, focus on local plants and add patterns and colours through pots and plant holders.
  •  You can paint the walls to create a small yet vivid balcony.


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Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you curate Indian interior design and traditional Indian décor. Select all the essentials you need from our shop: statement furniture, gorgeous wall treatments, light fixtures, and so much more.


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