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The must-have interior elements of an Indian kitchen

  • Kitchen Design
Jun 01, 2022
Modular kitchen design in Indian style with white wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes

Here are must-have interior elements in Indian kitchens. Get inspired by these Indian kitchen designs to design your kitchen in Indian style

Food is a big part of Indian culture and the kitchen space in an Indian home has to be designed to accommodate the unique methods of Indian food preparation. Many Indian kitchens still use their old iron pots and pans and Indian cooking is, in general, a heavy-duty affair. But, these days, a kitchen is no longer a utilitarian space that is used solely for the preparation of food. It has transformed into a casual area for families to chill out in and entertain friends.

A modular kitchen design in india provides a clutter-free kitchen design that utilizes the available space in a smart manner. The modern modular kitchen makes it a pleasure to work in the kitchen, offers you a space that is easy to clean and is a gorgeous area to hang out with friends and family.


Most Indian meals involve a variety of dishes, and are made with a multitude of ingredients. Therefore, an Indian style small modular kitchen design needs to be a hardy space that can take a lot of heavy work, be easy to maintain and has multiple storage options.

Small U shaped Indian kitchen design with wooden interiors - Beautiful Homes

Let’s take a look at the different elements that go into creating an optimum Indian kitchen modular space.


Countertop for an Indian Kitchen Design

Indian food is a smorgasbord of colours, and the spices, oils and powders used in Indian dishes could splash and stain the countertop. Choose non-porous, stain proof and heat-resistant materials for the countertop to ensure that it will last longer and continue to look good for many years.


Some good choices include granite, marble and stone. These kitchen platform designs in India  can be wiped clean easily after an intense bout of cooking. Concrete is another kitchen countertop that can stand a lot of wear and tear and offers a simple, rustic look to a kitchen.


Cabinets for Indian Kitchen Modular Style

If the countertop is the foundation, then the kitchen cabinets are the face of the kitchen as they showcase the kitchen aesthetic. Kitchen cabinet materials should be durable enough to withstand Indian cooking and be easy to clean, like wood, MDF and plywood. Avoid cabinet styles with deep crevices, intricate detailing or shaker doors as they are harder to clean and maintain.


Finish is also important as it determines ease of cleaning, for instance, a satin finish can hide fingerprints much better than a matte finish. Choose between laminate, acrylic and veneer for stunning, durable and easy to maintain finishes.

Indian kitchen design with tiled backsplash - Beautiful Homes

Lighting for Indian Kitchen Interior Design

Lighting for an Indian kitchen interior design should be useful for food prep and should also highlight the decorative details of the room. Add enough lighting to illuminate workspaces, like countertops and the hob for easier food preparation and cooking.


Light dots inside the cabinet are particularly helpful when searching for food items, spices or seasonings. Decorative lights like pendant lights over an island can transform a bustling kitchen during the day into an oasis of calm in the evening, making it a cosy place in which to entertain friends.

Choosing Kitchen Tiles Design Indian Style

Choose durable kitchen flooring for an Indian kitchen as they are high-traffic areas that undergo a lot of wear and tear, and stains.


Some easy to clean and good-looking kitchen tiles design Indian style include ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles that come in beautiful colours and patterns. Another option is sheet or tile vinyl as it is water-resistant and durable and comes in numerous styles and designs.


Walls for Indian Kitchen Interiors

There is daily splatter of oil and spices on Indian kitchen walls, especially around the hob and this can make Indian kitchen interiors look shabby very quickly. Therefore, it is important to choose kitchen wall materials that are waterproof and washable.


Some durable and easy to maintain Indian kitchen design ideas for kitchen walls are ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles that come in gorgeous colours. Washable and waterproof kitchen paint in a colour that makes your kitchen pop is another great choice.


Backsplash for Kitchen Desi Style

With the overload of grease, oil splatter, smoke and stains in Indian cooking, a tiled backsplash is important for protecting your walls. The tiles you choose to spruce up the wall space between the countertop and cabinets should complement your walls and enhance the décor of your Indian home kitchen.


Selecting Indian kitchen tiles design with vibrant Indian colours or decorated with Indian patterns will add to the look of your kitchen while making the space easier to maintain

Indian Kitchen Essentials

Now that we have checked out the basics of what an Indian kitchen needs, let’s look at the Indian kitchen essentials that will need to be included in the design.


Built-in Hob

Most Indian meals include many dishes and having a multi burner is a big advantage. A built-in hob also comes with concealed gas pipes giving a clutter-free and seamless look to the kitchen. Additionally, the hob makes it easier to cook with big utensils, like biryani handis and traditional brass urulis.

Straight Indian kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Modular Chimney

As Indian food involves a lot of deep frying, the kitchen can be overwhelmed with smoke and smell. This can stain appliances and countertops, leaving behind a sticky residue. A kitchen chimney helps avoid this build-up of grease and keeps the air in the kitchen fresh.


Storage Space for Kitchen Desi Style

Indian food preparation and cooking is highly elaborate and each dish uses a number of ingredients, tools and utensils. Your desi kitchen storage solutions have to be planned smartly in order to store all these things. Some must haves include:


Spice rack - A spice rack is essential in a traditional Indian kitchen design. It can be arranged in neat shelves, as a slim cabinet on the wall, or in a pull-out spice tray or rack.


Utensil storage - Most Indian homes have at least a few large, heavy vessels for heavy duty cooking. Use corner spaces for utensils that are very large or that you don’t take out often.


Cutlery storage - Indian cutlery is quite unique and much larger than its Western counterparts, so a drawer division must be designed to adequately fit ladles and other cutlery used for Indian cooking.


Cooking tools and appliances - There are some appliances and tools that are a must in an Indian kitchen design, for instance, a mixie, a grinder or an idli maker. A good modular kitchen design in India will provide ample space to fit all these elements so that it is easy to use and easy to keep away.


Popular Indian Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Indian style island kitchen design with built in appliances - Beautiful Homes

Small Kitchen Design Indian Style

To make a small kitchen design Indian style look larger, use light colours on walls, cabinets and floors. Glass fronted shelves will increase the feeling of space. Use modular Indian kitchen interior design ideas effectively to keep all appliances hidden and the counters clear for a neat and clean looking kitchen space.

Indian Open Kitchen Designs

For a smallish, Indian kitchen with an open concept, continue the living and dining room décor into the kitchen. Add a low divider with a hanging pendant lamp to create a very subtle separation between the spaces and a cosy area to share a glass of wine with friends.

Indian Parallel Kitchen Interior Design

This is one of the most effective Indian kitchen design ideas for a kitchen where multiple things are happening at the same time. Use light coloured panels for the cabinetry, backsplash and the floors for a more spacious feel.


Indian Style Small Modular Kitchen Design

For a small kitchen design Indian style, display old cooking utensils and tools above the cabinets or in the corner of the counter. You can also hang old prints of Indian food or faded Indian recipes on the walls to add to the vibe.

L-shaped wooden Indian kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Simple Kitchen Design Indian Style

Opt for monochromatic colours for a simple kitchen design Indian style. Black and white tiles for the floor, white walls and black cabinetry make for a simple but modern kitchen design in India.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Indian Modular Kitchen Design for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we have blended a depth of technical savvy, and refined aesthetic sensibility. When designing a modular Indian kitchen, we explore ideas that resonate with you and your cooking style to create a space that is functional and easy to use while complementing the décor of the house.


We understand how important a kitchen is in an Indian household and our highly skilled modular kitchen team makes sure the design matches your taste as well as your budget without sacrificing personal style and satisfaction. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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