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Indian Marble vs Italian Marble: Choose the right luxury stone for your space

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Nov 02, 2023
Indian marble tile designs for your house interiors- Beautiful Homes

Italian Marble or Indian Marble, which is the ideal option for your home?

Marble, with its natural allure, has graced the interiors of homes for centuries. This majestic stone offers a unique combination of beauty and strength. Its distinct veining patterns and rich palette of hues have made it a beloved choice among interior designers and homeowners alike. Yet, beyond its aesthetic appeal, marble is also celebrated for its durability and versatility. It is certainly a remarkable addition to any home's interior design. The two most popular types of marble in India are Indian marble and Italian marble.

What is Indian Marble?

Indian marble is a fantastic choice for making spaces beautiful and long-lasting. It offers a wide range of colours and patterns that allow you to pick what suits your style best. Also, Indian marble flooring and walls are a great choice as the material is quite tough. Its history is rich too; famous places like the Taj Mahal are made with Indian marble. Additionally, taking care of this marble type is easy. A simple wipe can keep it looking good.


What is Italian Marble?

Italian marble, originating from Italy, is a top-notch natural stone renowned for its luxurious appearance. It is popular for adding a touch of timeless elegance to homes and iconic structures worldwide. Beyond its captivating beauty, Italian marble's remarkable strength and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal choice for flooring, countertops, and ornate decorations. However, the Italian marble price is higher compared to its other alternatives. This is why many prefer to choose Italian marble tiles instead. Italian marble tiles are an excellent choice for those looking to infuse their living room design with a touch of opulence and sophistication.

Indian marble tile designs for your house interiors- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Interiors by Mili

White marble tile design for your house interiors- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Popular Types of Marble


Popular Indian Marbles:

  • Makrana Marble (White): Famous for its use in the Taj Mahal, this white marble from Makrana, Rajasthan, is known for its purity and classic beauty.

  • Rajnagar White Marble: Sourced from Rajnagar, Rajasthan, this marble features a pristine white background with subtle grey veining.

  • Banswara Marble: It is characterised by its rich, red, or pink hues with white veins and has been named after the region in Rajasthan.

  • Udaipur Green Marble: This marble type is known for its green and white patterns that add a touch of vibrancy to interiors.


Popular Italian Marbles:

  • Carrara Marble: Carrara marble is famous for its white or blue-grey background with subtle grey veining. It is used in many sculptures, including Michelangelo's David.

  • Calacatta Marble: This high-end Italian marble is recognized by its dramatic veining patterns, often in shades of grey and gold, on a white background.

  • Statuario Marble: Statuario marble is popular for its pure white appearance and bold grey veining.

  • Botticino Marble: Hailing from the Brescia region, this marble type is characterised by its warm beige tones and light veins.
Elegant Indian marble tile design for your house interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs


Italian Marble vs Indian Marble


Italian Marble

Indian Marble

Veining Patterns

Varied and dramatic veining in some types.

Typically softer, less dramatic veining patterns.


More expensive. The most basic Italian marble price starts from ₹150 per sq ft.

More affordable. You can find options as low as ₹80 - ₹100 per sq ft.


More complex, which is why installation charges are higher.

Easy to install and does not need the attention of highly skilled professionals.


Thickness ranges between 18 - 20mm.

Thickness can go up to 30mm.


Has a high lustrous sheen.

Has a medium lustre.

Uses of Indian & Italian Marble

Simple brown tile design for your home interiors- Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Interiors by Mili

Indian Marble

  • Flooring: Indian marble flooring is one of the best marble flooring options for homes, hotels, and commercial spaces due to its durability and appeal.

  • Countertops: It is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops to add more elegance.

  • Cladding: Indian marble is often used to clad walls, pillars, and facades of buildings.

Italian Marble

  • Luxury Flooring: Italian marble flooring is known for its exquisite beauty and used in high-end residential and commercial projects.

  • Bathrooms: Italian marble flooring, walls, and vanity are used extensively in luxury bathrooms.

  • Hotel Lobbies: High-end hotels frequently feature Italian marble in their lobbies and reception areas.


How to Maintain Indian and Italian Marble?

  • Regular Cleaning: Marble should be regularly cleaned with a soft, damp cloth or mop. Use a pH-neutral stone cleaner for best results.
  • Immediate Spill Cleanup: Spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent staining.
  • Avoid Acidic Cleaners: Acidic cleaners like vinegar and lemon juice can harm the marble's surface.
  • Sealing: Depending on the type of marble, it may require periodic sealing to protect against stains. Consult with a professional to determine your marble's specific needs.
  • Regular Polishing: Consider regular polishing of the marble to maintain its shine.
Enchanting pure white marble tile design for interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Temple Town

FAQs for Using Indian & Italian Marble


1. Is Italian marble better than Indian marble?

Italian marble is often considered superior due to its luxurious appearance. It is a preferred choice for high-end projects. However, the choice between Italian and Indian marble depends on various factors like budget, design preferences, and the specific application. Indian marble offers a wide range of options at varying price points. It is versatile and a great option for cost-conscious projects. Ultimately, what is "better" depends on individual needs and the intended use.


2. Which marble offers the best quality?

The perception of the "best" quality marble varies depending on individual needs and preferences. Italian marble, particularly varieties like Carrara and Calacatta, is renowned for its luxurious appearance and fine texture. However, Indian marble offers a wide range of options, some of which are also of exceptional quality, such as Makrana and Rajnagar White. Quality in marble is determined by factors like colour consistency, veining patterns, hardness, and suitability for the intended application. Therefore, both are great options for your home interior design.


3. Which marble is the strongest?

In terms of strength, Indian marble varieties like Banswara, Makrana, and Udaipur Green are known for their durability and toughness. They are some of the strongest marble options. Italian marbles, while renowned for their aesthetics, are generally considered to be slightly softer in comparison. However, it is essential to note that the strength of marble can also vary within a specific variety based on factors like quarry location and the specific block being used. If you want durability, Italian marble tiles are available as well.



How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Choosing the Perfect Marble for Your Home?

Beautiful Homes is the go-to option for all your home interior design Ineeds. Our experts will help you navigate the world of marble selection with ease. Through expert consultation and 3D-visualisation, we will help you choose the perfect marble for your home. You can book a consultation online from our website or visit one of the nearby stores. Our stores are located in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulam, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai.

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